Score access to Udacity free online courses in Business, Programming, and more

Anyone who has been following social distancing guidelines and staying home over the past few weeks must be wondering how to put that extra time at home to best use. Udacity's latest offer is here to help with free online courses (opens in new tab) to keep you busy and learning whenever you have some free time to spare. Through the end of April, Udacity allows you to enroll in any course absolutely free for one month. With Udacity's self-paced courses, that gives you the ability to learn as much as you can during the first month before you'll be charged for the course at its usual monthly cost.

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Udacity Free Online Courses in Business, Programming, and more (opens in new tab)

Learn skills for a higher-paying job or improve on skills you already have with Udacity. Through the end of April, you can enroll in any course across the site to learn for a full month absolutely free! The courses are self-paced, too.

Udacity is built for higher learning and brushing up on skills that can score you a higher-paying job. From tech courses like Front End Web Developer (opens in new tab) and Intro to Programming (opens in new tab), to business courses like UX Designer (opens in new tab), and Data Science courses like Data Streaming (opens in new tab) or Data Engineer (opens in new tab), these lessons are built to bring you to the next level of employability and range from courses intended for beginners to courses for those who are already advanced learners in the subject chosen.

Udacity's courses implement job-ready skills rather than just theoretical knowledge, so you'll learn by completing real-world projects and other tasks for hands-on learning. Udacity also provides real human help 24/7 for when you're stuck on a concept and have questions, so you're never on your own when trying to figure it all out. Currently, over 200 industry experts are partnered with Udacity providing top-of-the-line coursework that you can't find elsewhere.

Other areas of study available at Udacity include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Systems, and Career, which includes courses to help refresh your resume and strengthen your LinkedIn page. Be sure to check out all that you can learn at Udacity before the end of the month and enroll for free (opens in new tab) while you still can.

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