T-Mobile has announced a "Kids are Free" promotion that will allow qualifying family plans to receive up to three lines of service for free until January 1, 2012.

Ashley White, Marketing Director for T-Mobile, stated, “The up-front cost of purchasing new phones and dealing with monthly service fees for an entire family can add up quickly, so this promotion is designed to make it easier for families.

The promotion is set up for customers to pay for lines one and two on T-Mobile's Family Plans with lines three, four, and five being free. You will have to pay taxes, activation fees, and web access data will be an additional charge on the free lines.  Some of the Family Plans will extend texting to the free lines but if you're looking to get your child a Windows Phone, web/email data will be an additional charge.

You can check out the full presser here and more information on T-Mobile's Family Plans here. The "Kids are Free" promotion ends Novemeber 2, 2010.

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