'Surface Studio' could be the name of Microsoft's rumored all-in-one PC

As we draw closer to Microsoft's October 26 event, a new trademark filing has outed what could potentially be the name of Microsoft's rumored all-in-one PC, which is expected to be unveiled at the event. As first spotted by The Trademark Ninja blog (via The Verge), it appears that Microsoft is behind a recent trademark filing for the name "Surface Studio," which was applied for through a Slovenian company that has been associated with Surface-related filings in the past.

Aside from the Surface Studio filing, it appears Microsoft is also behind filings for "Surface Laptop," "Paint 3D," "Surface Dial," and "Dial." While the Laptop filing is a bit perplexing, the filing for Paint 3D makes sense given that it's expected Microsoft is gearing up to launch a revamped version of its Paint app with 3D editing features.

It's always best to take these things with a requisite grain of salt, but the Surface Studio naming does seem to line up nicely with earlier reports that the all-in-one could "turn your desk into a studio." In any case, Microsoft's event kicks off right away at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET on October 26, so we won't have to wait much longer to see if any of these filings turn out to be real products.

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  • Sexy
  • Sounds nice. Surface Phone sounds even better.
  • I'm gonna say I like Surface Communicator​ best. It has to be more than just a phone or why bother. :)  
  • It's just a name, relax.
  • I'm perfectly relaxed, thanks for your concern though :)  
  • It also has to do more than just communicate.
  • How about Surface All-In-One?
  • Wow, maybe the Rumored Surface All-In-One is actually a phone!
  • Yeah, it has to blow our minds!
  • How about the Jihadist Phone then?
  • Cool name!
  • Very suitable..! If it's not do it MS.
  • I am excited to see their AIO offering.  I'll be looking for a replacement for my iMac in the semi-near future and would really like for a fantastic MS product in that range. Surface Dial?  Well, I won't get my hopes up but saying it's a possible Surface Phone is a huge stretch for quite a few reasons (I've already read that on a few sites).
  • Dial is more likely their Echo competitor, hope they call it something else though, Surface Dial makes me cringe a bit ;-P Then again it's just a name, how well thought_out the product is, is far more important, + how well it works in practice.
  • When I think Dial I think of a thermostat. Maybe one controlled by Cortana that also lets you talk to it.
  • That's what came to my mind - almost like Nest.  That could be pretty interesting. A home hub, thermostat (what have you) with a well made WP application.
  • Yah the surface studio can be the center for controlling the home.
  • Great logic!!
  • A bold new mobile phone with a tactile rotary dial!
  • I think of a watch when I first heard surface dial. Like a sun dial.
  • Yeah, in the context of a smartphone Surface Dial sounds terrible, in the context of a smart watch then it sounds a lot better. However, I think they should just keep it simple, Surface Phone, Surface Watch. After all Apple didn't called it an Apple Dial, they called it what it is, same goes for their phones and the naming of products is something MS should definitely copy from Apple. Surface Book is good because Surface Laptop sounds terrible, and Surface Studio is good because Surface AIO sounds terrible.
  • Surface Laptop may be protection filing to keep it out of other people's hands to avoid confusion with Surface Book.  That being said, could Surface Dial be their Amazon Echo competitor?
  • Surface Laptop could also be a lap-dock for a Surface Phone... :)~
  • I don't think they are going to name a product Surface Laptop when they still have the Book. But if they decide to make a Surface Phone next year, I believe there is going to be some soft of laptop/laptop+tablet dock.
  • Funny, I was literally just thinking this morning about what they might call the AIO. Spoiler: Much better than any of the names I thought of ;p
  • this is a different topic....but how about MS lets us install any of their UWP app from anywhere to any platform.
    let me explain.....suppose i see omeone playing gears of war 4 somewhere out & want to install gears of war 4 & play it myself. 
    so, all i do is take out my windows phone.......visit the store, open gears of war 4 page & purchase it their only & then i can install it anywhere i want (that is xbox one or pc, obviouly not phone).
