Take a peek inside Nokia’s recently renovated headquarters

If you’re running Windows Phone you’ve got few choices for OEMs. HTC, Samsung, and Nokia are the big three that make devices, but Nokia easily controls both the marketshare and mindshare when it comes to Windows Phone. So there’s quite a few of you out there rocking Nokia devices and you might be curious where they get made. That place, Nokia’s headquarters in Finland, recently received a remodel. Let’s check out some pics and learn about the process.

Nokia House, aka the Nokia head office, is located near Espoo, Finland. This is the same headquarters the company sold for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, but leased back to remain there. It’s here where a lot of products you use and love are conceived. We hear quite a bit happens at Nokia San Diego in terms of hardware, but it’s the Nokia House that embodies everything that is Nokia.

Over at the official Nokia Ääni blog we get an inside look at some of the updated interiors and the thoughts behind building work space for a company like Nokia. Below is another shot of the interior, you’ll want to hit up the source to look at the others.

So what goes into redesigning a place like this? Here’s what the Nokia employee in charge of the facilities has to say about it:

“The new facilities aimed at improving the work-life balance, communication and work efficiency. If the company is to constantly innovate new, need to provide workers with such facilities, in which productive work is successful.”

You can certainly get a sense of what Nokia is doing with their internal space. While this isn’t going to directly impact you today, it’s within these walls that devices you love and use daily are created.

Source: Nokia

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Sam Sabri