Tampermonkey, a popular userscript manager, is now available as a preview extension for Microsoft Edge. As noted by the official Microsoft Edge Dev account on Twitter, the add-on isn't yet in the Windows Store Extensions collection because of its preview nature, but it should see a full release "soon."

Tampermonkey extension now available in preview for Microsoft Edge

Here's a brief overview of what Tampermonkey can currently do in Microsoft Edge:

  • manage and edit all your userscripts
  • enable and disable your scripts with 2 clicks
  • all GM_* functions including (GM_registerMenuCommand, GM_getResourceText, GM_getResourceURL, GM_notification)
  • full unsafeWindow access
  • settings and script export and import functionality incl. cloud storage support (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox)

If you're unfamiliar with userscripts, they're essentially browser add-ons that let you change what a website does when loading. Userscript managers, like Tampermonkey, simply allow you to install, update and remove userscripts.

If you're interested in checking out the Tampermonkey preview extension for Edge, you can grab it now from the Windows Store. Just keep in mind that this is a preview and there will be bugs.

Download Tampermonkey for Microsoft Edge from the Windows Store