Earlier today during the Microsoft Build Keynote one announcement was accidently missed by Bryan Roper due to time constraints. Microsoft and Wacom have entered a licensing deal in which Wacom will make so-called 'dual protocol pens'. That wording translates to one thing: digital pens that will work across digitizing technology from Microsoft and Wacom.

The long term goal is that users can buy a range of pens for computers at various price points, but yet do not have to concern themselves with the technology behind it.

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No timeline was announced, but soon you will be able to have a pen for your Surface tablet that also works on any Wacom device and vice versa.

Microsoft is serious about inking in Windows 10 with a variety of announcements this morning for developers to let them add inking capabilities into their apps. Moreover, Sticky Notes and Sketch Pad apps are also coming along with some deeper inking integration into the OS.

We're standing by for the Wacom official press announcement and will share that when it goes live.