Fans in Brazil stage Twitter campaign to bring Windows 10 Mobile phones to country

A Twitter campaign, using the #NewMobileDevicesInBrazil hashtag, has started with the hopes of convincing Microsoft to sell its recent Windows 10 Mobile devices in the country.

A number of Microsoft-branded stores in Brazil are reportedly closing [Update: Confirmed]

An unconfirmed report claims that a number of Microsoft-branded stores in Brazil may be closing their doors, perhaps due to the company no longer making Windows Phone devices in that country

Rebranded Microsoft store in São Paulo, Brazil is now open

Last week we learned of Microsoft's plans to rebrand one of the Nokia Store locations in the Eldorado Mall found in São Paulo, Brazil; and the store is now open. The Brazilian Windows Phone site Windows Phone Doctor went over to check out the re-launch and sent in some pictures.

Microsoft rebranding Nokia Store at the Eldorado Mall in São Paulo, Brazil

Although Microsoft is getting to launch its first Microsoft Store outside the US in Sydney, plans for other international stores are currently unknown. An earlier report by the site Microsoft-News mentioned that a new Microsoft Store was slated to open this Monday at the Eldorado Mall in São Paulo, Brazil.

However, this is not entirely the case. The Brazilian Windows Phone site Windows Phone Doctor has spoken with mall employees to get clarification about what is coming to that mall.

BLU begins to sell Win JR and Win HD Windows Phones in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest markets for Windows Phones these days, so it is great to see another manufacturer jump into the scene. BLU, based out of Miami, Florida, is now selling two of its Windows Phone offerings direct to customers.

The Win HD and Win JR, both released late last year, are now being sold on their website.

Dual-SIM Lumia 532 launches in Brazil next week, digital TV version in April

Micorsoft's dual-SIM version of the Lumia 532 smartphone will launch in Brazil sometime next week, and like the Lumia 435 it will be followed by a version that supports digital TV in that country in April.

The dual-SIM Lumia 435 launches in Brazil next week and will add digital TV in April

Microsoft has announced that it will begin selling the dual-SIM version of the Lumia 435 in Brazil next week. It added that it will launch a version of the same Windows Phone in April that will include support for digital TV.

Microsoft's mystery Lumia 532 passes through Brazil's regulatory agency

File this one under odd, but it looks like Microsoft is set to bring a regional variant of the Lumia 530 to Brazil in the coming weeks. Website Janela Tech has combed through some documents from ANATEL, the Brazilian regulatory agency akin to the FCC and found references to a 'Lumia 532' phone likely due in the near future.

Not much is known about they mystery device, although the model name RM-1032 is used in the documents. The phone appears to be 3G only, dual-SIM and due to the 5xx series we can bet it is nothing to excited over, likely being just a regional variant.

Windows Phone app carrier billing is now live in China, India and Brazil

Owners of Windows Phone devices in China, India and Brazil can now pay for apps in their local Windows Phone Store via their wireless carrier instead of a credit or debit card.

BLU Win HD and BLU Win Jr Windows Phones launching in Brazil next week

BLU held an event this week in Brazil to announce the launch of their first two Windows Phone devices, the BLU Win HD and BLU Win Jr, in that country starting sometime next week in retail stores.

Brazil's largest bank updates their Windows Phone app

Bank of Brazil has just given their official Windows Phone app a much needed refresh. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll find Bank of Brazil at version 2.0. It's a huge update with plenty of new features.

Microsoft has more soccer in store, brings Brazil to Xbox One

Microsoft is bringing soccer fans a new way to get ready for the 2014 World Cup with the new section called Destination Brazil for the Xbox One. In addition to a new app, FIFA game mode, and series, Microsoft has also partnered with Copa90, a leading provider of football video online. Several of Copa90's existing series will be making their way to Xbox Video.

First, Microsoft is introducing the Brazil Now app, available on Xbox One starting June 12. The app snaps up next to live TV, and lets you get real-time updates while watching football matches, gives you notifications about things like the beginnings of matches and goal alerts, and you can interact with a notification to turn on and watch a match.

Lumia 630, 635 and 930 announced in São Paulo with Lumia 630 arriving with Digital TV

It is half way through the month of May and Nokia’s latest (and technically last) Lumias are starting to see the light of day. This morning, the Lumia 630, 635 and 930 were all announced as heading to Brazil, at various dates with some pricing info, as well. Perhaps more interestingly, the Lumia 630 will evidently come with Mobile DTV (Digital TV). For those who aren’t aware, DTV is a standard for delivering free over-the-air Mobile Digital TV signals, which is pretty great.

Let’s see what’s coming and when.

Nokia Lumia 630 and 930 heading to Brazil

Microsoft is planning to release both the Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 in Brazil later this month, alongside other first-tier launch markets. To celebrate the new Windows Phones entering the local market, Microsoft Brazil will be hosting an event on May 15th in São Paulo. This marks the shift from Nokia to Microsoft with the latter now handling marketing and device launches.

Police officer avoids bullet thanks to the Windows Phone in his pocket

Nokia’s handsets are known for being quite indestructible. There’s a certain level of lore that surrounds a Nokia phone and how nothing can dent it. Which is why we’re not too surprised that a Nokia Lumia 520 helped a police officer in Brazil avoid a bullet.

Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320 announced for Brazil; available in March

The two Nokia Lumia 'phablet' Windows Phones are making their way to multiple markets and regions. The Finnish company continues to make official announcements of availability and pricing and Brazil in next in line to have said details revealed. Consumers in the region will have to wait until next month to get their hands on either Windows Phone.

IDC – Windows Phone sees 91% surge for 2013 shipments, now second most popular OS in Brazil

Windows Phone continues its ascent in the global smartphone race, at least according to shipment numbers released by IDC. While the increase in global market share continues for Microsoft’s mobile OS, perhaps the more interesting story is in individual markets.

IDC’s new numbers show that Windows Phone “posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%)” when compared to iOS and Android. That’s down from Q3, where shipments were pegged at 156%, but is line with year-end performance. The take away is that Microsoft has nearly doubled their growth.

Likewise, Nokia’s dominance of the Windows Phone market is confirmed again at that 90% number, which has had multiple corroborations at this point.

HSBC Brazil releases official Windows Phone app, leaving out the rest of the world

British international bank, HSBC has released a Windows Phone app for the region of Brazil. The official solution brings mobile banking to the platform, offering customers new and more convenient ways to manage their money and accounts. If you reside in Brazil, hold an account with HSBC and are looking for an app for your Windows Phone, head on past the break for all the details.

Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 make their way to Brazil

Brazilian Windows Phone fans got a treat yesterday when Nokia's top two smartphones, the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 925, were released. The Lumia 1020, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone device, is available in black and white, with yellow on its way. It will run you a cool R$2,399 ($1101 USD). The lightweight aluminum Lumia 925, also available in black and white, comes in slightly less at R$1799 ($824 USD).

Mobile point-of-sale services PagSeguro and Cube arrive for Windows Phone

While Square ( remains the king of mobile transactions for small businesses, taxis and other services globally, the company has so far stayed away from Windows Phone, sticking with the iPhone and Android instead. File it under the old “not enough market share” problem that has plagued Microsoft.

Some of that is changing though as PagSeguro (Brazil) and Cube ( have finally embraced Windows Phone, allowing small companies to use their preferred device when doing mobile credit card transactions.