Get your sweat on with the JBL Under Armour true wireless earbuds down to $90

Jbl Under Armour Project Rock
Jbl Under Armour Project Rock

You can get the JBL Under Armour true wireless earbuds Project Rock edition on sale for $89.99 at Best Buy. This deal is part of Best Buy's deals of the day. Seeing as these earbuds were a limited edition and discontinued now, we probably won't be seeing this price crop up again anytime soon. They sell for as much as $200 at Best Buy on a normal day, and you can find them for $150 through the Harman Audio website (which owns the JBL brand).

There is also a newer version of these earbuds on sale right now. The JBL Under Armour Project Rock edition X earbuds are down to $149.99 from a street price around $200. You're paying a little more for some better audio and a much better battery life (40 hours total compared to 25).

JBL is a brand known for sound. Under Armour is a brand known for sportswear and gear. Put the two together and what do you get? These earbuds I guess. The Project Rock edition true wireless earbuds are designed to be worn while you work out, and all the features go toward faciliating a little exercise at the gym. For one thing, the true wireless design means zero cables or cords distracting you or getting stuck on the treadmill or whatever.

The earbuds are also IPX7 rated. The second digit in the IP code refers to water resistance, and a 7 is about as good as it gets. That means you could immerse these earbuds in water for up to 30 minutes as deep as three feet three inches and not hurt them at all. They'll resist your sweat, getting caught in the rain, and even a light swim.

You'll also get a pretty decent battery life from these earbuds. Each one can last for up to five hours on a single charge. They come with a charging case that can boost that time to 25 hours total before you ever have to plug in. That's not bad.

With an easy connection via Bluetooth and the Sport Flex Fit ear tips that make the earbuds a comfortable fit, the Project Rock edition earbuds should add some convenience to your workout life.

John Levite
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