More Live Mesh Mobile slots opened

If you didn

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  • I was unable to before... After having to flash a ROM with the Stock SQLite 3, I was able to validate for the first time... Works for me! Mesh is finally a go!
  • MESH is definetly a rocks...synced a couple of pics and files from my PC over to the phone...impressive
  • Good deal! Glad you got in.
  • I have read several posts and the news clips. I have also read the wiki on live mesh but can someone tell me what is the basic gist,,, or usefulness of live mesh? I guess,,,,, what is it basically?
  • Worked for me.
  • @jamespaulritter: Try this.
  • No go for me...
  • worked for me
  • Worked for me - I already had an account set up, so maybe that's why I got in and some others didn't?
  • After a bit of trouble messing around with opera-did not work,
    I finally was able to get it to work through internet explorer.
    I can see the folders on my laptop and download files to my phone.
  • @jamespaulritter: Try this.
    So is it kind of similar to GoToMyPC or LogMeIn?
    P.S. Worked for me. I already had a hotmail account. Not sure if that matters.
  • I just signed up and got my 800w and laptop added and sync'd. Sweet.
  • I just keep gettingSign-in Failed
    No network connection was detected. Clech your connection and try again.
    I get online with everything else (Opera, Exchange, IM, etc...).
  • I managed to score a spot 10 minutes ago.
    Some of my friends are noting to start with the mobile client and sign in that way (go to from Pocket IE and sign in using your hotmail account)
  • I'm trying to log on through pIE too, but but it doesn't log me in, it just says connecting, then sends me back to the logon page...
    Strange, I've tested that before, and it has worked.
  • I got in today at 9:30, but I was already signed up, and had the software on my phone.
  • OK, I deleted my Internet settings and reconfigured the device.
    Now I can log in through pIE, but not with the Live Mesh app. I log in, it validates me, but when it comes to "Getting Mobile Phone Identifier", then says:Setup Failed
    This mobile phone was not added to your mesh
    ...but I managed to get it working. First time it runs, I can't share the data connection with any other app. Since I'm using push-mail, that's a bit difficult. So I turned off the phone, and enabled WiFi.
    VOILA, it would register my device. After that I can use it with 3G again :cool:
  • I got it. I synced my resume to LiveMesh and then to my phone. Important documents will never be too far away from me.