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BitTorrent Sync is now available for Windows Phone, sync files without the cloud

Despite what other blogs would have you believe, BitTorrent Sync was not released for Windows Phone last week. Instead, it was a private beta that was helping develop the Windows Phone version of the app. That beta is finally over. BitTorrent just announced version 1.3 of their Sync product and with it, a new app for Windows Phone users. Let’s check out BitTorrent Sync for Windows Phone.

Ask WMExperts: Where's Live Mesh?

Chris Barnes asks us on Twitter "I'm wondering why the Live Mesh app isn't in the Marketplace. Patience, I know."

Good question, Chris. Actually, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley beat you to the punch. She was on hand this week at PDC and asked Microsoft's Ray Ozzie the same question. The answer? Well, um, sort of ...

“We’re pushing the Live platform stuff to Mix. Or I shouldn’t actually say Mix, in terms of that, it is going to be spring….The Live stuff and phone stuff basically is out in that time frame.

Ohhhhh. OK. Mary Jo was less than impressed by that answer, and so are we (for what that's worth). If Microsoft has its stuff together, maybe we'll see Live Mesh and other Live services all rolled in with Windows Mobile 7. Or maybe we won't.

Live Mesh fixed for Snow Leopard

For our Mac-wielding friends out there, Microsoft has updated Live Mesh so that it now works with Snow Leopard (you know, that 10.6 release of the Mac OS that broke everything). For you number-crunchers out there, the Live Mesh Mac client is now at Version 0.9.4501.0 and can be downloaded from [Live Mesh blog]

Live Mesh won't work with Snow Leopard

A heads up for any of you Windows Mobile people also wielding Macs (we know you're out there) and using Live Mesh for some sync love. (OK, we're certainly paring the class here, but whatever.) The Live Mesh team announced Thursday that the Mac client for Live Mesh isn't compatible with Snow Leopard.

With the recent Apple announcement regarding the availability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), we want Live Mesh Mac users to be aware the current Live Mesh Mac software is not compatible with the new OS X version (10.6). We will continue to support Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) users. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

There ya go. Oh, and speaking of Snow Leopard (slightly NSFW):

Live Mesh mobile client gets an update

It's been quite a while since we've seen an update to Microsoft's Live Mesh mobile client, but we've got one for you now (and you Mac users get some fixes, too).

Here's what's on tap:

  • The last location used in the folder synchronization dialog is now saved.
  • Live Mesh News will displays the date and time for all news events.
  • Improved the update experience
  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop
  • News now correctly displays the year.

And if you're as particular as we are, you'll also enjoy Microsoft moving to a single versioning scheme. Everyone should now be on V 0.9.4014.3.

Microsoft's cloud sync gets detailed, may have a new name

We've struggled in the past to figure out the logic behind Microsoft's naming conventions. And about a year a go we thought things were going to get better.

More recently, we learned of the upcoming cloud services – Skybox, Skyline and Skymarket. See the pattern?

But an Engadget tipster may have thrown a bit of a wrench into that small sliver of sanity. has made an appearance, though you can't actually sign up yet. (And you may be met by a certificate error. Just plow through that.) And there the service gets a new name: Microsoft My Phone. Run file facepalm.exe now.

You can, however, go to the "More info" page, where we learn the following:

  • The service will be for Windows Mobile 6 (and up) phones.
  • You'll get 200 megabytes of storage space. Interesting, because the Live Mesh beta currently gives you 5 gigabytes.
  • The service will be free "at this time."
  • You'll download an app to your phone. (The install link on the page doesn't work at the time of this writing.)
  • Back up your contacts, calendar, photos and other info to the MS cloud.
  • Access your contacts and calendar online.
  • Share photos.

Obviously we're not privy to all of the app's settings yet, but it looks like the default will be to sync your data once a day, between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Hope that's customizable.

So, for now, we're going to try not to be distracted by what could turn out to be another abomination of a branding scheme and instead focus on the services. And ponder how much of this may be built in to Windows Mobile 7, or, hopefully, 6.5.

Update: Yeah, the site was down for a while. It's back up now, sans log-in links. lol.

More Live Mesh Mobile slots opened

If you didn

Hotmail + Skydrive = Awesome

For you Hotmail users out there, Microsoft

Software updates: Live Mesh Mobile, Kinoma Play

Microsoft has pushed out an update for its Live Mesh suite, including Live Mesh for Mobile (as well as the Windows and Mac desktop clients). Nothing major to talk about, but it

Live Mesh mobile client now live

Remember how we mentioned our excitement over Microsoft's Live Mesh mobile client? It's been released (along with the Mac client).

From the Live Mesh blog:

We are delighted to release our client software for Mac OS X (10.5.1 or higher) and Windows Mobile (6.0 and 6.1). Because these are both significant new software investments for us, we’re going to only provide them on a limited basis for now (and mobile is restricted to only US or UK to start.) If you get a message saying that we’re at full capacity for these clients, keep an eye on the blog here. We’ll post updates as we increase availability over the coming months.

