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Telling a tale of superb Microsoft customer service

No-one ever talks about great customer service. As someone who spent a past life working in retail, I'm only too aware of this. Not once would you hear of one of your customers seeking out the manager to praise your efforts, no matter how much you had done. But should a customer be unhappy, well, everyone heard about it. That seems to be the way, regardless of the company. "Oh, xxx company is terrible, worst service ever." Perhaps because we're usually calling for help when something bad has happened, or we're in a fix we just can't get out of.

So I want to talk about the good. I want to speak a little about how the UK Microsoft Surface support team gave excellent service and helped me out when all I saw was an expensive bill headed my way. My Surface Pro 3 got a cracked screen.

The backstory first on the damage, since it's no doubt a question people will ask. I'm pretty protective of expensive pieces of equipment like the Surface Pro 3. When you're spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on a device, why wouldn't you be? It's never been dropped, it lives in a drawer overnight with nothing on top of it and if it leaves the house it's in a pretty well-padded protective sleeve. So imagine my horror when I pull it out of the drawer, and there's a network of fine cracks across the display.

As it happens, something may have swelled inside pushing up on the glass. The cracks all originate at the hole at the top where the front microphone sits, and since there was no sign of impact damage anywhere on the tablet it seems like a plausible explanation. But I'm still expecting a bill.

So I'm extremely happy when the Surface team not only takes my word for the damage but agrees without a second thought that it can be swapped under the warranty and would send one out straight away. All I have to do is package up the damaged one and send it back. No drama. No having to drive 90 minutes each way to a store to see someone, but the earliest booking is in a week's time (ahem). Just a pleasant conversation with an extremely helpful outcome.

So, thanks to Microsoft for having superb customer service. It was my first experience dealing with them directly, and it's the right impression to walk away with. The Microsoft Store isn't that big in the UK yet, and there are no physical locations at all, but I'd certainly like to see it grow. The range of devices on offer here doesn't come close to rivalling the U.S. equivalent, but I'll be going there first in the future, just in case.

Good customer service matters.

My poor Surface Pro 3, in case you were curious

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • I've had nothing but great customer service from the Microsoft Store at the Christiana Mall in Delaware.
  • I had a really bad customer service experience with Sony Tablet, so moved to a Surface RT. I had an issue with a series download from Xbox Video. I contacted MS online and it was resolved in less than a minute. Excellent customer service in my experience :-)
  • Sony fixed my out-of-warranty VAIO laptop's busted GPU at no cost whatsoever. They sent a box through UPS, I placed the thing inside the box and they shipped it to Germany where they fixed it. They returned it along with a complimentary wipe cloth and an apology letter. But then again, it was one of those models with a known factory defect.
  • Had similar issue with Xperia s tablet, headphone jack, known problem, same grey/blue screen cleaner!
  • Sony have the worst customer service, no wonder they had to sell off the VAIO brand.
  • They did the same thing when I had a problem watching Skyfall through Xbox Video, they refunded it and let me keep the movie as well.
  • Wish there was a Microsoft store where I live.
  • They are just in US of A and Canada. Maybe one in Puerto Rico.
  • There is one here in Puerto Rico. Excellent service I can say.
  • I feel that all existing Nokia priority stores in India or any other country is going to be Microsoft store for near time in future..... Hope they will also provide the kind of service described by Richard here.....
  • I don't think they will be like that.
    But surely want em to be like that.
  • near future? I doubt it. Most people who use nokia phones or for that matter the general public wouldnt even know that MS has taken over Nokia. Because of the cheap labour most get their phone fixed and not replaced. In that case all the millions having a nokia phone would need service for sometime to come and it may not be in MS's interest to spend all that money to change over all existing care points if Windows Lumia phones would not have a major market compared to the Nokias.  
  • Seriously...... If Microsoft could just get marketing right then they would be just fine...
  • Well I have got 3 Nokia Care Centres and 2 Nokia Priorities within a 2 km distance from my house and they're just awesome. If they could just change the hoardings it would be enough.
    But it's Microsoft..... SMDH
  • Att 1520 denim update is live people
  • Is it Mr. PHD....?
  • Hi aman
  • LOL Also available in India, great, no more AT&T/Wen India comments. That's about 90% I reckon hehehe
  • *SMDH*
  • Same here in both Houston,TX  and  Oak Brook, IL. The quality of service is SOOOO fantastic i always tell people who are looking for new tech to go straight to the Microsoft Store. EVERY SINGLE TIME i go they practically bend over backwards to help us and make us feel welcomed at the store.
  • I have to disagree about the Oak Brook, Il store. My experience differs from yours. I've found the staff inexperienced and often unwelcoming. I've had one great experience there however, when a staff member gave me a book about Windows 8 when it first came out. It is a stark difference between the MS and Apple stores.
  • I did not even know DE had a Microsoft store. Now I want to head to Christiana
  • Cool story bro. Loved it :)
  • Ended without any terrible part. Every story has one. This story is a hoax. :P
    Richard do ye even use it that often..?
  • Yeah, that's cause we Indians are not used to great service like this.
  • Not that Sumair but it seems all nice nice story. Maybe Richard broke his SP3 and Microsoft agreed to do it for free in return for a story..!!
  • Oooh, that'd be low.
  • Ohh got it, haha. One never knows what happened ;)
  • JK.
  • I get great service at Hooters...
  • Oh that service is amazing! zero complaints from this guy
  • ....
  • What's wrong with ur name bru..!
  • Nothing...why?
  • they have great wings!
  • I prefer the breast.
  • GG
  • The MS store has the best service I've seen. They deserve more than Lumia 900's
  • Totally agree! I live in Hong Kong. The charger for my SP3 was not working. After registering the problem online, I got a call from US right away. And they agreed to send me a new one with almost no question asked. It is delievered to my home within 24 hours. This is shockingly fast!!!
  • Wow, didn't know that they support out of US.
  • Hard to believe.
  • Agree
  • The chargers are probably made in Hong Kong.
  • In Vietnam.
