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Take a look at the upcoming revamped Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile

It looks like the Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile is in for an overhaul, according to a new leak. As reported by WindowsBlogItalia, the Wallet app will receive an updated design, icon and a few new features in version 2.0. You can take a look at some of the changes in the Wallet app in the screenshot gallery below.

Here's the changelog so far, translated from Italian:

  • New GUI .
  • Added the ability to place loyalty cards and membership cards (plus the ability to download apps from the Windows Store to add to Microsoft Wallet).
  • Added the ability to scan a barcode .
  • Inserting a card you can now choose a category (restaurants, bars, entertainment, feed them, gym, library, pharmacy or store), the company name, the name of merchant registration ID .
  • Added the ability to add a color
  • New icon for the tile

Now matter how you slice it, this is a much needed update to an app that could use some attention. It isn't clear on when we could expect to see Wallet 2.0 land, but it's possible that it may come along with this summer's Anniversary Update.

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  • But when I can use it to pay for stuff!?
  • I was told by a MS Store rep that something is in the works.
  • Your local sales rep has internal info on unmentioned wp sw capabilities --- is this person a sw dev for ms just moonlighting as a phone salesperson to secretly gauge customer sentiment --- or are they totally full of poo ... (betting on the poo)
  • Let's go with poo...
  • That's about the size of it!
  • Gabe Aul mentioned previously that Tap to Pay support was coming for Windows 10 Mobile. However, it was so long ago, I doubt anyone remembers.  I really wish this feature shows up sooner than later, as Softcard for Windows was very short lived.
  • I doubt even Gabe Aul remembers.
  • I remember This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • Me to, and i hope it will come. Maybe SOON (TM)
  • What's the difference? They'll add it, then remove it citing nobody using it, then a year later they'll add an inferior version and slowly add features that the old version had anyway. Microsoft on mobile is like a blind man fumbling around in a room full of marbles. They have no idea what they're doing.
  • Did someone take their grumpy pills today?
  • No, I didn't need them because I adamantly supported Windows Phone for 5 straight years only to have Microsoft stumble around like a drunk in a mosh pit until they finally took their excellent mobile OS and turned it into a cheap Android knockoff with a half-baked Live Tile launcher that didn't even work as well as Windows Phone 7's did back in 2010. Only one party is responsible for making me and others become frustrated with Microsoft's ineptitude in mobile, and that's MICROSOFT. Nobody forced them to endlessly reboot. Nobody forced them to introduce and strip out features time and time again. Nobody forced them to ignore clear market trends. Nobody forced them to stop producing and promoting high end Windows Phones for almost 2 years while they focused on cheap junk. Nobody forced any of these things. They did it to themselves.
  • That is a beautiful and accurate analogy.
  • LOL - this is a perfect analogy!
  • I believe it means that the hooks will be available in the OS. For e.g. the OS will be able to support HCE. Making use of the functionality is a different matter. Will MSFT or anyone build the partnerships to allow the new "Tap-to-pay"? Samsung Pay support is really because Samsung has built patnerships with the credit card companies and the major banks. I would love to see a payment system that is available on Windows Mobile (or even the Band).
  • But if they were to do something like that, then make an app that could provide internet banking without the need for banks to build their apps.
  • Actually Samsung pay is using se as far as I could tell as thats why its pretty much US only
  • If only we can get some of these banking apps .... Like Chase
  • Tap to Pay is available on Windows 10 Mobile but no app uses it Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • That's because no apps exist to make use of it!!!
  • Link? RoJo Arlington, TX Waiting for 6.2" Surface Phone Pro
  • Like a year ago Microsoft was getting Microsoft Pay cleared with states. Idaho was the first to approve it. But that was a year ago. Havent heard a word on it sence. Of course I have heard that it will emulate a secure sim so phones wont need one to use it and it can put off the signals like SamsungPay so you can pay at legacy terminals. But until it comes out... I say it will also be able to make you money so you never need money again AND can microwave burritos!
