Best Dell Vostro laptops 2024: Affordable Windows PCs for small businesses

Dell's Vostro line of laptops sits underneath the more premium Latitude and more powerful Precision laptops to complete the company's trifecta of enterprise-ready Windows PCs with more affordable options. Dell Vostro laptops are designed with small businesses in mind, starting at more affordable prices than other brands from Dell, but still coming with enhanced security features, durable and understated designs, and intelligent features to foster productivity, comfort, and privacy.

There are lots of options in varying different screen sizes, though, so we've put together a list of the best Dell Vostro laptops to elevate your business to the next level.

Why should you choose Dell Vostro?

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Dell also designs each Vostro laptop to be great video conferencing tools. (Image credit: Dell)

There are a lot of great Windows PC from a variety of manufacturers. The list of best Windows laptops is constantly changing. Even if you narrow it down to one company, like Dell, you're still left with a myriad of diverse options and brands. We've already compiled an in-depth guide on choosing the best Dell laptop for you out of these options, but if you're here it's because you're interested in Vostro. So why do these laptops deserve your money?

To put it simply, Dell Vostro rests at the bottom of Dell's three-tier lineup of business-grade, enterprise-ready laptops. Dell Vostro focuses on providing a baseline of security, features, and quality at a great price; Dell Latitude builds on top of that foundation with more premium design and more advanced features; Dell Precision provides desktop-grade power in mobile workstations. Vostro laptops may not be as advanced as Dell's other business-focused laptops, but the money you save makes them worthwhile, especially for small businesses.

So, what sets Vostro apart from other laptops? For one, every Dell Vostro comes with Windows 11 Pro instead of Home. We have a deeper breakdown of the differences between Windows Pro and Windows Home, but the brief summary is this: Windows 11 Pro comes with additional security and remote management features that are ideal for businesses, especially if you're managing more than one computer. All Dell Vostro laptops also come with a variety of ports, resisting the modern trends of minimalism.

On top of Windows 11's already-great security (thanks to strict hardware security requirements and the built-in Microsoft Defender anti-virus), Dell also includes other security features with every Vostro laptop, including OS Recovery and one year of McAfee's Business Protection software. Vostro laptops also come with optional biometric fingerprint sensors compatible with Windows Hello for additional security.

Finally, Dell designs each Vostro laptop to be durable and rugged, with understated designs constructed of sustainable resources. Packaging is discrete and almost entirely sustainable and recyclable, too. Each Vostro laptop comes with an anti-glare display with Dell's ComfortView technology to improve visibility and reduce eye discomfort. When you're choosing the Vostro laptop for you, you can rest assured that you're getting everything above as standard.

The best Dell Vostro laptop for you

Fortunately, Dell makes it pretty simple to choose the best Dell Vostro laptop for you. More-or-less, the most important question for you to ask is.. How big do you want the screen to be? The Dell Vostro 14 is the most compact and portable, while the Dell Vostro 16 gives you a ton of real estate for improved visibility and multitasking. The Dell Vostro 15 straddles the gap with a shorter, more traditional 16:9 15.6-inch display.

If you need more power, you may also consider the Dell Vostro 16, which comes in two variants. The more affordable option (the 5630) can still be equipped with a more power P-series Intel processor versus the efficiency focused U-series chipset in other Dell Vostro laptops, as well as a discrete NVIDIA GPU for added oomph. The more premium Vostro 16 (7620) can be configured with even more powerful hardware, making it a great option for those that need their laptop to be able to handle everything thrown at it, including video or photo editing, large Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, heavy business programs, and more.

If you're not a business user, though, you may not need a Dell Vostro laptop. Check out our list of the best Dell laptops for a plethora of options for every budget and use case.

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