Microsoft wants your feedback on how to improve Windows 10 PC gaming

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NVIDIA RTX 2080 Demo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Ever since the Xbox One launched in 2013, the gaming division has closely been listening to the feedback and implementing changes. This process will continue in the future for the next-generation of machines, but it looks like "Team Xbox" also wants to know how Microsoft can improve Windows 10.

Today, the company posted a request on Twitter which asked gamers to discuss how Windows 10 can be improved to better accommodate playing. If you want a feature or are frustrated with some issue, make your voice heard. The company is taking requests right now via its UserVoice page.

Team Xbox would love to hear how you'd like to see gaming on Windows improved. How can Windows 10 enhance your gaming experience? What features would you like added or changed to make gaming on Windows 10 even better? Create suggestions, vote for suggestions, and leave comments below!

  • What do you want Windows to do — or stop doing — while you're playing a game?
  • What can Windows do to optimize your gaming experience?
  • What other gaming features would you like to see?

There will be a collection phase, followed by a voting phase to see which ideas are the most popular. After that, it seems like the developers will work on implementing those changes. You can submit your ideas here.

Gaming on Windows 10: UserVoice

What changes would you like to see? After submitting your feedback, be sure to let us know in the comments too. I imagine a lot of requests will center around the Windows Store.

Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Well, they can start by releasing Windows Store Exclusive titles as well as normal titles on steam.
    Everyone just wants a centralised store experience. What's better than using the store that is well established and reliable.
  • Or how about open store API so that all stores can share all the content from each other.
    Imagine if we had the Windows Store, with a games listed from Valve's Steam library, or EA's Origin content in the same place, amongst all the Windows Store titles, either automatic or via linked accounts.
    The same could be said for EA and Microsoft putting their titles into Steam etc. That way we can all benefit from where ever the games come from instead of having to pick and mix from different stores. If Gabe wasn't so much of a hater for Windows 8.x, we probably could have had Steam as a backend for the Windows store by now... maybe.
    Personally, I use Steam, it provides more than just games. It's the whole package, be it trading cards, the steam workshop, cloud saves, discussions, community screenshots etc. Something no store, yet, comes even close to providing, and that's why I'll stick with Steam for my DRM.
  • And the benefits?
    If you are a console gamer, most likely you are not a pc gamer. MS has XPA and xCloud, the hybrid streaming for Windows PC (for Intel base or ARM cpu) and phones, is coming. A Xbox owner who owns low specs PC/NB or small size WoA advice can run computation cheaper games natively using XPA, or, they can run computation expensive games through xCloud. If you own Alienwares like me, you can continue most of you AAA XPA game sessions natively. Phone OS? No running game natively using XPA or utilize the hybrid streaming thing. You can still game to some extend, but better choice MS's offering. Gamepad gaming on the bus or in the coffee shop? Is advertisement. Media will report it too. Those people who do Xbox-gaming on-the-go will help bringing their friends into the ecosystem. Don't forgot, Xbox is now a win10 runs UWP. The infra gives you BC, FC, XPA and free unlimited storage cross-platform cloud save. legacy exe installer and old API isn't the future of IT and def not in MS's interest, online resources for programmers will shift, and... IOT, AR, MR, Xbox and ARM base PCs/NBs... legacy installers? note: xCloud will help pushing XPA adaption, especially in indie game space.
    And about the gaming market share. In US, console digital > console package. And Console > mobile > PC.
    And in EU, it's console > pc > mobile.
  • Sure, let Steam be a monopoly.
  • I submitted that I want older games to work on Windows 10, like Xbox and Xbox 360 games. (Forza, Halo, you get the idea.) I also want to see Xbox Play Anywhere expanded. I also think the Game Bar should behave like Xbox's UI, with all those same functions.
  • Xbox mode. Restart your PC into a mode that turns it into a pseudo-Xbox.
  • This. We need the Xbox dashboard... and maybe bring the Xbox 360 backward compatibility to the PC too, would be nice.
