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Vodafone Germany pushing out Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone Tango update

With all the Windows Phone "Tango" update madness that's currently underway, whether you're forcing the upgrade or receiving it from the carrier, there's a number of networks pushing out the latest version of Microsoft's operating system. Vodafone Germany has joined this list with Windows Phone Central reader EvilEls sending in a screenshot of the Zune update process.

The updates are for the first generation Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone. The first being a firmware update, with the follow-up presumably the Tango upgrade. Device changes reported are as follows:

  • OS: 7.10.7720.68 => 7.10.8773.98
  • Firmware: 2424.11.8.5 => 2424.11.11.2
  • Radio Software: 2424.11.7.2 => 2424.11.9.1
  • Bootloader: =>

Have you been Tango'd yet? Let us know in the comments if you've received the update or have forced it through Zune.

Thanks EvilEls for the tip!

Custom Windows Phone Tango ROMs arrive for the HD2 and Omnia7

Just a few weeks before it officially hits, Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh aka "Tango" (build 8773) has managed to be dumped onto XDA for the world to see (and use). Wasting no time, some chefs have already cooked up some custom ROMs for the HD2 (which will evidently live until the year 2031 with updates) and the Samsung Omnia7.

More ROMs will be expected to follow soon for first generation devices, notably HTC ones and the Samsung Focus. Since there are no custom ROMs for Gen 2 devices (due to a locked bootloader), we're not expecting this Tango ROM to help too much though perhaps some folks at XDA will find a way.

Tango is thought to a "refresh" of Windows Phone 7.5 with only minor, under the hood changes including support for lower-spec'd devices (256MB of RAM) as well as some MMS improvements and a fix for the SMS bug. Like all previous updates, this is expected to trickle out for current phones but only at the discretion of the carrier.

Source: HD2, Omnia 7; via XDA

Windows Phone 7740 update being pushed out for Lumia 800, Omnia 7

Looks like some more folks are getting the carrier-endorsed OS 7740 update. According to reader theWeeBear, he just got the mini update to his Samsung Omnia 7 on "3" there in the UK. Likewise, our Nokia Lumia 800 was also updated to 7740 as you can see above. The odd thing? We don't remember updating it (cue conspiracy music). In addition, our own Rich Edmonds confirms his Lumia 800 just received an update notification when plugged in to Zune.

The 7740 update was detailed a few weeks ago by Microsoft and is considered to be an isolated but important update. In short, it fixes two things: a voicemail notification bug and an Exchange 2003 email error. Not every carrier will be pushing it out, however, meaning a lot of may have to wait to either another bug fix (keyboard, anyone?) or "Tango".

Update: looks like lots of folks in various countries are getting this. Even Rogers in Canada for the Focus v1.3. Thanks, Se1fcr3ation, for the screen cap.

Did you get the update yet? List phone, carrier and country in comments!

Optus believes Samsung Omnia 7 runs Symbian?

This is certainly an odd observation, but yes it appears Optus, an Australian carrier, has got their Samsung Omnia 7 packing Symbian according to promotional material (see above). Obviously this is a simple error when creating the sheet, but it's amusing to see the Metro UI being displayed with Microsoft Office and Xbox functionality, powered by Symbian. We bet the folks at Optus are having some giggles behind the scenes.

Source: WinPhoneXAP, thanks Gaille for the heads up!

Tango v1.1 in Marketplace; updated for Samsung Omnia7 & Focus

Tango, which was released last week, has now been updated to version 1.1.  The only change to the video chat app is the addition of support for the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, which previously had issues running it.  A Samsung-branded iteration of Tango, also labeled v1.1 made a brief appearance in the Marketplace, but has since disappeared.

Samsung owners, rejoice, and get your chat on here.

Thanks for the tip, Dmitry!

T-Mobile UK rolling out Mango for Omnia 7 starting today

If you're on T-Mobile UK and have an Omnia 7, you'll be excited to know that starting today, the official-official Mango update for that device will begin rolling out.

The Omnia 7 (along with the AT&T Dell Venue Pro and Focus v1.4) were the only devices that had hiccups with the Mango update, requiring a little extra attention from Samsung in this case. That has caused a delay by only a few weeks but for some who want those drivers it feels like an enternity.

No word on any new features like tethering, so let us know if you find anything.

Source: T-Mobile support forums; Thanks, John C., for the tip!

Nokia Lumia 800 display survives sunlight [Video]

My one pet hate about smartphones is not being able to use them in the sunshine. England, where we don't get blessed with much sunshine, I'd prefer to make the most of it while staying connected to the Internet. While the Samsung Omnia 7 (and Focus) SAMOLED screens are superb in terms of quality, for me my Omnia 7 is rendered useless when the sun shines down (the HTC Hero was even worse).