    select the installation place right from my phone.
    or vice versa...........like install the same game or any app using my pc to the xbox one. 
    the final goal being that i dont need to be with that specific device to install a game or app on it.
    I can do it from my pc, phone, xbox one etc etc !! 
    i can just purchase it & select where i want to install that specific app or game. just like we can visit play store on desktop browser, sign in & select to installa any play store app....n it will begin downloading on phone as soon as its connected to the internet. :) 
  • This was how it worked with the W8 store. Hit install on the PC store web site from your phone and it would install on the desktop automatically. You have to make the mental switch from W/WP8 which was all about style and features, to W10(M) which is all about, not features, but perhaps potential? You will lose features going to W10 and will have to accept that, but you gain excitement instead from being at the cutting edge and never quite knowing what might happen next when you switch on your device. Happy daze!
  • actually, i never used a win 8/8.1 tab or phone....so, i didn't knew !! & i didnt mean it in a way of style, but ina way of feature.....this could be a great feature on win 10 or for UWP apps. 
  • Far as I know you can do it through the Xbox Web page or app, just purchase it in there through your phone and if your Xbox is configured to download automatically, it will start downloading right away. However I don't know how it works with play anywhere on pc, I haven't used it
  • that's what I'm saying !! 
    Implement it across the entire windows ecosystem.....& not just one or two devices. 
    infact, play anywhere should also be implemneted (or atleast the save game should be across all devices) for games like ashpalt 8 which are on all the three platforms I hope. (I'm not sure though since i don't use xbox or windows phone right now)
  • Take it to the feedback hub. This isn't the place.
  • did that already....now just hope they read it & implement it in the future.
  • What, no speculation as to what 'Dial' could be..? lol =p
  • I noticed that too.  Maybe they are already under NDA for it so they can't comment?
  • Surface studio is a solution that includes a 3d printer to allow you to design products.
  • Please no.
  • It includes a transformable island that will manufacture iPhone 10s!
  • I feel like Dial is a round smart watch. But maybe we shouldn't expect it this week. Perhaps, they just wantted to reserve the name for a product with spring release.
  • I can't imagine they'd come out with a smart watch almost immediately after suspending production of the MS Band. At a given point, you have to take a step back and not replace a device with another device that's very similar that will instill the same fears into consumers - another MS product without true long-term support - RT, Band, Zune, etc. for instance. 
  • Microsoft Scorpion.....Microsoft Edge.
    Surface Studio.....Surface________?
  • Microsoft Devastator. It features 6 computers that merge into one Mega-Computer and will devastate the competition!
  • It's obvious that the Dial is the new Surface phone. It will have a rotary dial to differetiate it from all other smart phones.  And since most of the younger generation has never seen a rotary dial phone, they will be enthralled by it and sales will be in the tens of millions. /s
  • I bet it features a detachable 27" tablet for 'creative professionals'. A proper desktop computer with powerful GPU for Visual Studio developers? NAH! Who needs that tiny market!
  • I didn't know VS could use a GPU for development. Unless you're talking about developing graphics-intensive apps or games, which would make a difference.
  • Not trying to complain or sound ungrateful but I think it'd be better to add the GMT equivalent to times...
  • Not trying to complain or sound ungrateful but I think it'd be better to add the GMT equivalent to times...
  • I just want Surface 4 (non-pro) :-(
  • Honestly, that is a great name. Certainly better than Surface Book.
  • How do we know this is a AIO again? What if it was a touch screen monitor with GPU in the base that turn your Surface Pro or Surface Phone into a designer device for "Studio" work?
  • Yeah knowing Panos Panay and his maniacal love of drawing tablets it probably will only be a half-assed AIO that turns into a 'drawing studio'.
  • I want a 30" 5K screen, GTX 1080 GPU and Thunderbolt 3.
  • Which Slovenian Company was the one related to Surface fillings in the past? I'm really curios... Interesting...