Tango v1.1 in Marketplace; updated for Samsung Omnia7 & Focus

Tango, which was released last week, has now been updated to version 1.1.  The only change to the video chat app is the addition of support for the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, which previously had issues running it.  A Samsung-branded iteration of Tango, also labeled v1.1 made a brief appearance in the Marketplace, but has since disappeared.

Samsung owners, rejoice, and get your chat on here.

Thanks for the tip, Dmitry!

Seth Brodeur
  • Wow, that has been confusing. Why didn't they just stick with one and fix that instead of coming out with Samsung and HTC versions.
  • So I should uninstall my samsung version and install the original now?
  • Only if you're a Focus/Omnia owner--they couldn't use their camera at all, this should fix that. Otherwise, if you're Focus S/Flash, no need to "update" as you won't get anything.
  • Hmm.. Samsung Focus S user here. The initial version worked, but even with the new version, I can't get some of my contacts to show even tho I know they have Tango...my girlfriend is an unfortunate example :\Bei337WPwallpaper.com - Amazing WP7 wallpapers a scan away!
  • I dunno, I couldn't get any outgoing OR incoming video even on the Samsung-specific version. I did notice that the update was available in my Marketplace tile and I let the update run. I guess I'll try it later when I'm in an area where I can get 3G. I'm not holding my breath that the video will work, though.
  • Video works for me on the Focus now :)