Android spotted on the HTC HD2 (Hey, we just said 'spotted,' not that it was 'real')

Update: OK, Arne. You got us. :) Oldest trick in the book. We're wearing the dunce caps the rest of the night. Now go find Bohn and make the man buy you a beer for our stupidity.

Ok guys - just to make it sure for *everybody*! It was a *joke*! It's a screenshot from the Acer Liquid! http://www.theunwired.net/?item=preview-acer-liquid-android-1-6-wvga-touchscreen-smartphone

Sure, HTC CEO Peter Chou said not to expect Android on the HD2 (actually what he told Forbes was" Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile"). But that doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

Exhibit A: This twitpic from Arne Hess of the::unwired, who (alongside our own Dieter Bohn) is at Mobius, clearly shows Android running on the Snapdragon-powered beast.

Needless to say, many a tail is wagging in the mobile world tonight.

Toshiba TG01 poised for a Verizon launch?

Let's play our favorite game: Guess the carrier. For those of you who don't work in cell phone stores, the photo you see above from Phone Arena is of a CelleBrite unit, which transfers info from one phone to another (presumably) pretty seamlessly. Note the "source model" here is the Toshiba TG01 (See our latest hands-on), and it's said that this one's from a Verizon store. Far-fetched? Not really. Remember that we've already seen a CDMA version slide through the feds.

If this pans out, it would give Big Red a pair of black slab Windows phones -- the TG01 and the HTC Imagio. That could be a tough call for VZW customers. On one hand you have the TG01 and its 4.1-inch (resistive) touchscreen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. On the other hand you have the HTC Imagio, and all the custom ROM hackery that goes along with it.

This also probably all but rules out the HTC HD2 hitting Verizon first, but anything's possible, we guess.

HTC HD2 vs. knife, keys, scissors

Don't try this at home. Seriously. [via Mobile Tech World]

Vodafone now offering HTC HD2 for free

More often than not, the way it works overseas is you pay more for a phone up front, then save on the carrier plan. But Vodafone UK's now offering (a day ahead of when we expected) a deal that you simply can't refuse: A free HTC HD2 with a data plan of at least £35. That's 4.3 inches of screen, 1GHz of Snapdragon processing power, Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro and the possibility of an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 (that's still not official though, so simmer down). For free. Don't bet on finding that kind of deal in the U.S. [Vodafone via coolsmartphone]

HTC HD2 - Noooooo disassemble!

So you still can't get your hands on an HTC HD2. Tough. But you can get a look at its insides, thanks to the fine folks at XDA China. Because, really, who doesn't love ripping open the hottest phone out there and seeing what makes it tick? Couple more shots after the break, and loads more at XDA Developers. [via pocketnow]

Get an HD2 for the low, low price of $833US

How badly do you want an HTC HD2? For a little more than $800US, you can import one now from Devicewire. That said, it'll be lacking the U.S. 3G bands. But you'll still have EDGE and WiFi, and the knowledge that you're the first on your block to have the biggest and baddest Windows phone on the market. [Devicewire via Coolsmartphone]

Vodafone UK launching HTC HD2 on Nov. 13?

Good news for our friends overseas. A little birdie just dropped us the above shot of the HTC HD2 in Vodafone UK's internal system, and it clearly points to a Nov. 13 launch. Frustrating, sure, that you have to wait seven more days for 4.3 inches of high-res, capacitive goodness (and we've mentioned the 1GHz Snapdragon processor once or twice, right?), but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. Now, who's ready for some Windows Mobile 6.5 and Sense UI?

HD2 Quick Start Guide, manual now available

We have two new goals in life. One is to get the HTC HD2 on every damn carrier in the United States. The other is to post as many HD2 stories as we can until Malatesta sees the light and gets on the bandwagon.

And so, here are links [via coolsmartphone] to the HD2 Quick Start Guide and manual. (Warning: PDF links)

Gratuitous HD2 video of the morning

We're not even going to try to justify it anymore. Here's the HD2. It's fast. It plays video like nobody's business. And it's in Dutch. [WinMo.nl via Pocketnow]

HTC HD2 officially coming to the U.S.

When HTC CEO Peter Chou said last month that that the HD2 (aka the Leo) would be coming to the U.S. in early 2010, we weren't entirely sure whether to believe it. This is, after all, the guy who outted that the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 would receive updates to Windows Mobile 6.5 before Microsoft had even announced Windows Mobile 6.5. (Not that there ever was much doubt, but still ...)

Anyhoo, HTC today has made things officially official, if not still vague for us in the U.S. The HD2 is available now in Europe and Asia, and it "will be available with a major carrier in the US in early 2010." As for that major carrier? We're still leaning toward T-Mobile, or maybe Sprint. Full presser after the break.

