Terraria launches on iOS; Android and Windows Phone to follow along with 1.2 update for PC

Terraria is a popular indie RPG (think 2D Minecraft with more focus on adventure) on its way to mobile platforms. Launching today on iOS (iPhone and iPad), the title is being ported by Codeglue who also plan to release the title on Android and Windows Phone. 505 Games (who developed the Xbox 360 version) has announced on fan website Terraria Online that both Google and Microsoft's platforms will see Terraria soon.

Never played Terraria before? It all began on Steam a few years ago. The game has gone on to ship millions of copies with fans producing new worlds (essentially custom maps), coming up with new gametypes for multiplayer (capture the gem, anyone?) and keeping the community alive while development has been in limbo for some time. It's good to see Terraria live on. 

Windows Phone owners, you'll not have long to wait for the title to release on the store.

1.2 and the PC

What about those of us on the PC who are eagerly awaiting an update? If you've not been following the development progress, the original developer and his team have revealed over 700 new features and changes that are on the way in version 1.2.

From entirely new biomes being introduced to numerous improvements being made to the overall experience, Terraria 1.2 is set to make the 1.1 update (hard mod, etc.) look minor. If you've never played Terriara or caught the game at its initial release and haven't even tested the water with 1.1, I strongly urge you to hop on and give it a go on the PC.  Here are some of the new mechanics in action:

We're yet to see how the game will play on Windows Phone, but initial reviews of the iOS version on the Apple App Store make us rather excited to be able to go cave diving while on the move ourselves. We'll keep an eye out and inform you all once the game is finally on the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Terraria Online

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