  • Yeah. Likewise their twitter service is a great thing! :D
  • Twitter doesn't belong to MS
  • I am pretty sure  Victoroos means the support they give through their twitter accounts.
  • Oh ok
  • The LumiaHelp account has helped me many times, so I can vouch for them as well.
  • Same in Atlanta and the Lenox MS store. I had my Surface Pro 3 replaced no issues shortly after I first got it. The metal on the thin side of the USB port dented, making the port unusable. They replaced it right there at the store, and I walked out with the problem solved in less than 30 minutes.
  • I recently had a Surface 2 charger die on me and when I contacted surface support they sent me a new one, no questions asked. I didn't expect it to be as easy as it was and the guy I chatted with was extremely nice and professional.
  • I had a simillar experience with my Surface Pro when my screen cracked a few weeks after I had bought it, was able to swap for a new one at the store without even having to wait for a mailed replacement to arrive.
  • That's great! It didn't go that well for me. My surface 2 was on my bed with the kick stand out and someone accidentally say on it and bent the kick stand. I called Microsoft and they said $300 for a new surface. All I needed was a kick stand, it could of been like $5 for a new one. I only had it for a week and got it on the Microsoft store online.
  • more kickstand..should have blamed manufacturing defect
  • WHAT!  They didn't replace the device YOU carelessly DESTROYED with a new one?!?! Color me shocked!  Seriously, in what world could, would and should that kind of stupid mistreatment be rewarded?
  • Yes you are right it was my fault BUT they should have a kickstand that you can buy for like $5-$10 its held on by 2 screws like come on.
  • the part probably comes bundled with the back case. It may not have a separate part number thus cannot be sold separately.
  • It could be but it seems it would be a seperate part number.
  • Should've looked online for an OEM kickstand
  • I couldn't find one, all I could find was forum posts about it.
  • Check on some Surface 2 covers that have stands built into them.    The damage might prohibit putting a cover on it but i have a cover of my Surface Pro that is "like" an Otter box cover and comes with a stand that is pretty good.  Sorry for your bad luck...
  • Thumbs up! Be sure to show your appreciation on their Facebook page as well...
  • Maybe your profile on Windows Central helped a bit. Just saying.
  • I doubt it. I'm new here remember ;)
  • LOL thats a good observation, who says the biggest software company doesn't know about its possible critical customers beforehand
  • That's the nsa's job
  • I have always had great customer service from them.   That being said I think they need to streamline their exchange process a bit. I am talking about when you are exchanging a recently bought device for another brand new one, not the one where you do a warranty replacement.   The warranty replacement is fast and straightforward.   The exchange (recently bought devices exchanged for a brand new one) took me over two weeks to complete and I was out of a device to work on for the entire time. In this area Amazon is still the king.
  • AI received great customer service from Microsoft when my Surface RT adaptor stopped charging my surface. They were very prompt in sending out a replacement charger for free to replace the broken unit. The same could also be said for the Windows Phone team when I had trouble downloading a TV episode. (The download failed part way and my phone just kept filling up with useless data). Just a quick chat session on the website and I was up and running again in no time.
  • Yes, Microsoft has superb customer service, I bought a Lumia 930 three months ago, and I got the green spot on the screen near the shutter button, like a lot of people. Nobody wants to take care of my phone now, so I guess I'll throw it in the garbage, 5 star customer service.
  • the care point denied you service?
  • I had a chat with Microsoft customer service and they sent me to SBE Canada, they denied the service.
  • I live in Finland. I can't win a legal case against Microsoft or MS Mobile Oy. There's no word to describe. ..just come and live here. Never expect to be the same again.
  • What are you talking about?
  • I have had issues with my Xbox in the past (twice). And when I phone Microsoft, all I have to do is ship the Xbox. UPS comes and gets it at my home, brings it to Germany where it is fixed and returns it by UPS to my home adress, at no charge at all. Talk about service. No other company has ever had such excellent service.
  • Good that you had no charges, but collect repair return leaves you without device for a period. I prefer advance exchange, normally next day and quite a lot of companies provide this on products costing less than xbox. So I disagree with your last sentence.
  • Amazon's replacement service is pretty darn good, just make sure you send back your old faulty device lol otherwise you will get charged for the replacement :P.
  • In Canada all they do is diagnose then swap with a refirb(which sometimes isn't any better then the original unit) & a 3 month gold card
  • MS does offer advance replacement on surface pro 2, at least, as an option in the US. I had an issue where my SP2 started to fail POST, I believe, and I was worried I might be my fault some how, so I opted out, but turns out it would have been fine. In my case I instead shipped Th unit out first. think it was about a week total turnaround just dropping off my SP2 at FedEx with just an RMA#, letting them package It for free.
    In a separate incident, I also Had an inital defect in the charger that came with my docking station that I didn't report until I'd had it almost a year, and they just sent a replacement on request. Not just the charger but the whole $200 docking station with no hassle, no need to send back the defective unit.
    Should also perhaps mention I did not have Microsoft Complete, but both devices were still within first year warranty (and who else give a full year warranty on accessories?)
  • I've had great MS service support online. I've had terrible service at the Minneapolis Microsoft brick and mortar store. I was ready to buy SP3 to replace my SP1. I bought nothing due to the "service" of two reps. Customer service is important to me.
  • So a Windows centric writer breaks his tablet and Microsoft replaces it no questions asked :p
  • Believe it or not, we can't just all walk into stores and be recognized ;)
  • @Daniel_Rubino:
    Actually Richard would have a hard time walking into a Microsoft (brick+mortar) store, since there are none in the UK. ^.^
    That is actually the only bad thing I can say about their service...
  • Was it Tom Warren who got himself a NEW iPhone 6+ after the phone bent in his pocket? Would be related if Microsoft kept similar tabs, and I would not be skeptical if B&M support were better. Nothing like driving 140 miles to a retail store only to drive 140 miles back with an unresolved defect.
  • @Yazen:
    No, it was Dan Seifert.
    But this was obviously an exception to the rule of lousy Apple service, probably because #Bendgate caught so much media attention.