  • Store reps have access to some of the same internal resources that developers and testers do. They can hear rumors through the grapevine, or directly from said testers or developers.
  • A MS Store rep told me that I could definitely NOT do Continuum wirelessly.
  • LOL
  • I heard the same, the reason it's been delayed is because what Microsoft was working with got bought by Google. That's why its been delayed.
  • The soft card purchased happen way before this
  • That has been said for over 2 yrs
  • My guess is it will be part off the RS2 update (Whatever the next update is after Anniversary/RS1) at the earliest.
  • Pay for stuff! Pay for stuff! Pay for stuff! =]~) Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Soon ™
  • But still no actual payment system. =(
  • That stinks. I just got an iPhone for work. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. But... I love the wallet and Fallout Shelter.
  • Why are people disliking the iPhone comment? The guy said he hates it! Chill people ~_~
  • /shrug. I too am curious what I said to p-off the hive. Oh well I guess. I would be more than happy to elaborate on what I said to those that don't agree, for whatever reason.....
  • Pay no mind... ;) Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • From where I'm looking, it looks like +13 at the moment.   Maybe there were some people who hate Fallout Shelter? :D 
  • Yeah, it was pretty low at first. Which, as I said, whatever. I wasn't even going to comment about it until someone did for me. I was honestly curious why.... But that was my amusing guess.... jealous that I get to play that. Haha. Seriously though, I hate my iPhone. I already put my sim back in my 950.
  • Imore crowd
  • Because a lot of Apple/Android fanboys roam this site. Whenever they see something that is negative towards their favorite they downvote. A few of those people do comment here, not many, but they are here, usually whining about "haters" who are so mean to Apple/Android, how they are just giving their opinion (but will do whatever they can to stop you from having yours), and just generally trying to disrupt the conversation. Meanwhile over on sites like iMore or Android Central it is like any other Apple/Android site, they are not very tolerant of other viewpoints, frequently have articles about how much better their favorite is than the competition, and even hire former Apple marketing execs (and I am not so sure of the former part) to write articles attacking the competiton. When was the last time you saw a negative article about Apple here on WinCentral? They even post links here back to iMore when Apple has a big announcement so that iMore will get some traffic (seriously, does anyone read that site), but when it is time for iMore to do the same, we know it will not happen. I use a number of Apple products. Just got a new Mac Pro today for dev work. While Windows is the OS I use daily and like so much better, I don't hate Apple's products. It is the fanboys that seriously turn me off them, and they are here, lurking, making sure they can do whatever they can to advance their cause. And Android fans are not much better.
  • Well, at least you can make lemonade... ;D Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • So I'm curious. I never had a working tap to pay system, but it def takes me longer to pull out my phone find and launch an app, than it does to pull out my wallet and credit card. Do you find it's faster for you personally to use tap to pay or do you ahve other factors that make you like it?
  • I have only used it twice since yesterday morning, and I went to stores that I know specifically use it, so I could use it. With that, I would say yes, I think it would be faster. I have the wallet just above the bottom bar on my home screen and it is super easy to launch and tap my thump for verification (iPhone home button). Less dealing with clerks as well, in the sense of handing and dealing with cards and pins. When we had it for WP I did use it quite a few times, but that app wasn't awesome so it locked up on me and I stopped using it because that was super embarrassing and annoying. So far with my iPhone, both times were fast and seamless. I really want one on WP. I think I would use it a lot.
  • When I had an Android phone, I found that it can be faster, provided the terminal is working properly and that the employee knew what was going on. I ran into quite a few retailers where the terminal was there, but tap-to-pay wasn't active, and employee ignorance of the system can hinder any support, as they don't even know what you are trying to do. I'm still so used to just swiping a card, and I always carry my wallet (as I need to carry a drivers license), so I never found it all that convenient. When it does work as intended, you don't need to have an app open, just tap-to-pay and the phone opens Android pay and asks for your authentication (pin or thumbprint or whatever). I don't find it widely accepted enough yet to replace a real credit/debit card.
