T-Mobile is rumored to have one heck of a Father's Day sale where all the phones are free? We're not just talking about last year's models but every phone in the house for free? That would include Windows Phones such as the HTC HD2, Touch Pro 2, and the Dash.

I'm not sure if I'd make plans to camp out at the local T-Mobile Store on June 19th just yet, but Tmonews has stumbled upon scripts for an upcoming T-Mobile commercial. In the dialog the fictional T-Mobile employee indicates every phone is free. There is even reference to the HD2 being free.  To quote the fictional employee, "free, free, free".

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There are no details available yet on who could be entitled to a free phone. More than likely these deals will be for new or possibly upgrading customers and should require a two-year contract. Still, if true, T-Mobile could be seeing an increase in their customer base come Father's Day.

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