Microsoft clarifies, new enterprise pack coming to all Windows Phone 8 devices with ‘spring update’

Last year, Microsoft announced a forthcoming update for Windows Phone dubbed ‘enterprise pack’. The move was to further lure companies to adopt Windows Phone en masse, something many have been reluctant to do due to the lack of core features like VPN.

Today in Barcelona, Microsoft referred to this ‘feature pack’ in clarification to the press. All of those enterprise features, including extended MDM, certification management, VPN, S/MIME support and others, will be arriving with the “next Windows Phone update,” referring to Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia teams up with Wortmann AG in Germany to boost its share of the B2B market

Nokia and Wortmann AG today announced a new partnership for Nokia smartphones in the B2B market. Wortmann AG is a Microsoft distributor in Germany and is expected to utilise its previous experience to work wonders with Nokia hardware for businesses. The Nokia Lumia 1520 will join the Lumia 1020 and other Windows Phones to expand on Wortmann's IT solutions. 

Nokia kicks off #LumiaBizTrial, offering free Windows Phones for UK businesses to trial

Nokia today announced #LumiaBizTrial, a campaign offering businesses within the UK the opportunity to trial Lumia Windows Phones for free. Businesses that enter the programme will be provided with Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 625 and Lumia 520 units to demonstrate how Nokia and Microsoft technologies can compliment other systems already utilised by employees. A "highly personalised service pack" will also accompany the devices to illustrate the benefits of using Lumia Windows Phones for business.

Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 user guides for businesses

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8.1 end user readiness content for businesses. The user guide package provides a range of guides and video tutorials that will ensure users take full advantage of Windows 8.1.

While the content and the medium is aimed at business users, the videos and print-ready assets are great resources to demonstrate or learn about Windows 8.1 capabilities and features in general.

Panasonic working with Microsoft to build new handheld devices for enterprise

Panasonic has today announced at the National Retail Federation 2014 expo that it's currently working with Microsoft to introduce enterprise-class mobile hardware using Windows Embedded 8 Handheld. This collaboration will enable the company to further expand its product portfolio with new handheld devices for businesses, rocking Microsoft's enterprise features.

BlackBerry CEO confirms BlackBerry Enterprise Server support coming to Windows Phone

In an exclusive interview with our sister site CrackBerry.com, the new CEO of BlackBerry John Chen confirms that BlackBerry Enterprise Server support is headed to Windows Phone. No ETA for the popular backend service was mentioned, but Windows Phone, like Android and iOS are certainly on their radar.

Considered middleware, BlackBerry Enterprise Service (or just BES), is an industry leading and trend setting messaging service that also support calendar and contact support. Similar in nature to Microsoft’s Exchange, which it also supports, BES has been the backbone of BlackBerry’s success in the past. The company is hoping to reinvigorate their enterprise offerings by refocusing on what made them strong in the first place.

HP introduces new business machines to the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas usually makes way for a plethora of, well, consumer electronics. Hewlett Packard has decided to go the other route this year and rolled out a new collection of business machines; the company doesn't have the largest market share when it comes to the enterprise world, but their latest collection of machines from the company is promising to excite. 

Nokia Strategy Summit: Lumia portfolio gains momentum in India

We are in Goa, the beautiful beach state in West India, for the sixth edition of the annual Nokia Strategy Summit. Apart from the sun and sand, it’s been a summit of nostalgia (last summit before the Microsoft acquisition), a reflection on a successful 2013, and way forward for 2014.

European Commision throws out Cisco's complaint against Microsoft's Skype acquisition

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype may be seen as a positive move by many users within the ecosystem, as it brings modern communication to Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone, but not everyone is keen to the idea. Cisco recently challenged Microsoft’s takeover of Skype Technologies. The challenge though, has been thrown out of the European General Court.

Updates to Yammer apps bring useful features to Windows and Windows Phone

Yammer is one of the leading enterprise social networks, and was acquired by Microsoft in 2012. It has apps for all mobile platforms, and a while back introduced one for Windows 8 as well.