  • Ok, there's my failure in the logic, I was unaware you don't have to launch the app. Yeah it would certainly be faster as long as everything is functioning. Cool, now I can't wait for it, even though, like you, I have to carry a wallet anyway.
  • I was of your opinion when I tried it on WP, the short time it was available. With the system Windows Phone had, where you had to unlock the phone, start the app, enter a pin, approve the purchase... Yes it was slower. I use Android Pay wherever I can now though because there's no need to unlock the phone and open an app, I just put it on the credit card reader and it brings it up. I do have to unlock at that point, but since I have a pattern unlock it's quicker and easier than a PIN (I think there's a setting there to remove the need to unlock as well though). Also with so many stores and restaurants having digital coupons these days, I often have my phone out anyway, so it's a lot easier to not also take out the wallet. Moreover, with the chip credit cards the transaction actually takes longer than it does to tap to pay with Android Pay. I get bummed out now when I go to stores that don't have Tap to pay. I hope Microsoft figures something out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have to agree although personally I'm waiting for Android Pay. Fallout Shelter is awesome though.
  • I want something like Microsoft pay. Most of the merchants in India use windows PCs so we can just scan the barcode on the screen and just type in the pass to pay the amount displayed on the screen after scanning so no need to have NFC ir something like that
  • I don't think that would happen. Majority of retail shops use windows 98 or xp with custom software in it. Also the EFTPOS used in India don't even have nfc built in. And for mobile payment why would a company invest for embedding microsoft pay having less than 1% market share
  • All Microsoft would have to do is make it like Android Pay, wherever contactless payments are supported you can use it
  • I just want the ability to redeem MS currency added back
  • Just redeem your codes in the Store app. Not the best solution but it's there. Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • I actually did not know that was there. Thank you
  • Nice to see that they haven't given up on this. Maybe Terry Myerson is right in that the phones shouldn't receive a push this year- as long as they're moving along at a good pace with improving the OS to be as full fledged as possible, the hardware can then follow suit in 2017.
  • Regardless of what Terry Myerson says, his boss Satya Nadella said to Mary Jo Foley (who recently dumped Windows phone), "How are you doing with your Android phone?"
  • Mary Jo doesn't do preview builds. Verizon is her main issue. She would do AT&T and get a 950, but according to her the signal is not good at all where she is in NY.
  • No, wrong.  
  • Wrong what? That is exactly what Mary Jo has said.
  • That's funny. I just switched to Verizon from AT&T out here on Long Island (Western Nassau, just over the Queens (NYC) border) and I am having all types of problems with Verizon and lack of coverage. Never had an issue with AT&T. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Paul told Mary to try again and it seems that she is not having it.
  • New York State is Verizon territory. Not only is Verizon based in NYC but they are today what used to be NYNEX. The northeast US was their only operating region meaning they've had an extensive network here from the beginning. Far longer than todays at&t, sprint, and tmobile.
  • And what does that have to do with anything?
  • Well, he could have asked her what could Microsoft do to bring her back to Windows Phone. Instead he asked her how were the Microsoft services on Android, and what could be improved in them.
  • I think it's clear to Nadella that Windows 10 Mobile has some catching up to do. I don't think Nadella needs MJF to tell him what she needs to come back. It's probably better business to let her go for the time being, keep her interested in the company, then ask her back once he things the OS is able to keep her/match her expectations.
  • Many like Android for whatever reason. At this point, it's better for MS to focus on improving their services everywhere, rather than hold out on users to try to manipulate them to use ALL MS services. Besides that, it might seem pushy if he tried to convince her to come back after she just left.
  • Microsoft is everywhere you need to be... Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • This app is still worthless
  • But will it finally be able to open .pkpass-files? The Wallet app in 8.1 had that ability for a while, and two weeks later they removed it in an update.
