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What you need to know

  • Telegram has been updated to version 8.0.
  • The update adds support for unlimited viewers of live streams.
  • More animated emojis, new forwarding options, and a handful of other features also ship with the update.

Telegram just received an update to version 8.0. The update brings support for live streams without a cap for the number of viewers, an option to hide a sender's name from media when forwarding it, and an improved sticker panel.

Telegram was already one of the most popular messaging apps available but gained more users when people started looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. It's also gained more features that make it more like a social media network, such as live streaming.

The makers of Telegram previously added support for group video calls. The app has since expanded to support live streams as well. You can begin a live stream within a video chat in a group. Removing the viewer cap for these streams effectively expands the broadcast capability to an unlimited number of people. The previous limit for these types of streams was 1,000 people.

Forwarding messages now has more options on Telegram. You can hide a sender's name or captions on a media message. You can also deselect messages to make sure you only share what you'd like.

One-to-many channels within Telegram allow individuals to send messages and content out to a large number of subscribers. Now, people can scroll through channels they follow without having to jump to the app's chat list. Once you reach the end of a channel's new content, you can pull up to jump to the next unread channel.

Telegram also added support for trending stickers with the update to version 8.0. This feature helps you find stickers that are popular and topical. In another sticker-related feature, Telegram can now show a status of "choosing a sticker" at the top of the screen. Similar to a status that lets people know that you're typing, this new feature shows that you're browsing through stickers.

If you're in a channel with a lot of people or messages, it's easy to lose track of what you've missed. A new feature within Telegram shows you how many unread comments there are within a channel.

Lastly, Telegram added several animated emojis, including a person knitting, a blooming flower, and a high five.

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Telegram is a popular messaging and communication app that's available on all major platforms. Its latest update removes the cap for live stream viewers.