    When I had an iPhone I had very poor service encounters with Apple.
    Calling their service-hotline was always a more than rushed experience (although they somewhat helped me, it always felt like they just wanted to get rid of me, a stark contrast to my experience with Microsoft's hotline).
    And when the Home button on my iPhone was mashed (just around the two-year-milestone) all I was offered at the local Apple store was a less than mentionable discount on a refurbished iPhone.
  • Stupid comment system does not accept the full link!
    After the last "/" it should read: my-name-is-dan-and-i-had-a-bent-iphone
  • Microsoft has such a great supporting services both online and offline. Last 4 years ago, I got my new laptop (Acer Aspire 4740g) with genuine Windows 7 Home Premium license. But when I format and reinstall it, the license can't apply in this laptop. So, I decided to contact Microsoft. Support is great. And I surely recommend to other people about this. Another situation, Twitter service. Microsoft's employees that works for Microsoft Help Thailand account (with verified icon) is really really good. Good news, they followed me on Twitter. :-)
  • It sounds like the service I get when I buy from John Lewis in the UK. I don't even think whether its a few pounds cheaper or more expensive there, I go there because they step up with great customer service and give you a solution without interrogating you or making you feel like you're trying to cheat them. I just cba with the aggro, inconvenience and ill feeling most others give you when you contact them for help with a broken product. I am looking forward to Microsoft opening UK stores if they can ever escape from their US only mindset long enough to realise they have customers here too.
  • How to contact Microsoft online???
  • Just visit help or contact section in .. (:
  • Get help with Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, Skype, IE! You can have them call you or chat online. It's gotten me out of a lotta jams.
  • I will never buy another device (computer, tablet, phone, console) unless it's from the Microsoft Store.
  • I've certainly had my issues with Microsoft products, but I've always received excellent service.
  • I wish my experience was the same as yours. Went to Chandler, AZ store with broken 928. I was willing to pay for repair, but they didn't even know what to do with it. Phone is out of warranty and all web site says is that 'third parties may be able to repair your device". They had no idea who to go to. The free Coke was nice.
  • It's the 3rd time in a row that I have to bring my Lumia 535 back for repair. great service..(at least in Hungary)
  • Microsoft Store service is fantastic!
  • Nice to get great service, it can be a rare find these days. To those with idiot comments, i hope your shat breaks and they tell you to shove the product where the sun don't shine. Then a polite " Thank you for shopping at Where ever."
  • I had an issue with my Xbox 360 once. Called customer support and they said that the issue is not because of a fault in the product but still they offered an replacement without asking. Two years after expiry of warrantee!
    On top of that I got refreshed warrantee on the replaced product! This was in India
  • Great..(:
  • I've had nothing but great experiences with them. When I ordered my Xbox one there was a problem with the shipping...not all of my purchased items were in the package.
    Not only did Microsoft send me the missing items quickly but they also tossed in a 20$ Xbox store credit and when the package arrived they surprised me with a wireless display adapter free of charge along with what I had purchased.
  • A friend of mine somehow bricked his Surface RT. He lives in Greece, he got in touch with Microsoft US but before he could proceed, I advised him to check with Microsoft UK. So he did. Not only did they agree to replace his device for free and pay for all shipping costs, all that was done while the warranty was expired.. At least, that's what he said..
  • "I'm pretty protective of expensive pieces of equipment like the Surface Pro 3" Well, with a premium product like the SP3, MS Complete Care seems to be de rigueur! So, while I can also praise Microsoft Store Support, I think Richard has been testing his luck here...
  • I don't think uk has that package. That and I didn't buy it originally from Microsoft.
  • It's called Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface and I got it from the MS Store in France along with my SP3 and you could also have bought it from the UK there: And you may get it as an option when you buy a Surface (any one of them I believe) from the MS Store or something like 45 days after your purchase whether you bought it from MS or not. It's just getting harder to find on the website afterwards...
  • It says "Valid for Surface and Surface 2". Nowhere does it say anythink about Surface Pro 3?
  • Make a simulation and try to buy a SP3, it will then be proposed as an option... I checked it out for the UK store before posting my preview comment. ;) The page needs to be updated but it is valid for all Surfaces nonetheless.
  • Ah... A shame they don't comunicate clearly - But thanks for the clarification!
  • Here is a shout-out to my man Casey at the Portland/Yamhill MS store. He is the best!! I personally love the customer experience I get there at that MS store, really classy. 
  • They know who you are Richard. They take care of their own! But I have had positive and negative experience
  • Same story.
    I broke my glass on L1020 that I bought at att store. Microsoft store in West Farm mall (CT) replaced it for $100, since u hadn't bought it there. It was cheaper than replacing glass.
    The replacement developed a camera focus issue. They checked it, confirmed the issue and gave me a new phone right away, at no cost.
  • If their service is that good, I hope MS store in my country sells and take care of hardware as well, they only sells Office suit and Windows. Getting your Lumia to be fixed here is a tough task since Nokia Care Center sucks. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've had great service from the Toronto Yorkdale location everytime. Just a couple of weeks ago I went in to have my touch keyboard replaced for my Surface RT which was all frayed and splitting. They don't have touch keyboards anymore but although it was out of warranty they gave me full credit towards the tactile keyboard and I paid the difference. Unlike crApple, my $500 iPod (at the time) got the white screen of death basically the day after the extended warranty expired, they said the best they could do was give me 10% discount on a new iPod. I walked straight to my phone provider and switched from my iPhone 3GS to my first Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7, threw the iPod in the desk drawer when I got home and never looked at Apple products again.
  • Well I can't say the same for my experience, if you can call it that.. I placed an order for a few Surface 2s when they were reduced and not long after that I get an email they needed additional information. Provided what they needed from me and later get an email stating they were cancelled in error!.. No chance to re-order via the rep, as she tells me to keep checking online and re-order that way.... how very helpful lol. Now my siblings bought ipads instead...
  • Just had a very positive outcome for my mum's Lumia 1020 which had been freezing incessantly.
