Use AllShare and DLNA on Samsung handsets [How To]

This is pretty sweet, there's a quick trick on the Samsung Omnia 7 with the AllShare app. Should you attempt to run the app an error will pop up stating that this "This device does not support AllShare. AllShare will be terminated." What the app doesn't tell you is that it will be back (in the awesome words of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In the above video (it's in French but you should be able to follow visually) we can see Sogalas, a MonWindowsPhone reader, walking us through how he can work around the error and actually launch the app. It's incredibly straight forward. As soon as you launch AllShare, quickly hit the home button before the error shows and the app will close. Now hold the back button to enter multi-tasking and swipe to the right to find AllShare. Selecting it will launch the app successfully, bypassing the error.

To recap, here's the full walkthrough:

  1. Download Samsung's AllShare app
  2. Launch and press the "home" button before the error message appears (if it appears before you're able to close the app, just keep trying)
  3. Return to the application by holding the "back" button and enter multi-tasking control
  4. Select AllShare and you're now inside the app, bypassing the error message
  5. You can now connect to your computer, media devices or your TV (configured with DLNA) and select multimedia content shared with your device to view on the big screen or play on the massive speakers

Let us know in the comments should you get this working. I attempted myself and successfully ran the app, however I always seem to have issues with DLNA and my router (Apple Airport Extreme) thus wasn't able to test out the streaming capabilities. We're not aware as to whether or not this trick works with the Focus so do let us know.

Update: We've confirmed that this trick works with the Focus too, updated the title. Enjoy.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
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