Mobile Tech World via Engadget Mobile

Side-by-side browser test on the HD2, iPhone and Acer neoTouch

Browser wars are a favorite pastime among smartphone nerds, and here we have a battle royale from Solopalmari featuring the iPhone, the HTC HD2 and the Acer neoTouch (don't expect to see that one in the states anytime soon). Of course, this test isn't really indicative of anything other than showing how fast each browser is on each phone — we'll leave the "best!" comments up to you guys in the comments.

Via Mobile Tech World and wmpoweruser

T-Mobile UK gets HD2 on Nov. 9, hopefully will get picture of it soon

So, T-Mobile UK definitely is getting the HTC HD2 this month, even if they currently have a have a picture of the original Touch HD on the site, along with the wrong specs and the line that it's running Android ('cause we know that's not gonna happen). Plus, they're calling it the Touch HD2. Confused? Well, somebody is. Anyhoo, elsewhere on the T-Mo site they're calling it just the HTC HD2, along with a proper picture and specs. So rest easy. So now we know T-Mo UK's getting it. But what about us here in the states? [via wmpoweruser]

Russian video of the HTC HD2

I'd translate this Russian video of the HTC HD2 for you, but after six years of classes, (and much to the chagrin of my two college professors, a high school teacher and a middle school teacher), I can now only order vodka and ask for the ??????. Anyway, here's some more HD2 goodness for ya. [Digital.ru via wmpoweruser]

CEO Peter Cho talks up HTC's loyalty, says no Android on the HD2

The same day Motorola declared its undying love for Google's Android operating system (and be sure to check out all the coverage at Android Central), Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, spoke with Forbes [via Giz] about his company's own loyalties. And they continue to spread throughout the smartphone world.

And Chou told Forbes that despite Windows Mobile's stagnation, HTC plans to stick with Microsoft as a partner. And it's not the first time he's done so.

HTC may be updating its brand, but it's sticking by its longtime partner, Microsoft. Though other handset makers such as Motorola have dropped Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system in favor of Android, Chou says HTC has no plans to follow. That doesn't mean he's not frustrated with the software. "Windows Mobile innovation has been a little slow and interest in Windows Mobile phones has been declining," he admits.

HTC's solution is the HD2, a wafer-thin handset that combines a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a high-end processor for snappy downloads and fast Web browsing. The phone, which was unveiled earlier this month, runs the latest version of Windows Mobile (6.5) as well as some flashy HTC software. "We're working hard on these kinds of products to get excitement about Windows Mobile back," says Chou.

As much as we like to complain about certain markets not getting certain phones (i.e. the original Touch HD in the U.S.), would you really want HTC making cookie-cutter phones and handing them to anyone and everyone? HTC is more deliberate than that. Each phone has a purpose. Now we need Windows Mobile to do its part.

HTC HD2 unboxed in all its retail glory

We'd love to say those are our hands doing the dirty work here, but, alas, they are not. Instead, this unboxing of the HTC HD2 is done by Sotopolmari and shows what at this point is the most anticipated Windows phone since, well, the last one. Let's all take a moment and soak this in, shall we?

Via MobileTechWorld and wmpoweruser

HTC HD2 on UK O2 site (OK!)

So the HTC HD2 has made an appearance on O2's Web site in a drop-down in an accessory category. Cool. No real mention of when it might actually be released on the UK carrier, or when we might see it here in the States. [via Slashgear]

HD2 available for Amazon UK pre-order

This won't do much good for those of us in the U.S. But for our UK friends (hi, Simon!), the HTC HD2 is available for pre-order from Amazon -- unlocked, even -- for the low, low price of 549.99 British pounds, or about $900US. Also of note is the expected Nov. 20 release date.

Now, about getting it here in the U.S. ...

Power Up Mobile via Slashgear

HD2's multitouch shows its stuff

Just realized we'd made you guys go more than 24 hours without some drool-worthy HTC HD2 footage. Sorry about that. Hope the shakes weren't too bad. To make up for it, here's some video goodness from TechBlog.gr of the HD2 in all its 4.3-inch, capacitive touchscreen, slap-your-momma-Snapdragon-is-so-fast goodness. Oh, yeah, and that is multitouch you see in action.

Bring it, HTC. Bring. It.

Via Mobile Tech World and wmpoweruser

A look at the HTC HD2's car mount

Need another reason to want the HTC HD2? How about a killer car mount that basically gives you a portable 4.3-inch flat-screen TV in your vehicle. UK exporter Clove's got it for about $100US. Now all we need is for the HD2 to be released here. [via Slashgear]

Another video hands-on with the HD2

Oh, what the heck. It's Friday. One more HTC HD2 video for ya. Our pals at Intomobile got in deep with the HD2 (aka the Leo) back at CTIA. Obviously they love the huge screen (who doesn't?). But it's also because it's a capacitive screen that it's better than anything Windows Mobile's had before, they say. There. We told you so.