Teardown offers tantalizing look inside the Surface Studio

Surface Studio
Surface Studio (Image credit: Windows Central)

The team over at iFixit is at it again, this time giving us a tantalizing glimpse at the insides of the Surface Studio. Overall, things are much as you'd expect if you've seen the Surface Studio's spec sheet. However, the iFixit team did stumble onto a couple of surprises worth noting.

Surface Studio Teardown

Among the most interesting bits to come out of the teardown is that the Surface Studio packs an ARM processor behind the display. According to The Verge, the ARM chip is there to help power the PixelSense display, but it's definitely an interesting inclusion considering the Surface Studio relies on an Intel chip to power the rest of its functions.

As for iFixit's usual repairability scale, the Surface Studio scores a 5 out of 10. While you can fairly easily replace and upgrade the hybrid drive, Microsoft has soldered the RAM, CPU and GPU to the motherboard.

We're still waiting on a Surface Studio to arrive, and we'll have plenty of coverage when it does. However, we likely won't be tearing it apart to prod around its insides, so its worth checking out iFixit's full teardown for more.

See Surface Studio teardown at iFixit

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  • Why would you tear this down? I almost cried
  • 'cause **** happens!
  • The Arms are there to hold up the screen. Isn't it obvious?
  • *applause*
  • It was a good study to have. Ifixit is having a great reputation for this kind of unique article.
  • Have they done the Surface 2? I have one with a broken screen and I'd like to see how hard it is to replace it.
  • Why haven't iFixit torn down hp elite x3?
  • Yep. Interested to see that too, but there is a teardown guide on HP's site. So far even the water test videos are few. I have seen only two of those.
  • I am glad to hear that it won't be too hard to swap out the hard drive.  My wife is a photograph and pre-ordered the mid-range Studio on day 1, but the 1 TB hard drive has her a bit concerned that it might not be enough.  Once we see much more affordable 2 TB SSDs, I think we may be making that swap.
  • Is it better to just plug 1 into USB 3.0 port?
  • I don't fully understand how the catalogs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop work, but my wife has always been hesitant to keep the catalogs on a USB drive, instead of the onboard storage, so a larger internal drive is preferred.
  • Do you get funny looks going out to dinner with a photograph?
  • Ha!  Nice catch!    
  • I'm wondering if she has a photogenic memory. LOL
  • Lol
  • "My wife is a photograph" Find her in a magazine? (I know, it was just a funny typo)
  • Don't feel bad; I have many girlfriends who are photographs.
  • Now time to connect that monitor to a real monster PC workstation!
  • I need a new monitor as my old 21" packed up, I am thinking 24" at 1080 or go bigger, a 27" at 1440.
    I have the computer monitor on my coffee table, (a small table near my chair) all input devices are wireless.
    I was thinking of a 27" NVidia G-sync, 1ms response @ 1440 costing about $900.00
    But after seen the Surface Studio, I would pay $1500.00 for just the screen.