    I uploaded a video of the problem to Youtube, which was picked up by a guy who works at Nokia in Finland. He asked for further details - and then gave those details directly to the UK care team who not only arranged an instant replacement, but also sent a free Fitbit Flex to compensate for the hassle.
    (admittedly, this does come after a week of writing no end of comments on one of the Microsoft forums...but regardless, the CS since it was picked up by Possuka in Finland has been superb :)!)
  • I can personally attest to this: The Microsoft Stores have the BEST customer service, period. Never have I gotten better customer service than these fine locations.
  • Richard can you say about fate of existing Nokia priority stores will they be Microsoft stores in future...
    Will love to hear from/an article about this on windows central...
  • i love th windows phone service. nobody gives an appointment except nokia now Microsoft
  • Or, they knew of the design flaw that cracked the screen; offered a replacement. Nothing too special about a company sweeping a design flaw under the rug. That said, I've pretty much always have had good experiences with Microsoft's customer service.
  • I have multiple stories with similar results with Microsoft store over the years. Great stuff.
  • I'm glad you had good service. Personally, the service I've had at the Portland store has been medicore to poor. I've been given wrong information and been talked down to multiple times. I'm sort of done with that store. Now, the keosk at Washington Square... That place is amazing. They are knowledgeable, nice, and pretty much everything Apple isn't.
  • Went to the Portland store last year while visiting there with my daughter. Im pretty sure the salesman who was helping my daughter look at tablets had had a few nips during his lunch break. Dude reeked of cheap booze....
  • I'll second the great customer service in the UK. Had faulty charger for SP3. Got new one very fast, little questioning. Didn't even have to wait on phone. Called me back. Would buy direct from Microsoft for sure.
  • Highly recommend: Get help with Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, Skype, IE! You can have them call you or chat online. It's gotten me out of a lotta jams.
  • I work at the Microsoft Store in Destiny USA and seeing this article is awesome!
  • What store is that in the picture? It has the same layout as our store which is very new and not common yet.
  • Las Vegas. Only one I've ever been to!
  • The layout is the same as the San Francisco store I think
    The San Diego one is the best one I've been to though :P
  • The home button on my SP3 quit working and I contacted Microsoft customer support and within 3 days they had a new one shipped out to me under warranty. I was very impressed....
  • On MS Store I've never bought anything in there and so I would't need have the support from there But I asked for help a couple of times I can't remember why the first time but I do know that it did not helped. Second time I contacted MS support was because of a problem that the mail app was not syncing on any of my devices (PC->Mail App (W8.1), Surface->Mail App (W10), Lumia 920->Mail App) but I was able to access to the email via website, so I checked the the services status, everything was up and running OK. So I thought maybe W10 messed up my account I will reach out MS at this point. After 30 minutes I got an answer on live chat (I'm from portugal and it was close to midnight), I explained carefully and mentioning more then once that none of my devices were syncing and if I went to accounts on my phone it the Microsoft Account is with status "Atention Needed" and if I tryed to force sync the app and error was presented to me 0x(idk the code) and since the only device that gave an error code was my phone I gave the error to the support A couple minutes alter I was told that it was a problem with my phone and I needed to contact Windows Phone specific Tech Support from 09:00AM to 06:00PM  Pissed of I wished good night to the Tech guy with good manners of course and went to bed... All I know is that the next day all my devices were Syncing again. I don't know what the hell appened I tryed a lot of things used my Home Internet, Phone's 3G and 4G connection allways an error so isnt my devices. With MS at least in Portugal I only have bad experiences fortunately was only twice and they got solved anyway just not by MS tech support
  • Indeed, MS has the best customer service I have ever experienced. When I first moved to WP8 when I first got my Lumia 920 early 2013, I had an error not allowing me to download apps from the store (family settings, I think it is removed now). I hit window and went to live chat support, they directed me with the right person to deal with this issue and they went with me thoroughly by each step until the problem was solved.
    Another amazing experience I had was in Egypt (I am in the UK now). When Nokia care points in Egypt (and elsewhere obviously) moved to be under MS, the customer care service improved exponentially. After some time after the deal of D&S was finalised, My sister's Lumia 820 got dropped which resulted in a cracked screen (the phone was beyond warranty already). The Ms staff were very friendly and the experience was amicable and my sis got a coloud headset for free, not to mention the bill was very reasonable (less than third party shops!!!!!!!). I fixed another phone with cracked screen at the (now Ms) still called Nokia care point and I got the same amazing experience and a free Nokia 105.
    Few years earlier, I had to fix my Nokia n82 after I dropped it quite forcefully on concrete. The experience was nowhere near that and I had to pay a fortune.
    In comparison to MS (Nokia) care points, my friends (one in Egypt and the other in Saudi Arabia) with cracked screen Samsungs had awful experience equally in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and they had to pay 1/2 of the price of the phones when it was new(which are already old, galaxy note 2).
    MS has the best customer care globally, no doubt about it. I think it's an organization culture thing.
  • My first surface the one with windows RT the touch screen started freeking out so I took it to the Microsoft store in Tysons Corner Va. They looked at it and we wiped it and they gave me a new one on the spot I was up and running a few hours later after reinstalling everthing. Great service and the way Windows 8 stores all your settings in the cloud made it even better.
  • Never had an issue with their Customer Support. When the Surface PRO 1 was still all the rage and not available in my Country for like the next 6 Months I decided to purchase it from the US and, using a Shipping Company, have it delivered to me. Obviously it wasn't per default possible to do this using the Shop System alone so the moment I had that annoying "Do you need Help with what you're looking at PopUp" Popping Up I took the chance to talk to a Support Guy. A little bit of forwarding me around to the proper department and I had a successful purchase. 2 Weeks later I was holding a Surface PRO Gen1 in my hand :D Same experience when I bought a US 12Month Membership for my XBox One because here you could only get a per month subscription. They simply disabled the purchased one and installed a free 12 Month one that worked in my Location. Had an issue with my XBox Music Account - Fixed it. Needed a different Power Supply for a Day One XBox One I purchased 1+ year after Day One happened - They delivered it.   The only HATE I have towards either them or Nokia is their policy of a Phone needing 3 Repair Attempts in order to be qualified for a replacement.
