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MOLOME photo sharing network finally arrives for Windows Phone, bugs in tow

The last time we wrote about Molome, a popular photo sharing network, was nearly one year ago in February 2013. Back then, the question as whether or not the app and service would arrive for Nokia Lumias are all Windows Phones.  Since then, we haven’t heard much about the app, which we first reported as headed to Windows Phone back in September 2012.

Today, nearly 16 months later, Molome has finally made its landing on Windows Phone 8, available for all devices.

So what is Molome?

Viewr for Flickr, photo sharing for Windows Phone 8

If the official Flickr Windows Phone app isn't doing much for you, take a gander at Viewr for Flickr.

Viewr for Flickr is a Windows Phone 8 photography app that is straight forward means to accessing Flickr while on the go.  The app has a clean layout where you can view and share Flickr images as well as upload images to your account.

There is some room for improvement but from uploading to viewing to sharing, Viewr for Flickr lays everything out nicely and is well worth trying.

500px photo sharing app lands in the Windows 8 Store

Photography fans can rejoice as photo-sharing site, 500px, hits the Windows 8 App Store. 500px is a service similar to Flickr, which allows users to share their photography, receive critiques, and join groups of similar interest.

Pictastic joins the Windows Phone Instagram line-up

If you're looking for a Windows Phone Instagram client app, Pictastic is yet another option to consider. Pictastic is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and comes across as a fairly standard Instagram client at first glance.

Pictastic allows you to sign into existing Instagram accounts, create a new account, upload photos, like photos, comments on photos and download photos locally.

Instagraph gets updated, adds Tagsdagram integration and more

Instagraph is a feature rich, unofficial Instagram client for our Windows Phones. You can create accounts, modify your profile, upload images, enjoy Metrogram integration, and more. The app was recently updated to version 2.5 which most notably brings Tagsdagram integration.

Tagsdagram is one of the top Instagram #tags listing sites and the integration helps finding the right #tag a lot easier.

Free version of Swapchat hits the Windows Phone Store shelves

SwapChat is an unofficial Snapchat client for our Windows Phone. There's already a paid version of SwapChat and now we can add a free version to the mix.

The free version is ad-supported and has most of the features the paid version has. You can take pictures, add captions, set a viewing time and send it to your friends. You also can view your friend's photos and see when they open your messages.

Rando for Windows Phone 8, an experimental photo exchange network

Rando is a photo sharing app for your Windows Phone 8 device that approaches things a little differently than most photo sharing apps. Everything is done anonymously.

Much like other photo sharing networks, with Rando you take photos of what you're seeing, things of interest or anything else you want to share with the world. But instead of posting the image on a network where others can view, comment or like the image, your photos are sent to another Rando user anonymously. In return, you'll receive an image from a Rando user.  If you don't send a pic, you won't recieve a pic.

It's an interesting approach to photo sharing and with apps also available on iOS and Android platforms, you'll definitely get a wide range of images.

Instagram spotted in Windows Phone advertisement, soon to be available? Probably not.

We've had an interesting image sent in from a reader, showing what appears to be an Instagram logo on the home screen of a Lumia 620 being advertised. The promotional material shows the Windows Phone in Portugal listed for 170 euro with a coupled package, but what's interesting about the device is definitely the mysterious use of the Instagram logo. Could this be a sign of what's to come, or is the app being falsely advertised?

Lomogram, a fantastic photo app, passes one million downloads

Lomogram is a great photo editing app for your Windows Phone that just passed one million downloads. And it only took the app 219 days to get there.

The Windows Phone photography app gets good reviews over in the Windows Phone Store (4.5 stars) and we thought it was time to take a look at things and see what all the excitement was about.  Lomogram is nicely laid out with over forty filters, tons of borders and light effects that can be applied to new photos as well as photos already in your Pictures Hub.

Lomogram is a really nice option for those wanting to add a little zip to their photos and a great addition to you Windows Phone photography library.

