Take better shots with the Nokia Lumia 1020, captured in latest video

We've already seen Nokia announce the new Lumia 1020, as well as AT&T releasing details (and videos) on when we can all expect to see the new Windows Phone launch in the US. Nokia has now published the above video, showing off the camera capabilities of the handset with a sweet beat and awesome effects.

So, who's getting one?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • When I click on "native" YouTube option to watch video, it opens metro tube and doesn't play anything. Anyone else have this issue?
  • When I press native, it opens up YouTube lol
  • Same for me...
    Youtube open in Youtube, native open in Youtube and metrotube open in Youtube...
    No i'm not touching wrong..
    Mine is lumia 920
  • i'm having similar issues watching videos.  for me, any option i choose launched metrotube, and it almost never actually plays the video.  i have a Lumia 928
  • Are you choosing youtube app and then metro tube? Or metrotube app on the first popup box?
  • I'm choosing native in the middle but metro tube opens. I click on metro and the video opens fine. I haven't clicked on "YouTube".
  • It gives me both options but both work
  • Means that our little youtube hack didn't work so it's fallen back on the apps. The metro tube option in that list not working is a bug I've passed on to them :)
  • When I click on metro tube it opens it fine. When I click on native, it also opens metro tube but the video doesn't play. 920
  • Yep I know about that and reported the bug to Metrotube, but we're looking at a way around it as well
  • +1 - you get this when you don't have a native youtube installed.
  • No options work for me. I press metro tube and it doesn't open neither does the youtube app. When i press native it opens metro tube and youtube app options. When i press any of them they still don't play. So i just open the article in the browser.
  • Me! I am getting one, as soon as it is available unlocked internationally!
  • Works for me
  • After watching this Awesome is the only word that comes to mouth..
  • Can't play this through speakers to check for the song, anyone know who it is?
  • Any chance to see a full resolution sample picture from this beast, Rich? (the beast phone that is...)
  • If only this camera could make phone calls, I could get rid of my cell phone
  • Is this heavier than 920?
  • Nokiausa shows that it ways almost 30 grams lighter. But that's with no wireless charging built in.
  • That's such a good design! However am so addicted to wireless charging I may not like any phone without it :(
  • You can get a wireless charging cover for it.
  • I'm not eligible for an upgrade for a while...damn 920!
  • Don't worry, there will be plenty of new WP handsets by the time you will be eligible. 
  • Looks like an amazing phone but I wonder how many people really care about a 41MP camera. If you look at the reviews for the Camera360 app they are almost all "this is amazing - it's replaced the default camera for me" even though that app only outputs images in 3MP. Either people don't realize or that's acceptable to them as they are only sharing online. Obviously there is a market for a high quality camera phone but it's maybe not a big as Nokia would like it to be. Getting the official Instagram for Windows phone would be a bigger deal.
  • Well for me, I see it as finally a spec that trumps both android and iOS. People seem to like having the biggest this, the most that etc. so blowing the competition out of the water with a camera like this can only help boost WP and Nokia sales.
  • You are right, but what Nokia has essentially brought out here is a totally new segment of phones.
    Also by the popularity of Instagram and the likes, people clearly like to play with their pictures and that's what i think is the hook of Lumia 1020. Something they very well showed on the demos. 
    it goes much further than filters, there's some real benefits to the customers on the hardware level that can't be replicated on software. In short the play value is pretty astonishing on this one and Nokia needs to make that message clear.
  • One camera to rule them all......man I need this phone...
  • Loving the look of the 1020, I also dig this groovy tune.
  • Holy s*** I think I'm in love. Suddenly mi 920 doesn't look so hot anymore. :(
  • Is the Nokia lettering around the sensor black or chrome like during the presentation?
  • It used to just play without doing anything, hit video and it asked for SD or HD playback then it played. Now it asks for a player, I select any of them it would tell me to go to the app store and download an app, even though I had YouTube HD installed. I uninstalled it and installed metro tube, now it works when I hit metro tube, haven't tried the other two.
  • Great little presentation for a big phone!
  • Will the 1020 be for Verizon?
  • Want this phone so bad. Love my 920 and all, but... Y'know, this would've been handy while walking around the Taste of Chicago yesterday, had to carry my Nex C3 with me. It's not a large camera but one device instead of two would be ideal for the type of photos I'm capable of taking (as in, I'm not that great). :)