  • It was supposed to be there from the beginning in mw10 builds. Can't say ive been able to try it as an old expedia file I had got corrupted & nyfries fry society is either encrypting their file or hiding it via ua string
  • I wait for camera revamped...
  • I'm waiting for "Windows Pay" like Apple has and Android
  • Since Google killed Android Pay on rooted phones (i.e made it more hassle than it's worth), I've had to stop using it. :(
  • That have a nexus? I think Samsung is still in the game =[ Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • I find Android Pay more useful than any features available with root, so I just didn't bother rooting my phone. I use Android Pay on a weekly basis. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • Useless still if u can't tap to pay...thats the primary use of a Wallet
  • Not useless. I disagree. Never use tap to pay...never will. But use loyalty cards and library card frequently Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • >Never use tap to pay...never will Weird.
  • Why is that weird? I find it takes longer to pull out my phone, launch an app than it does to pull out my wallet and grab my card.
  • Exactly
  • It's actually pretty quick to hold out my wrist and pay using my watch - I don't need to dig around in my handbag/purse at all .. 
  • Not sure how relevant a wallet app is if you can't use it to pay for something.
  • You can store your loyalty cards in it instead of carrying all of them in, you know..your wallet.
  • Also used to store & display airline boarding passes.
  • No mention of Microsoft Pay... No one is going to bother with the new Wallet app if they can't actually use it for tap-to-pay and online payments like Apple Pay. C'mon Microsoft, you've had plenty of time to negotiate deals by now, let's get the ball rolling.
  • Never use pay with phone...never will. But use loyalty cards and membership cards on a regular basis. This is a great update. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • I'm not saying it's a bad update, but tap-to-pay is pretty much a standard feature that we're still missing.
  • Ok
  • Chef, loyalty cards and vouchers are for blue rinsed old ladies. Real men use tap to pay, you know, to pay for beer as fast as possible ;)
  • Thanks for the insult.
    I don't drink beer.
    A chip card is more secure than mobile payment from my understanding
    Not all devices have NFC (i.e. Mine)
    ...shall I say more?
  • I'm curious, how is a chip card more secure? Apple Pay's biometric one-time authentication token and authorization that can be remotely revoked by the user that doesn't store the card number on the face of the device sounds far more secure to me. And if Microsoft follows Apple Pay's EXCELLENT implementation of mobile payments: Non-NFC devices (Like the iPad) can still benefit from using their cards and/or bank accounts to pay without ever having to enter the info on the site, protected by their PIN and/or fingerprint. It's basically like in-app purchases, but for all the things. Apple Pay is honestly awesome, I want it for my Lumia 950 XL.
  • I also use wallet for my library cards, movie tickets, passes for concerts and airline it's still not useless without tap to pay.
    On security...I take my financial institutions word for it.
  • Fair enough. Not useless, no. My apologies for going to extremes in my original comment. But the fact of the matter is that this is a feature many smartphone users are extremely interested in, and it's still not much of a wallet if it can't really do anything in regards to money. When I think of a wallet, I think of a place to keep my ID, gift cards, loyalty cards, credit card, debit card and cash. I'm not familiar with people who keep their loyalty cards and money in separate wallets... So it's more like a passbook than a wallet, if anything. I wouldn't really consider it a wallet app until I can actually use it to pay.
  • "On security...I take my financial institutions word for it." I'm still curious: Why is this the case that a chip card more secure than a service like Apple Pay?
  • I switched from the hot mess that is windows 10 mobile a while back - I have to say Apple Pay is really nice, especially combined with with watch. I don't need to dig around in my handbag at all for most of the stores I use.  Even the supermarket lets me use it in lieu of a swipe, then prompts me for my PIN -  I don't see how hard this is to implement in windows and why it's taken so long to do. Honestly. Apple Pay alone will keep me from ever switching back to MS mobile until they get thier act together and implement something similar .. but I honestly doubt they ever will - Windows 10 mobile looks like it's NOT aimed at consumers at all. It's aimed squarely at business and MS has all but admitted they missed this wave and is waiting for the next one .. whatever that might be,
  • Defector! I'm joking, glad it works for you
  • Lol.
