Deal Alert: Nokia JBL PowerUp wireless charging speaker drops to $119 this weekend

The Nokia JBL Powerup charging Bluetooth speaker is on sale this weekend at AT&T. You can pick it up online for just $119. While the retail price is $300, many places sell it now for around $150. At $119, it’s a great deal for an awesome accessory.

The Nokia JBL PowerUp wireless charging speaker features NFC and Bluetooth, so you don’t need wires to connect it with your phone. There’s also wireless charging built in, so you can just place your Qi-enabled phone on top of it.

Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker currently on sale through AT&T

To follow the Lumia 920 deal we wrote about the other day, AT&T has a sweet offer on the JBL Bluetooth + wireless charging speaker. You can pick one up for just $149, in both black and blue. The product offers not only Bluetooth music streaming with NFC support, but wireless charging for compatible Windows Phones.

JBL Nokia PowerUp speaker: Unboxing and first impressions

The JBL Nokia PowerUp speaker, much like the Lumia 920, is hard to find these days with supplies running low from many retailers. In fact, cyan and white versions of the pricey accessory are quite rare with black being a lot easier to purchase.

Ours just showed up today so we figured we would give you a quick unboxing and our initial thoughts on the experience. The JBL Nokia PowerUP packs two 10W  2.5” full range drivers, Qi wireless charging, NFC for instant pairing and of course Bluetooth 2.1 streaming all for $250-299, depending on where you go.

Deal Alert: Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker goes for just $249 on Verizon

We just ordered a JBL-Nokia PowerUp speaker last night but we're kicking ourselves now as Verizon has a great deal for the black version. While locations like AT&T and some online retailers are selling the monster speaker for $299, Verizon has it for just $249.99. That $50 savings is nothing to sneeze at as it makes the Nokia accessory a little bit more in reach for those considering it.

JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker to sport NFC, Bluetooth and wireless charging capabilities

Nokia announced new Bluetooth headphones at the press conference today as well as a new JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging speaker. This sturdy looking device sports Bluetooth, NFC and wireless charging functionality, which works seamlessly with the Lumia 820 and 920.

Wireless charging enables Lumia 820 / 920 owners to make use of easy top-ups without cluttering a desk or area with more cabling. The speaker -of course- plays music and all that's required is the slightest tap from the Nokia Windows Phones through the use of NFC.

Harman’s JBL and Nokia team up for new mobile speaker lineup, confirm yellow Lumia phone

PlayUp - The new JBL-Noka portable speaker with NFC

[Updated with new images and Nokia link]

Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Nokia’s own Chris Weber have revealed that JBL and Nokia are getting together for some new NFC-enabled mobile speakers called PlayUp.

Much like the Play360 currently on the market from Nokia, the new JBL-Nokia offerings look to improve upon their existing model of high quality portable media speakers. The device is expected to feature NFC and Bluetooth for easy connectivity and since Nokia’s new Lumia lineup will feature NFC, it makes a good pair for retail.