    With my Lumia 1520 being plagued by a Bug that causes the Music to stop at random intervals I'm now in the 3rd Month to get through this and I'm about done with this shit. With Apple at least they'd send you a new Phone and if they found you caused the problem with the one you had to send in they'd charge you the Replacement - Which never happened.
  • I've had a particularly bad experience with Microsofts customer service in the UK. The power button on my Lumia 1320 jammed. I took the shell off to release the button and it cracked the back of the shell. Contacted support and after speaking to a few supervisors and a manager, to take them to court or take my business elsewhere. Not very happy bearing in mind I have 5~ windows phones...
    And yeah, after months of following this site, finally joined to comment on this one article :)
  • I've been reading these forums for a long time, but only registered to comment after reading this article. ​I am a Microsoft fan. My wife has a Lumia 800 and I have a Lumia 1520. I have a laptop running 8.1 rather than a mac book and my son now had my Halo edition 360 (5th xbox 360 - rrod) as I have t the xbox one. This comment is regarding my recent warranty claim on my Surface 2. ​ Less than 1 year old and the battery has packed in. I contacted MS and they swiftly sent me details to pack it off to them. It was rejected due to a slight bend in the kick stand that happened 2 months after I got it. To me, this is ridiculous. I asked if a car warranty is invalid should there be a dent in the wing to which Dean from customer services said 'I don't know, I'm not a car salesman' Furious. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • I always try to reward those who provide great customer service.  If not monetarily, at least with recognition of a job well done! One time my family and I were having dinner at a Red Robin. Our waitress was WAY on top of things. Never a glass went empty. Never a need to hunt her down when we needed something. Very friendly and personable. When we were paying our bill, we asked if we could speak to a manager. A look of horror came across her face. She left. The manager came over and we explained to him how she provided us with such great service. As we were leaving, we watched as the manager walked over to her to explain what was going on.  It was an awesome sight to see the smile on her face as she realized she did nothing wrong and we were simply speaking to the manager to praise her! We aren't loaded, but IIRC, she got a pretty hefty tip that night too!
  • The Puerto Rico store is exellent!, every time I hade a problem with my laptop. They gladly helped me. MICROSOFT ROCKS!
  • I've only had great experiences at a Microsoft store. I had my speakers not work, my phone stuck in headphones mode - and Microsoft always replaces without a question. They've made me loyal.
  • Credit where credit is due.  The most amazing customer service ive ever had was Logitech, breathtaking to be honest.  The next best is Microsoft.  Im in the UK and complained about a fault 11 months after purchase, I was offered a full refund.  I declined and fixed the issue.  3 months AFTER WARRANTY EXPIRED the charging cable refused to do its thing, a five minute call and they sent me a free charging unit!  They wrote off a billion worth of Surface stock so they can sure as hell deliver above expectation on the customer service front, long may it continue :) Oh its a Surface Pro 2
  • Had exactly the same experience with a problem on my Surface RT. Yes, that original dream of a tablet.
  • Too baccho aaj aapne kya seekha..? (Hari n Abhishek can understand this).. (;
  • Can only tell good things about Microsoft customer service.
    Had a problem once where my Windows Phone didn't sync pictures to the PC anymore.
    Contacted them online and the very nice support employee offered to call me back. He willingly invested all the time it needed to find a workaround (about 2 or 3 hours), although he suspected it be a problem with the Windows (on my PC), which actually would have required me calling Microsoft's (a little bit) pricy tech-hotline.
    But I even remember a better experience some years ago.
    Bought a Microsoft Desktop-Set (wireless mouse and keyboard) on ebay.
    After I dropped the mouse it didn't work anymore. I called them to ask for repair and the representative told me the product line (the most advanced one) had been discontinued. He told me I could chose from any available ones and though I picked the most expensive one, they shipped it to me without charging anything, although the loss was my fault and I only asked for repair.
    Talk about hassle-free service... ;-)
  • customer service is great where i bought a laptop and lumia 635 for my wife...
  • You can not be serious. This is what they are suppose to do.
  • The best customer service I've had was dealing with Microsoft. I was trying to get my Kinect fix. It took about 30 minutes, because I couldn't remember the zip code for my cooperate card, and there were a lot other hoops to jumped through, but the guy got everything complete. I told him it the best experience I've ever had, and he asked if I would tell his manager, which I did. The manager didn't seem to care. I would say that their customer service, on the phone and in their stores have been fantastic everytime I've dealt with them.
  • outch, poor surface !!!!!
  • Microsofts model to drive customer satisfaction and how it affects employee reviews is what's behind the high positive experience. It has it's issues, but it's impactful overall. New units when they are created (like the retail stores) may be slow to get this tied to them, but when MS is a company and about driving up customer interest, they know one good experience can turn into 10 new customers down the road. It's in their best interest to keep customer satisfaction high.
  • Back in December i had a perplexing experience at one of the Microsoft stores up here in Canada.  I bought a Lumia 635 as a back up phone on a second line. Being familiar with the os since i have been using WP  for a few years i changed the region/language to USA in order to be able to use Cortana. Much to my surprise that was not bearing any results. I went back to the store and i had to go trough 4 staffers before i could find one that knew anything about WP and Cortana. Now i understand that it was during the Holidays Season and that there might have been some greenhorns on board in that store. They were all relatively young. They were very polite but admitted that they had very little knowledge if any of WP so they kept passing me to someone else until i found a young woman that could help me with my problem. It turned out she told me that for some unknowed reason to her that you have sometimes to go trough the change of region 2-3-4 times before it finally work. Sure enough after her second try (+ mine) Cortana was on board. During the whole time that i was in the store interacting with the reps i was baffled by the fact that i was in a Microsoft store and that only one out of the 4 did know anything about WP. I never let them know what was running trough my mind. There was no point in it. Did they ever have any training? Microsoft has a serious uphill battle in front of them if they want to get anywhere in the mobile world.