Catch that? It's out on a limited basis, at least at first, and only available in the U.S. (here) and U.K. (here). If you're already using Live Mesh, log in to your account and add the mobile client.

In other LM news, the WAP access, about which we've previously reported, is now an official feature. Check out the rest of the update features here.

We'll have more on the mobile client in the near future. In the meantime, check out a video after the jump from the Live Mesh team.

Update: I've got it loaded on the phone just fine. Looks like just a true client of what we've already seen from Catch is, it won't connect. And there doesn't appear to be any way to re-enter your username and password, which is bad. But I don't think that's my problem. (Patience, however, is.)

Ori Amiga: Mesh Mobile

Live Mesh mobile client fixed

Just a quick heads up. Microsoft fixed the problem with the Live Mesh mobile client overnight.

You'll have to download a new build of the application, which you can get at from a mobile or desktop browser.

We'll have more on the mobile client and the entire Live Mesh system soon. And then we'll quit writing about it for a few days. Promise.

Live Mesh mobile client is on the way

You've undoubtedly by now heard the Windows 7 news coming from the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. What has us excited is the news surrounding Live Mesh.

Today, Microsoft announced that Mesh (which is a building block of the upcoming versions of Windows) will be going into open beta this week. Mobile (and Mac) clients also will finally see the light of day.

If you haven't experienced Live Mesh thus far — we've been using it for a while on our Windows desktops and caught a glimpse of an early mobile client — think on-the-fly file syncing across multiple platforms. Drop a file into a Mesh-enabled folder on one computer, and it's available in the same folder on another computer, nearly instantaneously.

From the Live Mesh blog:

With this beta release we are making another significant step toward this goal. In particular… with this Beta we are providing limited availability of our new Mac and Windows Mobile 6 clients – providing users with a wider range of devices that can participate in their mesh. Later this week as the beta rolls out, access to the Mac client will be provided from the device ring experience at Instructions for accessing the Windows Mobile client will be made available at this blog later in the week.

Not quite sure yet exactly what we'll be seeing. Obviously, you wouldn't want 1,000 2-meg files syncing automatically over the air to your phone. But the blog does tell us we should see "The option to sync Live Mesh folders P2P only, excluding your Live Desktop, can now be enabled from the local device."

Stay tuned.

Live Mesh Client around the Corner?

Remember when we covered Live Mesh for your Windows Mobile phone? The thing that bugged me was that you had to use your web browser to navigate to the site and then rummage through the folders. When you log into the Live Mesh website you see the

Tip of the Week: Transferring files to your device with live mesh

With all the wireless capabilities I wonder why we still mess with all these cables in order to sync to our computer. There has to be an easier way to get our info from the web to our devices. Recently Dieter detailed a great way for contacts and calendar from gmail, but what about cab files? More often then not we can simply navigate to the web site that has a .cab file we want and download it there. Then again if it

Live Mesh available on your mobile device

On Wednesday we brought news of Microsoft's Live Mesh cloud-based storage service, giving you 5 gigs of space for your files to come and go as you please.

Today, the big M unleashed mobile-optimized access to the service, meaning you can get to your data while you're on the run.

It's not the full-on Windows Mobile client we're hoping for, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

If you're already signed up for the tech preview, point your favorite mobile browser (yes, even the iPhone's) at - note the secure site - and have at it.


Windows Mobile 7 Makes Brief Appearance in Live Mesh Promotional Video

A recent promotional video released by Microsoft, pimping its upcoming Live Mesh services, contained hidden treasure. The video depicts a typical suburban family, in a halcyon trance, engaged in various usage scenarios that Microsoft loves to employ as backdrops for its products. As a dreamy musical score plays on, a mother stands beside the family pool, using a Samsung i780 to capture photos of her son's swan dives. She then shares said photos with the rest of her proud family (because junior is obviously destined for great things with such impressive aquatic skills) using Microsoft Live Mesh. Go figure.

At 32 seconds into the video something interesting finally appears. An HTC Touch Dual comes into view, but blink twice and you'll miss that it's running an unmistakably different operating system - Windows Mobile 7. Its appearance is only brief, lasting a mere second or two, just long enough to get a quick look. Though somewhat distant and out of focus, the image clearly shows similar characteristics seen in other Windows Mobile 7 mockups, like a radically redesigned GUI and central Vista-like "Orb" (located in the softkey area) that replaces the venerable Start Menu.

Granted, this is only a promotional video, but it does at least provide an inside look at Microsoft's development roadmap for the platform, and proves that earlier mockups will bear a strong resemblance to the final product. This also isn't the first time Microsoft promotional material has leaked Windows Mobile deets --the Treo 800w image that appeared during Bill Gates' 2008 CES keynote was exciting too, but not quite as exiting as the future version of Windows Mobile that appeared during the same speech.

Who's up for some GUI goodness? I am!