Tap Tap Glider, an endless flier game for Windows Phone

Tap Tap Glider is a nicely drawn up endless runner styled game that has you piloting a paper airplane through a maze of obstacles.

Controls are minimal and game play has its moments. Tap Tap Glider plays out like Line Birds or, dare I say, Flappy Bird and is an enjoyable time killer of a game. Available for low-memory devices, Tap Tap Glider could use a few more features but as is, the game is an appealing addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Simply layout, simple controls, challenging game

Tap Tap Glider has a straightforward main menu with options to mute the sound and music in the upper right corner along with options to jump into the game or view the tutorial (how-to play) screens just below.

The game does have four different colored airplanes to fly that are progressively unlocked based on the distance you travel. It gives the game a little variety but I couldn't help but think more choices could have been available (e.g. flying tiger pattern, red baron paint job, etc.)

Controls are equally straightforward with Tap Tap Glider. The game starts with your airplane resting on a desktop. Tap the screen to launch the plane and tap the screen again for the plane to ascend upwards. Release the screen and your plane descends.

You will find a collection of hanging plants, lights, stacks of books, coffee cups and other items that you have to fly over or beneath. Additionally, the game has bubbles scattered about the flight course that can be collected that will launch a plane's special ability when the left side of the screen is tapped.

As with most endless runner styled games, the further you travel the more challenging the game becomes.

Overall Impression

Tap Tap Glider is an entertaining gaming title for Windows Phone that isn't a bad option to consider when you have a few minutes to burn. I think the key to success is finding the right spot on the screen to tap where you finger doesn't get in the way.

Tap Tap Glider is ad-supported with a banner ad that sits at the bottom of the screen. The game does generate an annoying full-screen ad from time to time that I could live without.

While the game does grow on you, it could use a few more features to keep things from growing stale too quickly. Better options for the paper airplanes for starters would be nice. Something more than just a color change to spruce things up. Would bonus rockets that would destroy everything in your path be too much?

All in all, Tap Tap Glider is a fun time killer of a game that has potential. It is available for 512MB devices and if you are hunting for a casual gaming title to add to your Windows Phone game library, it's worth a try.

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George Ponder

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