  • There are several settings which each have to be changed to the region/language you want, and after each change you have to reboot the phone, then move onto the next setting.
  • Thanks for your time Zybch.I know how to set up Cortana, thank you. The point i was trying to make here is that out of 4  Microsoft store employes only one know their product. (WP).
  • Only experience ive had was with xbox support which if you have a retailer extended warranty good luck getting a "letter of exchange" the reps. Dont have clue it has to be escalated. The quality of the refirbs their cdn. Contractor(a former rim contractor in Mexico) sends out arnt the best the last s refirb I received wasnt properly sealed on the bottom & fans make weird noises occasionally
  • I've had mixed experiences at the MS store in freehold. First off, pretty much they are always high pressure with upselling or extras.   I'd be extremely surprised if they weren't on commision or got bonus's for sales.  And that's fine, but if you are a good sales person, it's not so blatent. Then i got a ton of misinformation about the MS band around christmas time, starting with them putting me on a waiting list that doesn't exist, got worse from there. Probably bought half a dozen expensive things there and a bunch of little things.   Every minor purchase was much easier.
  • I wrote a similar story in the forums awhile back.  My coworker bought a Surface machine at Best Buy.  No warranty.  Nothing.  A couple of weeks later, he stepped out of his car and his Surface fell out and hit the concrete below right on the edge.  Of course, the screen shattered.  A brand new device ruined. So he goes to the Microsoft Store.  He didn't buy the machine there.  However, they helped him out by allowing him to buy a warranty even though it was after the fact and it was coming from Best Buy.  So rather than having to buy a new machine, he only had to pay a small replacement fee.  He just buys from that store now because of how they took care of him and was nice about it.
  • I can honestly tell you that the quality of service i have received from MS in there Downers Grove IL store is probably the WORST i have ever had as a customer at any one time, and i had to deal with comcast before. First I am squerly in MS camp, i have WinPhone starting from WinMo, Surface RT, Surface Pro 3, and an Ultimate MSDN subscription as i am a .NET developer. 1. I had returned the MS Band back to the store on gift receipt (the band was very uncofterable to me) and received a MS gift card.  When later on i tried to use the set gift card at the online store i was told that "The gift card is only good in the physical store" (Are they for real?????) When i complied about this to a manager at the store her response was: "We are new to the retail business and still trying to figure this out" WOW really so MS a technology company can't figure out how to connect two POS systems while Target can? 2. I dropped my surface 3 and cracked the screen. I have the i7 256 version.  When i came in to the store to see what they could do at first the employeethere was like ohh yahh no problem we can replace your tablet for a new one.  Then when they found out that it's the i7 256 model the response was. "Ohh no sorry we only fix the i3 and i5 in the store, for i7 you have to mail them out for service".  SO let me get this straight I as a customer who buys the MORE EXPENSIVE products from MS get's punished with a 12 day shipping turnaround time for waranty.  So if only i had spent less money on your company i would get better service?!?!?!  Having to do the repair online i was once again unable to use the "IN STORE ONLY" gift card i have from complaint number 1. With service like this we are doomed to always be second rate to Target, never mind something as consumer oriented as iSheep. My 2 cents.</end rant>
  • Not to burst your bubble Richard, but this particular incident is most likely caused by a KNOWN design/component failure, the tech support staff made aware of it and instructed to take back the faulty devices with as little resistance as possible.  Now its still very good customer support, but its not because MS are better than others, but rather to limit their liability and negative stories about their FLAGSHIP surface device. You can find hundreds of stories about people with the SAME screen cracking around the mic.  Its a known design flaw.  MS should be applauded for making it as friction free to fix as possible, but the SP3 should never have been shipped with the design that would cause this to happen. MS are just doing what EVERY company SHOULD do but usually don't.  When its apparent it was their fault, they make it as easy as possible for the affected users to have repairs or replacements as quickly as possible. Now its one hell of a lot better than apple's response to the 'always just out of warranty' Time Capsule failures, also precipitated by a KNOWN design flaw (the power supply being filled with silicone gunk and lack of adequate cooling).  Eventually they capitulated and offered some kind of recompence but by that time most affected ppl had thrown out their TCs and blindly bought new ones (which also died within 18 months), so it cost apple very little (and yet the appletards still patted apple on the back fo fixing a problem that was 100% caused by their stupid function-follows-form dictate.  The same one that caused them to recently agree to repair macbooks with the screen issue (also caused by overheating due to insuficient airflow in their products - see a pattern?) and isn't it funny that apple once again waited YEARS to 'acknowledge' the flaw by which time very few original purchasers would still have their faulty machines.  Its a win-win for apple.  They are seen as 'caring' about their customers, but it cost them like 5% of what it would have if they just acknowledged the problem as soon as people started to experience it, or actually followed good design rules and made products that were capable of staying within safe thermal ranges instead of cramming hot chips into hopelessly inadequate enclosures.
  • I had two amazing experiences from the Edmonton MS store.  I totally screwed up my SP3 and it wouldn't boot.  Brought it to the store and they instantly brought out a brand new on for me.  Then I told them I bought a non-365 Office license and installed it on that SP3.  They called the right departments within MS and had my license transferred to my new SP3, even though those licenses aren't supposed to transfer to other computers. Then I dropped a mug onto my type cover.  The shift key was sticky and not working well.  I brought it in and told them exactly what happened.  They grabbed the same type cover off the shelf and took mine and said "there you go".  I said, "do you need my receipt?" and they said, "nope.  That's just how we roll here!"  So I literally walked in and out with a brand new SP3 type cover in under 90 seconds.  NEVER did I experience anything close to this at the Genius bar. 
  • Cool!! :)
  • I agree with the article, whilst I've only ever dealt with ms customer service online or on the phone I've always found them helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.
    Though I've never thought about it until this article I really wish other customer services were as good, having dealt with a few nightmare ones recently.
  • That's what I like to hear from people,Microsoft is a very good place to get new technology,and friendly staff.