Nokia releases PhotoBeamer for Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 devices

Just a few weeks ago Nokia released PhotoBeamer for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices such as the Lumia 820 and 920. Today, the photo sharing app has been released for Lumia Windows Phones running Windows Phone 7.5 such as the Lumia 900 and 610.

Photobeamer allows you to display your pictures on PC's or other web-enabled devices. Just run the app, head over to, scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your Lumia Windows Phone and your photos will appear on that web-enabled device.  It can be a computer, tablet, or a friends phone.  You just need a 3G/4G network or WiFi to send the pictures. 

Windows Phone App Review:

While there is not an Instagram app for our Windows Phone, there are a few client apps available. One such is does a good job delivering Instagram content to your Windows Phone but does feel a little lacking. Lacking because of the inability to sign up for an Instagram account or post images to your Instagram account. And it's not the developers fault for overlooking these features. You can blame the Instagram API restrictions.

Windows Phone App Review: SoMee

SoMee is a simply yet creative photo editing app for your Windows Phone. SoMee not only lets you crop and apply various filters, effects, and frames to your photos but you can also upload and share your finished products.

SoMee comes in two flavors, free with ads and paid without ads. SoMee isn't a powerhouse photo editor along the lines of Thumba but for what it does, it does it very well.

Windows Phone App Review: Thumbz

Thumbz is a photo sharing app for your Windows Phone that allows you to... well... share and get feedback on your photos. Once uploaded to the network, other members can vote up, down on your photo as well as leave a comment. You in turn can rate and comment on others photos as well.  You can also use Thumbz as a informal public opinion poll if you include a question in the image description.

Thumbz does have a novelty feel to it but it also has the potential to be a decent photo sharing network.  It just needs time and to see it's membership continue to grow.

Instagram alternative EyeEm hits the Marketplace

EyeEm is a photo-sharing app, much like Instagram, for your Windows Phone. However, unlike Instagram EyeEm is available for the iPhone, Android devices, through a web portal and on Windows Phone. This gives EyeEm a potentially larger user base than Instagram which means you can find more users with similar photographic interests.

EyeEm allows you apply ten photo filters (or none if you prefer) to existing photos in your Pictures Hub or to photos just captured by your Windows Phone camera. Filters range from sepia to magic to strawberry. From there you can share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Along with capturing, editing and sharing your photos EyeEm lets you browse photos from other EyeEm users. There is a search engine to search for photos or photographers by keyword, an Albums page that highlights random and "liked" photographic subjects (fashion, retro, etc.), and a Popular page that shares... well... the popular images on EyeEm.

From the settings you can create/edit your user profile and manage all your account connections. EyeEm does tap into your location services to help find pictures from users in your area and can tap into your People Hub to identify contacts who are EyeEm users.

Just tinkering with EyeEm for a short time, it comes across as an impressive photo sharing and social app for your Windows Phone. It may be strong enough to make you forget about Instagram.

EyeEm is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client

InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client that just hit the Marketplace yesterday.  It allows you to take pictures on your phone, add different effects, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.  You can log into your Instagram account to check "likes" and comments on your uploaded content.  You can also view other people's photos and leave comments, or follow them if you're a fan of their work.  The search function can find photos based on key words in pictures' tags.  Not an Instagram user?  No worries, you can still use InstaCam to browse content anonymously.

This first iteration of InstaCam contains a lot of features, including a couple exclusive photo effects.  However, there are more features on the way.  The developers are already planning on adding geolocation search, view changes, and more.

InstaCam is free and can be downloaded here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, peestandingup, for the tip!

Square sharing app released to the Windows Phone Marketplace

We previously took a sneak peek at the app Square (with a quick video demo), developed by Lawrence Gripper (the developer behind the BBC News Mobile app), Chris Sienkiewicz and Dave Crawford. Square is a photo and contact sharing app which uses QR codes allowing for seamless transfers to be carried out between platforms.  