  • Awesome idea. Make it faster though. Right now it is the speed of the 360 to pop up. We need XB1 speed!
  • Considering the fact that the Xbox One dashboard basically screams touch interface, this seems like a no brainer.
  • +1000
    With WCore, the desktop UI and the XBO UI should be able to coexist on the same device !
  • Xbox UI is literally a Windows 10 Re skin
  • Not really, even if it's derived from W10 (like W10M was)
    But wcos could make it a reality, and therefore allow having multiple UIs on the same device.
    That would be great for gaming (UI desktop + console), convertibles (UI desktop + tablet), mobile (UI desktop for a continuum-like feature)...
  • but then you will still have to deal with pc issues. devs and MS won't be able to recreate your environment easily for debugging.
    Your issue, is your issue. With Xbox, one user's issue, is everyone's issue. MS, devs, users, everyone on the planet MUST use the very same HW components, OS version, driver version with no user tampering, else, wrists the point? Might as well just game on a pc named Xbox in the living room. Why fan of different gpu makers fighting each other over which $700 card has more issues? Cause those cards never scored a 100 in their QA tests? Or, is it because lab environment with controlled factors != real environment?
  • Excellent points that PC gamers never bring up. It's much easier to develop games for a console where the hardware/software specs are exactly the same. Compared to PC where you have thousands of different possible configurations of hardware/software.
  • This would not he a bad idea at all. Also include all games install elsewhere so we could just start those games from there if possible.
  • The hell with streaming from my Xbox, let me play my Xbox games on my PC as well as my Xbox. So yes emulation or the like, but not the Xbox interface (it is clunky complex garbage) or maybe a streamlined gaming only focused version
  • Make all games available on PC including the new game streaming service releasing this year
  • Fire Nnutella immediately. Beyond me why they are relying to censor that, but its ridiculous.
  • Are you still on the beating of this dead horse? They aren't going to fire someone who is printing them money.
  • This! ^. Agreed totally.
  • No one cares about your uninformed, stupid, racist criticism.
  • I don't think racism has anything to do with him wanting the current prez to be fired.
  • Have to agree. Criticizing Nadella has nothing to do with race. "Buffoon" Ballmer has received more criticism than any CEO on this site, and I don't hear any crying foul there. And frankly the Ballmer criticism is far more caustic and unreasonable. The guy at least pretended to care about the developer community. Anybody remember his "developers! developers! developers!" chant. While I'm no fan of the "Nnutella" moniker, that seems like a cheap shot, @missionsparta has a right to wish for Nadella's departure, if for no other reason than Nadella's complete disconnect from the cares/needs of developers. It's that very disconnect that's led to the crappy MS Store experience we see today, a store which almost everyone agrees upon stinks of rot and neglect.
  • The renewed focus on Xbox, streaming and windows store integration is happening under his watch. Also he is making them tons of money and he is considered by many to be a great leader. But yeah Windows phone is dead so deep deep bitterness right?
  • Wish Microsoft would focus on Fixing up the Windows User Experience rather than burning cycles on something that already performs very well under the hood.
  • I remember well Windows Phone User Experience!
  • Rather than? This is the Xbox team though. Do you even know what you are talking about?
  • An actual GAME MODE which is almost same as Windows 10 OS on XBOX with slightly customized UI overlay for Keyboard and Mouse.
  • All they have to do is stop the cheaters. A better DRM would allow focus for game companies to worry about the things that matter. PC gaming right now is a mess with script users, ESP, it needs to stop.
  • "I imagine a lot of requests will center around the Windows Store."
    ... Called Microsoft Store 😏
  • They can start by hiring a proper QA team for each division.
  • A much better Store, but Phil already promised that. I hope it gets a complete overhaul.
    Don't want all those small Candy Crush mobile apps mixed with quality Xbox games.
  • Expand the Game Pass titles playable on PC!!
  • Press and hold the Eject, Sync and Power button on the console until you see a black boot screen. Choose to reset the console to factory settings. From here you can choose to keep games and apps or full reset.