Today, both Windows Phone and Windows apps (along with Android and iOS apps) have got updates that add much requested feature to the apps, along with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Microsoft updates Lync for Windows 8.1 with numerous new features

Lync enables workers to stay connected via their mobile phone or supported device. With the app and service, employees can easily initiate conference calls, meetings and keep in touch all within the tightly controlled Microsoft Lync system for enterprise. It's a sweet solution should you require an enterprise communication service for employees.

Microsoft has now released Lync for Windows 8.1 for those who have updated their Windows 8 installations. 

Consultant firm Wapple spots substantial Windows growth, ramps up developer resources

Wapple (www.wapple.net) is a mobile and cross-screen marketing company providing design, device delivery technology and consultation to worldwide clients. The company is looking to address the "rapidly expanding Windows Phone and tablet consumer base" by ramping up resources to increase support for businesses, delivering apps to both Windows Phones and tablets.

ABB Group chooses Nokia Windows Phones in Finland

ABB Finland has partnered with Nokia to deploy more than 2,200 Lumia Windows Phones to employees, and the companies are working to add even more to the roll out. If you're not familiar with the brand, it's one of the world's leading suppliers of robotic, power and automation technologies. In Finland alone, there are around 6,600 people across 30 locations. It's a large company and one that requires a solid smartphone for its workforce.

Need a hotspot? iPass Open Mobile for Windows Phone 8 allows business users to connect

If you find yourself in a 9-5 that requires you to don a business suit daily, you might be pretty excited that iPass Open Mobile is now available for Windows Phone. This is an app that helps enterprise customers connect to over 1.4 million hotspots at various locations. Details on the app after the break.

Lync 2013 updated for Windows Phone 8, lets you now join meetings without an account and more

Lync has been on Windows Phone since around late 2011. As you may or may not know, Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging client that comes with Lync Server and Office 365. It’s used primarily in corporate environments and is therefore considered enterprise software. But we’re sure a handful of you reading this have jobs that rely on Lync from time-to-time, so you’re going to be happy to find out Lync 2013 has just been updated on Windows Phone. Let’s check out what’s new.

AT&T teams up with Microsoft – to deliver enterprise cloud solution in 2014

Microsoft and AT&T have announced that they will be working together to deliver a more secure and reliable cloud solution to enterprise customers. The new solution will connect clients to a Windows Azure based cloud platform through virtual private networking, to deliver a new level of security to businesses around the world.

Yammer updated on Windows Phone. Brings new inbox with easy filters for read and unread messages

Yammer is Microsoft’s social network for enterprise and a place where companies can let their employees get their Facebook-fix, but in a manner that benefits the company. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 2012, and it’s one of the leading enterprise social networks with a fairly lucrative freemium model.

The Yammer Windows Phone app has slowly been getting better with each update, and today's update is no exception. 

Nokia Windows Phone dominates PCMag’s 2013 Business Choice Awards for end-users

Yesterday we wrote an entertaining fluff piece about the brand ‘Windows Phone’ and how, when compared to iPhone and Android, feedback from the internet was actually quite positive. We tied it into the exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings that Windows Phone devices typically get on carrier websites or third party outlets like Amazon.

In related news, PCMag yesterday published results of their 2013 Business Choice Awards, a survey of “actual users of smartphones” and “those responsible for deploying and maintaining the devices”.

The conclusion for Nokia is that the company is doing very well with those customers. So much so that PCMag called Nokia “…the clear winner of the end-user Business Choice Award for smartphones.”

Nokia looking to ramp up pressure on BlackBerry in the enterprise market

Nokia has been taking enterprise that much more seriously since moving across and supporting Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, aggressively drawing up plans with businesses in multiple markets. The company doesn't appear to be showing signs of holding back in the near future with Adrian Williams, director of business sales UK, going into some detail about what plans Nokia has drafted and how BlackBerry will also be targeted.

Yammer updated on Windows Phone, adds multiple image upload and more

In 2012 Microsoft bought Yammer, the freemium enterprise social network that allows companies and organizations to basically use “Facebook for business”. There are apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but it’s the Windows Phone version that just got a neat update today. Let’s check it out.