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Telltale Games and Marvel to team up for new game series coming in 2017

Telltale announced the partnership earlier this evening on its blog:

"Announced this evening in San Francisco, we're excited to reveal an all-new partnership with the incredible team at Marvel Entertainment. We'll be teaming up on the development of an upcoming Telltale game series project set to premiere in 2017!"

Outside of the partnership and a target date of sometime in 2017, there aren't any other details to go on. However, you'll recall that Telltale Games has been behind a number of fantastic episodic games for popular franchises such as Tales from the Borderlands and The Walking Dead. Hopefully the developer can bring its fantastic touch to some new stories centered in the Marvel universe, but we'll have to wait a bit longer to get a peek at what Telltale and Marvel have up their sleeves.

Source: Telltale Games

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  • I wonder what will come of this. It'll be good, nonetheless. Can't wait!!
  • It does make perfect sense. The telltale games are effectively moving comics. This was inevitable - as the Fables game et al illustrated.
  • Windows 10 Ready. Hopefully.
  • Highly doubt it...
  • I'm a believer. If Windows 10 doesn't get attentions until 2017, well Windows Tablets and Phones will both be dead by 2018.
  • Disney owns Marvel. Disney makes games for Windows and Xbox. It could happen.
  • That's my boy.
  • By 2017? Of course it'll support Windows. And most definitely Windows 10 ready. By then everyone will have downloaded Windows 10 on their devices...
  • That will come out later,maybe by the end of the year,Microsoft is doing there best to make it the best,because there the best
  • The game series are expected to 2017. I think I didn't understood what you mean.
  • Sorry, but no more Marvell.
  • If you don't want it, I will take it
  • Have at it, Tex!
  • *inserts shut up and take my money meme here*
  • Hoping I will finally be able to play telltale games on Windows phone
  • What if they don't even plan to support Windows platform? We had seen a few developer who doesn't want to support Windows platform just because they hate Microsoft. And these days, a lot of ppl are being brainwashed by some fruit company.
  • Telltale already supports Xbox, Disney already supports Windows, so ...
  • Hoping this reaches "Wolf Among Us" quality.
  • Hail Hydra!
  • Valar morghulis(darn it, I forgot this isn't a game of thrones post) ;). HAIL HYDRA
  • I'm calling this now. Howard the duck game.
  • So few details, it barely qualifies as news
  • Whatever
  • So make your own website, then you can decide every day what is and is not news. 
  • Calm down, I wasn't making a jab against the author. I was merely remarking to the lack of information provided within the announcement. The statement itself primarily relies on inference and assumptions of those familiar with Marvell's IP, and Telltale's reputation. Which are both good, but in terms of PR the announcement that two companies have entered into an agreement to produce a "thing" two years from now is exceptionally bland.
  • Awesome! This us fantastic news. Couldn't be happier. =D
  • Can't imagine playing walking dead on my lumia. OMG
  • I know iphone already has them years ago im excited!
  • I guess it will be just another adventure made with their engine. They're nice, but Telltale had better games. Eating franchises and pooping out mediocre games that only have a different setting and story is not the way to go. Little bit more effort please.
  • That's way off
  • They never launch their games for Windows Phone
  • It'll have something to do with Spiderman. I swear these guys, telltale, are going to start working on a Spiderman animation movie in the unconfirmed future.
  • Semen Bandits?
  • I'd be happier if they decide to finish off the series they've already started, it feels like they are just milking the concept now. The depressing thing is I know I'm still going to buy it.
  • Wow.. GOT, Marvel great awesome...