  • I bought my Lumia 830 at the Microsoft Store in Paramus, NJ. They were great about everything!
  • Glad to hear of your experience, but I have one MAJOR gripe with the MS online store: They don't let you use Microsoft Store gift cards online. You have to go into a brick and mortar store to use them. So now I have$250 worth of gift cards I can't use until I find the time to drive 90 mins to the closest physical store. I can think of no reasonable explanation for why this would be. It's one company, I should be able to apply them to an online purchase...
  • I also had a very good experience with MS support
  • Microsoft Customer Support is Great....
  • I agree. MS has great customer service. Sony? I was a loyal customer to the brand however despite the interesting material they put out I'm just reminded of the worst support experience and I would never return to Sony.
  • The tablet/ultrabook drawer almost as tacky as dogs and cats in sweaters. :p
  • When ever I experience great service I will tell the reps, and always seek out whom ever is is charge and let them know. This started years ago when my ex-in-laws were on vacation and had a problem with there cellphone. They called us from their sisters house and for almost an hour I tried helping their technology inept self's with the problem. They were stupid, but they fallowed directions well so that helped immensely. However, I gave up and called a local VZW store from where they were staying. The rep did a 3 way call and he too tried helping them for very close to an hour but figured there wasn't nothing else he could do. So he took his level of help to a level I never expected from VZW and he drove to where they were staying (I secretly was hoping he was an ax murderer, but nope he was just a very nice and helpful guy). Anyways he brought them a replacement device and then sat there and transferred all the contracts manually and all their pictures and all other pertinent information. He was extremely helpful and as soon as I found out that he did not end up killing them, much to my dismay, I called VZW and gave them his information and told them how grateful we were that there were people that worked for them that would go this far out of their way to help a customer, and not expect anything in return. So I'm sorry Steve from Fairland IN, if instead of being accommodated, they actually fired you... Now if you were not fired, and if there is a next time that you receive a call from me about some inept fools having problems with their phone, take an ax or chainsaw and actually finish the job!
  • Unfortunately, not all Microsoft Customer Support is such sweetness and light. It all started quite well a year ago.  I live in Beijing where Surfaces Pro 2s were not generally available at the time.  So a friend in Silicon Valley - a senior Microsoft manager, in fact - purchased a unit from the Microsoft store and sent it to me in Beijing.  When the unit arrived the keyboard cover was faulty - sometime it would work, sometimes it didn't.  I called Microsoft China Customer Support and they swapped it for another unit all inside 72 hours.  I was impressed. Then, just a few months ago, my SP2 died - still under warranty protection.  It didn't matter what I did, it wouldn't turn on.  So I called the exact same MIcrosoft China Customer Support line in Beijing who had been so helpful before.  "Our policy has changed". I was told.  Now I would have to return the Surface to California if I wanted it repaired.  As anyone living in China will tell you, doing that is a nightmare of filling out export control and customs forms.  Not worth the effort. To do my presentations I went back to my old Macbook Air.  Microsoft lost a customer and every time I do a presentation, Apple's logo is there for everyone to see. Surface is an excellent device for those of us who travel a lot.  But if you can't trust the service, it's not fit-for-purpose.
  • Why don't you call the U.S. Microsoft number 1-800-Microsoft and talk to a tech see what they can do for you. Or call the MS store, here in U.S. And see what they can offer you. Don't give up so easily, just cuz 1 place tells you 1 thing. You can also call Your local MS, and ask for a supervisor/manager. They have more authorities than regular workers. You have many options in front of you still. Also you can use FedEx or UPS shipping directly to MS here in U.S. For repairs or even exchange. I'm sure MS will do anything to help you, even if china does not, since you bought it here. Make the call here to U.S. and see what they can do for you.
  • Chineese sellers are so cheaters. Almost all of them, except for the official stores of the manufacturers. I hear that they'll force you a fixed price much higher from the retail price with such of additional crappy stuffs when you buy gadgets (e.g. Root or jailbreak, screen protectors, cases, and others). They will honeydick you such as of false things like your device might not able to access App Store if you don't jailbreak it or the device glass behind the screen is so weak it needs a screen protection and other things. And you'll not able to disagree unless you give up to buy the device. Be smart when buying device within the Chineese market because you might be fooled or counterfeits by fakes and you might not get your money back. Always buy at a resonable price and trustworthy official stores. PS: Police is also aware on this issue and it appears that they are payed to not respond on this issues on reports.
  • I've never been to a retail location. But their customer service from their online store is quite superb. Fixed my surface rt when it was bricked (after warranty expired), got coupon when an order was late, and I wasnt even complaining to get it I just asked where the order was and they apologized and gave a coupon. Pretty good dealings every time.
  • Awesome. They bend over backwards for their customers. I'm sooooooo pleased with their unbelievable CS. CrApple can kiss my AS*. Friend of mine worked for CrApple's tech center, and was told, he and others MUST purposely break incoming laptops, iJUNK,.....for repair so badly, that the customer is forced to buy a new MacCrap or another iJUNK. He broke couple of prods, and felt so guilty, he quit, and told his boss,bits wrong and its not moral, what CrApple is doing to these iSHEEP ppl. This is how CrApple is getting ahead, by EVIL way of practice.
  • Richard, Thanx for a bit of uplift. As one who loves to chew on bad service I also know a simple thank you along with a handshake goes a very long way.
  • I agree. Good customer service matters a lot.I've had experiences when I needed help from Microsoft and it was a good experience.
  • Instead of just slamming down the phone after talking to a customer care employee.A thank you and appreciation are not only a sign of good manners but is also an obligation.
  • I had a similarly great experience when the headphone port on my surface rt stopped working. No spanish inquisition, I got my replacement couriered the following day and the online help rep emailed me about three or four times off her own back to make sure id recieved the replacement and that i wasnt having problems areanging collection for my busted one! Kudos microsoft uk! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • BEST CS in the world. They took my broken 1520 that I bought elsewhere, and gave me a brand new 1520 in its replacement. I could not be any happier with MS store CS in our town. I will not buy anything from anywhere else, unless MS store does not have it or carries it. LOVE YOU MS STORE. please do NOT ever change, and keep up this unbelievable CS you offer to your customers. Just WOW. :)
  • we dont even have a microsoft store let alone getting a customer service experience :P
  • MS has Store Online. you will get the same GREAT experiance on the phn or online store, as MS store loactions. 