One can download Square from the Marketplace for free. Check out (and "like") the Facebook page for more information and updates.

Could Instagram come officially to Windows Phone before Android?

Although we have wait on the fate of Metrogram, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone announced this past weekend, FastCompany is citing an unnamed source that Microsoft may have worked out a deal with the developers behind Instagram for an official, certified Windows Phone version. For those not familiar, Instagram is a extremely popular photo sharing app with kitsch filters on iOS. Instagram have acknowledged that they're working on an Android version, but now we're learning that Windows Phone may get it first.

Windows Phone boasts Metro UI which has been positively received by most and is a unique experience available on a mobile platform. This, added with the quick camera functionality and consistent quality across hardware, will ensure that an Instagram app would look (and feel) fantastic. Even though Windows Phone is still picking up steam with market share, Android suffers from fragmentation which could have a negative impact on the user experience.

Instagram would be a worthy addition to the Marketplace, a popular app that many smartphone owners on a competitive platform use, and the software giant is looking to spend to get the apps people want.

Source: FastCompany; thanks Lucas for the heads up! For more info on Instagram, check our iMore's coverage.

Sneak Peek: Square sharing app for Windows Phone

Sharing is cool. We all love to share things, whether it be what we're currently up to on Twitter, or by publishing photos to Facebook from our Windows Phone, it walks hand-in-hand with being intrigued by what our friends are up to. Square, by Lawrence Gripper (the developer behind the BBC News Mobile app), Chris Sienkiewicz and Dave Crawford, is a new solution to contact and image sharing between platforms using QR codes. It's a fairly simple concept, but ingeniously executed.

Square will enable the user to grab an image from the Pictures Hub (providing choice of camera roll, SkyDrive or Facebook albums) and share it to another device with a generic QR code scanner. Not only that, but contacts on the Windows Phone can also be shared to another device with a scanner (and support for vCards). If you're one who detests carrying around business cards as much as I, Square also sports a contact card option for yourself (basically choosing "you" from your contact list to import your details), which can be pinned to the home screen for quick access and turns your contact information into a handy QR code (in vCard format).

Of course, the app wouldn't be complete without a scanner. Square comes kitted out with the tools to scan QR codes and import images and contacts. It all works flawlessly, and the UI (although there's not much depth) is simply gorgeous. When will we see Square on the Marketplace? In the next couple of weeks. To see the app in action, head on past the break for a quick demonstration.

MSN Postbox for Windows Phone -- a new photo sharing venture from Microsoft

Looks like Microsoft is continuing to explore various new social outlets via the internet, this time it's a new service called "MSN Postbox" (side note: it was earlier speculated by TechCrunch that "Postbox" was a Yelp competitor). What makes this service unique is two fold: it allow you to share photos along with comments to the "community" and two, there's a Windows Phone app now available to help make it easier.

Photos need to be "approved" before they are posted, so don't expect to go hog wild with it. It is a bit confusing as to the purpose, so we'll let Microsoft explain:

"Share your photos with millions of MSN readers directly from your phone with the MSN Postbox app. Also browse other readers’ submissions to see the best of what’s happening all around the United States.

MSN Postbox is a new curated photo-sharing site (part of the web portal) that goes beyond your friends to connect with a bigger community about what going in on in your town, your life.

Offer city and people shots, with your captions, as well as photos and tips about restaurants and events. And you can photos immediately after taking them, or share photos you’ve already taken. (After downloading the app, reboot your phone – turn it off and back on – to activate the “share” function for Postbox to your phone’s camera.)"

It's kind of neat but not "OMG that's awesome!" neat. The design is like a combo of Metro and KIN, which makes us wonder if this was an extension of the KIN ecosystem that we never saw flourish, perhaps a left over project? Anways, it's free and the app runs "ok". It is a bit sluggish for our likes, but it looks nice and keeps with the other "MSN" apps e.g. Movies.

You can grab the app here in the Marketplace or go to the website to get a flavor of what it's all about here: