Sprint's Samsung ATIV S Neo revealed as 'Cronus' codename?

Samsung is reportedly working on a new smartphone, running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

According to a new app that has been published to the Windows Phone Store by Samsung, the manufacturer has a new phone on the horizon called the "Cronus", which could well be the next ATIV Windows Phone - Sprint is taking on the ATIV S Neo. That phone is due to hit shelves in the coming weeks.

Samsung continues to dominate with Android, but Windows Phone is still growing, according to latest Kantar data

Kantar World Panel today released some new figures that shows while Android is continuing to turn into SkyNet and control the world, Windows Phone is growing in multiple markets. According to the data, Google's mobile platform accounted for more than 70% of sales in Europe's five largest markets: Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Alongside Android's success is Samsung, who manufactured nearly half of all smartphones sold in the region.

Sprint announces two Windows Phone 8 handsets - HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo

Today Sprint and Microsoft outlined plans to launch two Windows Phone 8 handsets on the US network. The HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo will be packaged with Truly UnlimitedSM Sprint 4G LTE this coming summer. Both phones will be able to take full advantage of LTE speeds, offering consumers a rich experience when using the device while out and about.

Samsung ATIV S available for £229.99 at Expansys UK

Expansys has dropped the price of the Samsung ATIV S once again, but this time we're looking at just £229.99 for the Windows Phone 8 device. If you're seeking a high-end option as your next smartphone, this is a perfect opportunity to choose a mobile phone with exciting features and areas of expansion.

Samsung releases ATIV Beam app so you can send files to Android hardware

Can we get a drum roll? Samsung has released a new app for Windows Phone. ATIV Beam. Sounds cool, right? It certainly is. We're looking at an NFC app to make it easy to transfer files from the ATIV Windows Phone to... wait, Android? You'd immediately assume that this is just a small error on Samsung's part and the app will work with Windows Phones that sport NFC too, right? Wrong, this is an exclusive app for those who wish to transfer files to Android devices.

First look at the newly announced Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung has brought Android and Windows 8 (yes, Windows 8 and not Windows Phone 8) together in a single product. Introducing the ATIV Q, which is a convertible tablet with some interesting features. Announced yesterday in London, Samsung boasts the ATIV Q having a super-high resolution of 3200x1800 and a pixel density of 275ppi. Not bad for a 13-inch tablet.

Hands on with the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 with Windows 8

Today, Samsung unveiled two new tablet/hybrid devices, including the ATIV Tab 3, a follow up to the ATIV Tab, which we’ve covered before.

The device features a 10.1” 1366x768 display with an Atom Z2760 process, full Windows 8 with S-Pen and it comes in at a very sprightly 8.2 millimeters thin and weighs just 550 grams (1.2lbs). Much like the previous ATIV Tab, it’s an elegant looking device and a nice follow up if only because they made the display smaller (the old one was 13.3”).

Samsung unveils new ATIV Windows 8 hardware, but showed no love for Windows Phone

So Samsung unveiled a number of ATIV products today, which is great and all, but one can't help but wonder where the phones were. We're not talking about Android hardware, because Samsung managed to show off some features of the Galaxy range. But while we weren't expecting to see a new Windows Phone, the OEM could have unleashed a beauty of a device and rise to Nokia's challenge.

Samsung unveils super hi-resolution ATIV Q and ultra-light ATIV Tab 3 Windows 8 tablets

Today in London, Samsung has unveiled two new Windows 8 tablets, to further push the boundaries of Microsoft’s new desktop and tablet OS.

Both tablets bring some new features to the table, including the ability to run Android apps on the ATIV Q and with the ATIV Tab 3, users get an ultra-thin (8.2mm) and super light (550g) tablet running full Windows 8. Both devices also support Samsung’s unique S-Pen technology, offering an alternative means of input for data.

The ATIV Q also brings a first to tablets: the highest resolution with an astonishing QHD+ (3200x1800) on a 13.3” display, bringing the PPI to an eye-popping 275PPI. That’s in addition to the Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of on board storage.

Read on for the full specifications and press release…and stay tuned for video our hands on with the new devices!

Samsung to offer new Windows 8 hardware - ATIV Book Q and ATIV Book 9 series

While we wait for Samsung to unveil new products to the world, Notebook Italy has managed to get hold of some information and images of the ATIV Book Q, ATIV BOOK 9 LITE and ATIV Book 9 PLUS. These Windows 8 devices looks very much like other Windows hardware already available, which isn't a bad thing. Let's jump in and take a look.

Live from Samsung Premiere 2013 in London later today - 2PM ET

We're live from London's Earls Court exhibition center for Samsung Premiere 2013 -- the Korean manufacturer's big event where it's promising to show off new Galaxy (Android) and Windows (ATIV) devices. So we can expect to see more Galaxy S4 phones -- and on the Windows side, there's the possibility of more tablets and ultrabooks, and maybe some new Windows Phone devices too.

Samsung updates Photo Editor and RSS Times for Windows Phone

Samsung has released updates for two of its apps available for Windows Phone. RSS Times and Photo Editor have been bumped to and respectively. The main change in RSS Times is the backend system being switched from Google to FeedAce since the former is shutting down its RSS service. 

Nokia dominates Expansys USA's most popular list, with help from Samsung

Nokia is currently dominating the most popular smartphone list over at mobile retailer Expansys USA. The unexpected twist to this story is that Samsung is also helping the platform out with the ATIV S taking the number one spot. Following Samsung's flagship Windows Phone is the Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and Lumia 620 in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Samsung throws out more updates for its Windows Phones

Samsung has been busy as the manufacturer has released updates for two of its Windows Phone apps, as well as two system apps. MiniDiary and AllShare are the exclusive solutions from the Samsung Zone, while Advanced text messages and High Fidelity Position were also bumped to higher versions.  

Samsung Odyssey heading for US Cellular, leaked in promotion material

US Cellular has promised a Windows Phone 8 device for some time, but according to promotion material we could well be seeing the Samsung Odyssey head to the US network operator. The mid-range Windows Phone is currently available on Verizon and isn't a shabby device at all. In fact, we've been rather impressed by what Samsung has managed to achieve with its second Windows Phone 8 handset.

Nokia no longer the top dog in Finland; Samsung smiles

The International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed in recent figures that Nokia has lost its spot as Finland’s top mobile phone seller. Samsung has pulled into first place with its 36.1% market share, while Nokia currently sits in second place with 33.6%. Last year, Nokia controlled a strong 48% compared to Samsung’s 28%.

Samsung ATIV S available for £244.99 at Expansys UK

The Samsung ATIV S is currently available for just £244.99 at UK retailer Expansys. With the usual price point of £499, this is a superb deal for anyone looking to purchase a new flagship Windows Phone 8 device.

Samsung prepping a firmware update for the ATIV S Windows Phone

Samsung is preparing to support Windows Phone consumers with an update for the ATIV S flagship device, according to a report over on WindowsPhoneItaly. This firmware update will take each non-branded ATIV S from 2424.12.12.3 (which is Portico) to 2424.13.13.1. Major improvements? The report states that all owners will finally be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi tethering (or "Internet sharing").

Samsung to hold "Premier 2013" event in London on June 20th

Samsung has unveiled an upcoming event, which will be held at Earls Court, London on June 20th. So what is the company up to? The press teaser sports both the Galaxy and ATIV brands, used for Android and Windows hardware respectively. Could we expect a new smartphone running Microsoft's operating system? Possibly, but we'll put our money on Windows laptops and a new tablet or two, as well as Android goodies.

Ting to support Windows Phone, offering Samsung and HTC hardware this summer

Ting has reaffirmed its stance on Windows Phone availability. The mobile operator has previously teased that there are plans in place to support Microsoft's platform, but we've yet to see anything materialise. A new article has been published on the Ting blog that details the company looking to pick up multiple Windows Phones this coming summer.