Microsoft might be working on a 'Touch Cover' for the iPad

New documents appear reveal the existence of an "iPad Touch Cover" from Microsoft.

iPad tweaks in iOS 11 prove Microsoft was on to something with Windows 8

iOS 11 for the iPad introduces a number of new features and improvements that originally appeared in Microsoft's Windows 8 OS. That doesn't mean Windows 8 was perfect, however.

Microsoft — not Apple — is redefining the modern PC

Respected analyst Walt Mossberg believes that the redefinition of the PC will be driven by Apple, not Microsoft. Mossberg has some valid points but also lacks perspective. Here's why.

The truth about Apple's new iPad ads, Microsoft Surface and Windows

Apple's blockbuster success with the iPad defined the tablet space. But Microsoft's Surface, Windows 10 and Surface inspired 2-in-1s have since put Cupertino on the defensive, as demonstrated by Apple's latest barrage of iPad Pro ads.

Los Angeles schools to offer students hybrids and laptops instead of Apple iPads

Los Angeles officials are looking to Chromebooks, Microsoft's Windows 8 and other hardware to complement its iPad offering in the education sector. Students in Los Angeles have enjoyed the use of iPads to aid with not only their education, but also social lives too thanks to easily bypassing any security filters in place. Schools will be able to differentiate what is offered to students, a choice of six devices.

Office 365 Personal subscription plan launched, includes iPad editing

Microsoft has today unveiled a cheaper subscription option for Office 365 – Personal. Previously, consumers had to fork out $10 a month for the Home package, allowing up to 5 installations of Office. With the new iPad suite now available, the company has launched a package that limits installations, but opens up support for iPads and comes with a more affordable price tag.

Microsoft announces Office for iPad, available later today in the App Store

At a private press event in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has just announced an Office suite for the Apple iPad. The event also marks the first major appearance for Nadella as CEO of Microsoft. Nadella took over the reins at the world’s largest software company in early February. As Nadella has a strong background in enterprise and cloud, it should come as no surprise that the first major item he’s pushed through has been Office for iPad.

Microsoft expected to introduce Office for iPad tomorrow, new enterprise management suite

Tomorrow Microsoft is expected to announce a version of Office for Apple’s iPad. The event takes place at a private location for selected members of the press. It’ll also be live streamed for everyone else to join and watch remotely. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will kick off the 10 am PT event personally. We might even see a sneak peek of a product codename ‘Gemini’. You’ll know this as the modern ‘metro’ version of Office coming to Windows 8 devices later this year. There’s also one little twist to this event. Microsoft will introduced a management suite for iPads, iPhones, Androids, Windows devices and more.

Office for iPad may be unveiled next week, beating out Windows 8.1 version

You can let us in on your dirty little secret. You or someone you care about has an iPad. That’s ok. While we may prefer Microsoft’s Surface 2, the iPad is a solid tablet alternative to those wanting a great device with high quality apps. Microsoft may be adding to those apps when it’s alleged to announce Office for the iPad on March 27.

Microsoft berates iPad on lack of USB, touts Surface 2 as solution

Whether or not you like it, some` of the most effective ads are when you directly target your opponents. The past half year has seen Microsoft aiming its advertisements directly at both Apple and Google. Earlier today we saw an ad from the Scroogled campaign slam the Chromebook. Now we’re looking at another Surface vs. iPad ad from Microsoft that demonstrates the strengths of the product.

Microsoft delays Office for iPad, but speeds up Office for Windows RT

Many Apple users have been asking Microsoft when Office for iPad will be released, and to their dismay, the project is being delayed. While this may be a disappointing notice for iOS lovers, Microsoft fans should be excited, because the delay is a result of the company wanting to focus on Office “Gemini” – a touch optimized Windows 8 set of Office applications.

Microsoft extends iPad trade in offer at company Stores to December

Microsoft is currently running a cool deal at supporting stores across the US, where you can trade in your old iPad and get a minimum $200 gift card for your troubles. We last covered the offer back in September when the website stated the deal closes on October 27th. The official Microsoft website now shows an expiry date of December 31st, so you have more time if you haven't already taken advantage of the offer.

Beverage company, Campari chooses HP Windows 8 tablets over Apple's iPad

Microsoft has revealed that the Australian branch of beverage company Campari has received and deployed numerous Windows 8 tablets from HP. The company also plans to integrate Windows 8 into the business's range of desktop and laptops.

Dump your old iPad at the Microsoft Store and get at least $200 towards your next Surface

Nothing like a deal to put us in a good mood. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft is planning to update its Surface line of products in a few short weeks. We’re expecting to see the Surface 2, follow up to last year’s Surface RT and the Surface Pro 2, which is the Haswell refresh of the Surface Pro. Those devices should be announced and available around the launch of Windows 8.1 on October 18th. But below you’re going to read about how you can turn in your old iPad to get at least $200 towards that new Surface.

Lenovo Yoga trumps iPad in latest ad from Microsoft

Microsoft has been firing all cylinders lately when it comes to advertisements. The past six months we’ve seen the ads steadily getting better and better. Who can forget the wedding video with iPhone users pitted against Android folks? Lately they’ve had a series of videos that directly compare the iPad head-to-head against a variety of machines running Windows. Here’s one with the Lenovo Yoga.

Microsoft again shows how Surface RT fares against Apple's iPad

Apple has previously enjoyed kicking Microsoft down with the famous Mac versus PC advertisement campaign. It was a giggle to see Apple attempting to be trendy against Microsoft's "boring" OS and PCs in general. Now it's Microsoft's turn to hit back and the company is continuing its Apple-bashing run with the above advert, putting the Surface RT against the popular iPad.

Microsoft makes fun of Apple's iPad yet again, brings aboard Dell's XPS 10

Microsoft is once again making fun of Apple’s iPad in its latest commercial; this time, it takes on Dell’s XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet.

The advertisement starts out by picking on the iPad’s home screen; specifically the fact that you can’t zoom around and see an overview of your content. The Apple tablet screams “Ouch” in protest as a user tries to pinch the view unsuccessfully.

Microsoft launches iPad vs. Windows 8 tablet site

For the past few weeks, Microsoft has been pushing new television advertisements that mock the iPad and praise the benefits of Windows 8 and OEM's hardware. Now the boys in Redmond have launched a companion site for their ads.

The new site allows consumers to compare Apple's 64 GB iPad (4th generation) against the ASUS VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP ENVY x2, and Microsoft Surface RT. Using the site's comparison chart you can than compare thinness, battery life, weight, display size, multitasking, pricing, and expandability.

Microsoft takes on the iPad yet again, in its latest tablet commercial

Microsoft isn't letting up on its release of commercials shunning the iPad and touting its own Windows RT Tablets.

The latest commercial from Redmond compares the thin form factor of the ASUS VivoTab (.32 inches) vs. the iPad’s .37 inches. Microsoft also doesn’t forget to point out the weight of the lighter ASUS tablet (1.16 lbs.) vs. the iPad’s 1.44 lbs.

Microsoft takes on Apple in its latest Windows 8 ad

Microsoft has been busy pushing out commercials that show their latest operating system can do more than just play games. The latest ad from Redmond doesn’t just put on a suit and tie to strut its work capabilities, it makes fun of Apple’s iPad in the process.

The commercial opens with a side by side of ASUS’s VivoTab and the world famous fruit tablet. Microsoft’s minimalist approach is very reminiscent of Apple’s commercials and makes it clear that this is a parody right down to the musical chopstick routine.