  • Cause ap has been cracked
  • Ok???
  • It would truly be a "wallet" for me if the apps I download to use with Wallet App only shows up within the wallet app.  The worse is having your app list cluttered with all the merchant apps you use to populate your wallet with.
  • Very nice
  • The ability to pay with the app is what's needed.
  • ....take away FM Radio, and update Wallet. <Insert Joker laugh here>
  • why not having both, why taking away something users have never complained about (FM) radio? 
  • Because there is tons of them on the windows store, it promotes those apps and means MS doesnt need to maintain it, just go download a 3rd party app.. the tiny things this community turns into drama.
  • Are any of them good? I tried one but it was slow, harder to use, had ads, and it didn't even tune any stations.
  • If you can't pay or receive money what's the use? Why call it a wallet if it can't hold money?
  • MS concentrating on makeup instead of addressing the issues users have raised!!!!!!????? wonder!
  • Yep they haven't released any builds to increase stability or add features. Totally.
  • Still a useless and neglected piece of crap. Lumia 920 was one of the EARLY phones to have NFC and windows phone did nothing with it. And to make matters worse, they had no way to do a pin reset. How can you report on this without tearing them a new one - for just total neglect of core services.
  • Actually the last batch of wp7.x nokia devices had NFC
  • I don't think these guys uses Windows phones as their daily drivers, those windows phones that we see them holding are just for windows dressing only, for the cameras.  they are concentrating on cosmetics that are useless to those users who use windows phones as their daily drivers
  • Well their fearless leader does use an iPhone Pro so....... :)
  • I hope it displays your Microsoft account monies like in WP8.1. Saves having to log in the account online all the time.
  • Not exactly a game changer. It's welcome the wallet will have the features it used to have 5 years ago. It's also welcome it can do some of the things Apple did a couple of years ago and Nokia pioneered with NFC and some feature phones 10 years ago.  
  • EXACTLY. I'm sick and ******* tired of Microsoft touting the "introduction" of features we had YEARS ago until they stupidly took them away.
  • This was a US only thing right ?
  • so a first party qr reader again? what else?
  • Unless they give us the ability to pay with nfc, it will always remain as a useless feature of windows
  • Yes you still can't pay using the app.  But in order to do so you need to get buy in from quite a few other companies out there to get this to work - credit card companies, banks, processors, etc.... They did for apple - because hey its apple.  I'm sure Microsoft is continuing discussions with these groups to get it working on our phones, but its going to take time obviously.  Look at that plastc electric credit card - they've been arguing with processors and banks to allow them to just turn on the damn chip built into the card for chip payment processing with zero success.
  • Nothing revolutionary or barely anything they are working so hard while apple is in 2050
  • wow, the app will actually have a few useful features! Now get payment system like Samsung Pay going. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would really love to finally be able to make payments via the Wallet! I'm sick (and jealous) of seeing people using their Android phones to pay for stuff.
  • Being that windows mobile is in such a small state, support for apple pay and google pay should be included.
  • Can't polish a ****.
  • I think I had too much internet today
  • Is it possible to add debit card now?
  • Guessing it'll break the link timmyme has yet again then they finally give up. Time to buy a carrier locked classic
  • It might be soon for ms pay. When publishing an app, one of the capabilities you can set is hce
  • YES!!!!
  • Even if it comes they don't have much option unless they allow you to add bank accounts and debit cards at least in india
  • I hope they finally enable an NFC payment system that does not rely on carriers.
  • I don't understand what this app is for if you can't add loyalty cards.
  • Even if it was great at handling gift cards, that would be something to set it apart from anyone else.