Being the first customer on Three UK to pre-order the Lumia 800 (yup, I was congratulated over the phone) I was hoping the Nokia handset would perform better as the screen was still viewable in the bright spotlights at Nokia World. In the video above we see the guys at My Nokia Blog taking the 800 for a spin on the London Eye - pun intended. Looking good!

Source: My Nokia Blog

Deutsche Telekom sends the Omnia 7 Mango Update into scheduling

We've seen the Omnia 7 in Australia get updated to allow for tethering and now Deutsche Telekom is getting into the action.  Microsoft has updated their "Where's My Phone Update?" page to show Deutsche Telekom's Samsung Omnia 7 is now being scheduled to receive the Mango update. 

Good news for the Omnia 7 and if all goes as planned, the update should start rolling out within the next few days (within 10 according to Microsoft). Unfortunately there is still no change with Telefonica and the Omnia 7. The Spanish carrier is still showing the Mango update in the testing phase.

Thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!

Optus Omnia 7 gets tethering addition in update

We're getting word that users in Australia on the Optus Network who are using Samsung Omnia 7's are getting a software update that brings WiFi tethering to their devices.

Reader Sri lets us know that his firmware, radio and even bootloader were all just updated, meaning there could also be a few other tweaks on board that add some features:

Firmware Revision - 2424.11.9.2 (from 11.8.2)

Radio Software - 2424.11.9.1 (from 11.7.2)

Bootloader Version - (from

What makes this interesting is the HD7, also in Australia, received an update but no word on if that brought tehtering to the table.

Samsung AllShare DLNA workaround patched

It's confirmed this time around. Samsung has finally patched the AllShare app to fix the glitch that enabled Focus and Omnia 7 owners to use DLNA and stream content to and from supported devices. Unfortunately Samsung seems to be dedicated to leaving us 1st-gen handset owners in the dark with the latest features.

While we previously brought some good news to the table when reports came in that the manufacturer patched the app and the glitch remained operational, it's game over now folks.

Thanks NaterBater for the heads up!

Omnia 7 on SFR in France now getting Mango update

Omnia 7 users in France and who are on SFR will be happy to note that you should be getting your Mango update today. As noted on the official Windows Phone Blog, Eric Hautala details a bit about the update and tries to reassure others who own phones that are still "in testing" to sit tight, your update is coming too.

Not much else to say on the matter outside of plug in your phones and check for that Mango!

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Side note: Doing a Bing image search for "france sfr" results in some interesting finds.

Microsoft refreshes Where's My Phone Update list, Omnia 7 now in testing

Although lots of folks have received the update for the Samsung Omnia 7, officially at least it's still not available--or rather the firmware that's tied into it is not as easy to get (you can still force-update to Mango, but not get the firmware).

We got word now that Microsoft has updated the "Where's My Phone Update" list and whereas before it said "Except Samsung Omnia 7 models" it has now changed to the more favorable "Except Samsung Omnia 7 models, which are Testing at this time."

Hey, baby steps. At this rate, we're thinking by the end of October sounds like a plausible date for actual release. We'll keep an eye out. Thanks, Gary M., for the heads up!

Use AllShare and DLNA on Samsung handsets [How To]

This is pretty sweet, there's a quick trick on the Samsung Omnia 7 with the AllShare app. Should you attempt to run the app an error will pop up stating that this "This device does not support AllShare. AllShare will be terminated." What the app doesn't tell you is that it will be back (in the awesome words of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In the above video (it's in French but you should be able to follow visually) we can see Sogalas, a MonWindowsPhone reader, walking us through how he can work around the error and actually launch the app. It's incredibly straight forward. As soon as you launch AllShare, quickly hit the home button before the error shows and the app will close. Now hold the back button to enter multi-tasking and swipe to the right to find AllShare. Selecting it will launch the app successfully, bypassing the error.

To recap, here's the full walkthrough:

  1. Download Samsung's AllShare app
  2. Launch and press the "home" button before the error message appears (if it appears before you're able to close the app, just keep trying)
  3. Return to the application by holding the "back" button and enter multi-tasking control
  4. Select AllShare and you're now inside the app, bypassing the error message
  5. You can now connect to your computer, media devices or your TV (configured with DLNA) and select multimedia content shared with your device to view on the big screen or play on the massive speakers

Let us know in the comments should you get this working. I attempted myself and successfully ran the app, however I always seem to have issues with DLNA and my router (Apple Airport Extreme) thus wasn't able to test out the streaming capabilities. We're not aware as to whether or not this trick works with the Focus so do let us know.

Update: We've confirmed that this trick works with the Focus too, updated the title. Enjoy.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

Samsung and T-Mobile rolling out Mango for Omnia 7?

We're getting word from one of our readers that T-Mobile UK is at least rolling out Mango for the Omnia 7. Owners of the Omnia 7 may recall the double/triple asteriks in the international 'Where's my Update' page that plainly stated "Except Samsung Omnia 7 models".

