Telerik Controls

The Telerik team, the brains behind the popular developer tools for Windows Phone and other platforms, has announced push notification support for Windows Phone. Every feature supported by the Windows Phone OS is now implemented in Everlive, enabling developers to take full advantage of the functionality in Microsoft's mobile platform, while being able to fully support iOS and Android.

Because all this is included in the cloud service, there's no requirement to set up custom web servers externally since Everlive carries everything out in the cloud, which is handy for developers. With the SDK, those who are developing apps can get started with notifications without knowing the specifics. Carrying on the Telerik tradition in being efficient, yet user-friendly.

The native SDK for Windows Phone comes in two versions - one for Windows Phone 7.x and the other for Windows Phone 8. We've not covered everything, so be sure to head on over to the Telerik Blog to read the full article for screenshots and helpful information. If you utilise Everlive and RadControls, we're sure this improvement will be of some use to you.

Source: Telerik