  • try you will get the same GREAT customer service as a retail stores. you are in good hand no matter what. 
  • from the picture, i have to say, that's MS store in Vegas. I think i recognize one of the staff, that is super nice and helpful, when i was there. I could be wrong, but i think that's Vegas store. 
  • the picture above is the MS store in Las Vegas. I recognize the staff with blue shirt with is hand up behind his neck. He is a GREAT staff and super nice. I really had a GREAT experience with this AWESOME Vegas Store/staff. I wish it was 3 times the size, since CrApple is at other end of this mall, with a huge store. This mall gets lots of tourists and should be 3X the size to please all those foreign visitors. Its just not big enough. Hope they make it really BIG. 
  • I think Microsoft has the best customer service than others. Online or even instores. Since they're having a greater approach for mobile first cloud first service for all platform, that the new MS is now selling consumer electronics products (Surface, MS Lumia, Xbox One, MS Band and others ) and online service and softwares (Office, MSN, Cortana, Bing and others) One time I had to have a live chat with Xbox Live support for some help. and it feels good to ask help from the company, represented by humans. They speak humans, it feels like your asking foryour friend that is so good in computers for help. They have that amazing approach when they're helping you, very strategical, and in-process. At the end of the chat, I have my question solved or let's just say that I know what to do to fix it, and with all surprise, it says that he will be coming home tonight with it's smile on it's heads because it knew that it helped someone (I use it because I don't remember it's gender or even the qagent's name) It just feels good to hear something like that, I think we both made our day. It just feels so human
  • Sorry but I had a terrible service with my Surface. It had to be sent back 5 times for repair and each reconditioned one was faulty. I asked to speak to someone higher and told I couldn't.
    In the end.i was stuck with a Surface device which had perm maker on it which was there when I got it from MS.
    I gave up and will never buy a surface again.
  • This is great. My job is solely focused around customer service so to know there is people out there that still give a damn when we do good is awesome! 
  • The Microsoft Store provides support that will meet or beat anyone else's.  I had an Asus Zenbook that ended up having some sort of issue with the motherboard. I had purchased it at the Microsoft Store at Oakbrook Terrace near Chicago. They tried to repair the system but when that failed they actually let me upgrade to an Acer S7 that was more expensive without charging me anything and they also gave me a free copy of Office Professional.  They went far above and beyond what they needed to do for me and earned a loyal customer. I shop at Apple as well, and I know that Apple has excellent customer support, but honestly Microsoft went far beyond any expectation that I would ever have.
  • Folks, Thanks for sharing your positive experiences! Peter
    Sorry I'm not talking about UK stores but MICROSOFT'S Online International Customer Service.
    If you can bear with me a moment I'd like to share with fellow users of this operating system the appalling experience I encounter when trying to set up my Microsoft Account on my new device. I bought a new HTC WP 8s A620e from TAIWAN. This device didn't come with the necessary code to activate my MICROSOFT ACCOUNT on this device, no worries I went online and found THE MICROSOFT PAGE which acknowledged this very problem. The solution being simply contact Microsoft and they would supply the necessary code. WELL you can guess what happened next the MICROSOFT INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP people new nothing about such a code and referred me to the manufacturer, indeed they hah never heard of HTC. FRUSTRATED BUT DETERMINED, I contacted HTC who, you guessed it they referred me to MICROSOFT. after both trying online and by Landline without success to speak with anyone at REDMOND. ( Callers outside the US are unable to contact MICROSOFT at Redmond), I thought well I tried and having spent 4 days at this task gave up. A couple of days later I contacted HTC in TAIWAN by phone and thanks to them alone, they were able to contact MICROSOFT CUSTOMER SERVICE in REDMOND, and get the required activation code for my MICROSOFT ACCOUNT. The code worked and finally my little phone was up and running perfectly. I later joined the development program and updated the device to WP 8.1 update which includes CORTANA and other DENIM updates. AS a current user of ANDROID and IOS, I must say that I'm impressed with the windows phone platform especially with the update on my little device from WP 8.0 to WP 8.1, I'm using my HTC WP 8s, on. A regular daily basis now in preference to my iPhone 4s, HTC M7, and HTC One Max. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY commentators have rubbished the WP Platform in the past and sadly continue to do so. Here in Sydney AUSTRALIA, The biggest telco Australia wide is called TELSTRA and whilst they stock and sell MICROSOFT handsets the sales staff don't promote them.
  • I always had great experience with Microsoft Suppprt. Once, a lady gave me 1200 Microsoft Points for losing a song on Xbox Musoc worth €1.29. Another time a guy gave me 400 microsoft points for co-operatimg while it was my fault on that case. Not even speakimg about the free stuff, they are always helpful and kind.
  • Had a similar experience with the author. I live in Malaysia, using Surface RT (bought in US). I dropped my Surface RT and cracked the screen. Since there is no Windows Store here, I call Customer Service just to enquire where I can have it fixed. To my surprise the agent said to pack it, and wait for a courier to pick it up. They exchanged my Surface RT with a new one, all within 3 days... A very good customer service by Microsoft.
  • MS swapped out my SP1 for brand new sp3. I bought additional MS complete for only $250 which included the keyboard and sleeve :)
  • So how did they lose a customer, you never bought your SP2 ;)
  • Glad to hear that can happen. Unfortunately I also take EXTREME care of my Surface Pro 3, and still ... things can happen. I have a crack on the bezel, just above the front camera. No sign of impact at all. Still it is crack and Microsoft don't want to hear about "good faith" : material damage is user damage => you have to pay. Still love my Surface, still believe microsoft is on a serious trend to be back on top, but this is really annoying ... If anyone has a solution, I am ready to hear it. David.