Now, Martrin R. has let us know that he received the notification and successfully updated his Omnia 7 to the final Mango build. We should note that he was on the unofficial developer beta, meaning this could be like the HD7s situation--people on the dev beta can get the update, but folks on NoDo or earlier, not so much.

But it looks like at least some users won't have to try the force-update trick, which at least in this case, is only partially successful for some (see forums). Let us know if you're having any luck with the Omnia 7 in comments.

Samsung's Omnia 7 refresh (SGH-i708) sails through FCC with FF camera

Why mess with a good thing? The Samsung Omnia 7 is a pretty popular phone, only rivaled by Sammy's other offering, the Focus. So it makes sense that Samsung would give a modest update to the design by adding a front-facing camera to the device and we're gonna bet some new silicon on the inside e.g. Adreno 205 GPU, maybe a faster CPU.

Other than that not much else can be gleaned from the filing. Since it is the FCC, we have to leave the door open that perhaps some US carrier will actually pick up this bad bad--Sprint maybe?

Source: FCC; via Phone Arena, Pocketnow

T-Mobile Samsung Omnia 7 I8700XXKH2 ROM

SamFirmware has released two unofficial ROMs for the Samsung Omnia 7, one for NoDo and the other for Mango. Check out the listed known features in this post for more info and remember that you flash your Windows Phone at your own risk.

  • Firmware: I8700XXKD1. (NoDo)
  • Filesize: 196+/- MB (.rar file)
  • XX = Europe
  • K = 2011
  • D = April
  • 1 = Version
  • Firmware: I8700XXKH2. (Mango)
  • Filesize: 355+/- MB (.rar file)
  • XX = Europe
  • K = 2011
  • H = August
  • 2 = Version

MobileTechWorld has since posted some features found in the ROM, found below:

  1. Updated camera driver: Touch-focus now works (instead of simply touch-to-capture), Bing Vision no longer looses focus and correctly adjusts the white balance in low light environments.
  2. Updated Motion Sensors driver: Digital Compass is now faster and more accurate. The accelerator is also faster when switching orientation in Internet Explorer.
  3. Updated Radio software: WiFi and Cellular data transfers appear to be faster.
  4. The hidden WiFi Network feature is now available.
  5. Bing Music is now faster and more accurate.

You can download the ROMs from SamFirmware, link found below.

    Source: SamFirmwareMobileTechWorld, thanks Brianna for the tip!

    New unsigned Samsung Omnia 7 firmware leaked: I8700XXKD1

    Over at Samfirmware, new Omnia 7 firmware has been leaked - I8700XXKD1. Dated back to April this year, we're currently not aware of differences from the previous 18700XXKC1 and the update rolled out the past week. Flashing our device proves to be nothing better than a problem. According to comments over at MobileTechWorld, the binary is not signed for retail use and can only be used on OEM samples.

    Source: Samfirmware, MobileTechWorld, thanks Philipp for the tip!

    More device updates being pushed out

    On the heels of Tuesday's Samsung Focus 1.4 update comes some more device-specific updates for the HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7.  The updates are meant to address some significant features, such as battery life, touchscreen response and call clarity.  Because they have been tailor-made for certain models, we do not expect that every phone will receive one.  However, this is not an exhaustive list, so there may be some more lined up.

    Have any of you updated, and if so, noticed any improvements?  Are there any devices not listed that you have been prompted to update?

    Source: @TonHor (Thanks for the tip!), WinRumors

    Deal Alert: Unlocked Samsung Omnia 7 for 199.95 € ($280)

    Looks like Windows Phones are getting quite the price break lately. First we saw the HTC 7 Pro for £229 and now the Omnia 7, another killer device, is going for 199.95 €.

    Offered through T-Mobile Germany, the Omnia 7 is unlocked/no contract (!) features a Super AMOLED screen and 16GB of memory. The price is certainly is a good enough deal that even we're considering picking one up.

    Update: Bands supported should be 2G Networks GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; 3G Networks HSDPA 900 / 2100

    You can take a look at the phone and order it right here. (Thanks, Max A., for the heads up!)

    Three, T-Mobile and Deutsche Omnia 7s getting NoDo

    We've received word from readers that they are receiving the NoDo update for their Samsung Omnia 7 devices on T-Mobile UK and Deutsche Telekom. I can also confirm that Three have been rolling out updates to their Omnia 7 handsets, so we can only hope that this is the last of the problems Samsung device owners will encounter. Should you encounter problems when updating to 7392, be sure to check the Samsung patch.

    Unfortunately, still no word on Focus handsets. We will -- of course -- notify you all as to when we receive any information. To some, the news of more manufacturers coming to the platform is music to the ears with the potential switch to avoid future mishaps.

    Source: T-Mobile, Thanks @awicksey and mydefposse for the heads up!