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Popular indie-game Terraria coming to Windows Phone later this summer

Earlier last month, Daniel discussed the rise of Windows Phone and how the platform is now legitimate. The main proof was the slew of big apps that have been hitting the store for the first time or getting major updates. New apps like Tumblr, Hulu, and Pandora are helping tip the scales in favor of Windows Phone and its users. Want some more proof? Popular indie game Terraria is coming to Windows Phone later this summer.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with Terraria, I wasn’t before reading up on it. But now I’m stoked to get it when it comes to the Windows Phone Store in a few months. Terraria is an action-adventure/RPG game from independent game studios Re-Logic. It first came out for Windows back in May 2011. It sold 50,000 copies the first day and about 200,000 during its first week in the Steam store. Since then, it’s sold over 2,000,000 copies and recently made available in both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Re-Logic is working with Dutch studio Codeglue (guys behind Rocket Riot) to bring the game to mobile platforms later this summer. We’ll see the game become available for the PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The YouTube video below is gameplay from the PC version, you can watch it to get an idea of the gameplay if you’ve never seen Terraria.

Looks like a mix 2D, side-scrolling Minecraft adventure game. Which sounds pretty awesome. How are the developers going to make it work on touchscreens? Well let’s just take a look at what the press release says:

“Players will discover more than a dozen environments and face treacherous perils including over a hundred twisted foes, magical creatures and villainous bosses. The controls have been completely redesigned for touch screens and every aspect of the game has been tweaked and balanced to give players the perfect on the go Terraria experience.”

Anybody stoked to see Terraria coming to Windows Phone? No word on if it will be an Xbox Live game. But we’ll reach out to the developers and find out.

Source: Terraria Forums, Via: Polygon

Thanks for the tip MrCraggle!

  • Yesss, brilliant news thanyou, love this on my xbox, don't know how its gonna work on mobile but hopefully it will b good, cheers!
  • Yeah, as something that has such precise mining and placing of objects, I am interested to see how it translates to touch. On a related note, I wouldn't mind Minecraft mobile on WP.
  • go check "survivalcraft"
  • I remember reading from wmpoweruser or somewhere,that it will have leaderboards and achievements in WP version
  • That's what a press contact told Polygon, where we and WMPU got the story from. 
  • Microsoft does a good job hiding the next generation windows phone... :( All we hear now is new windows 8 computers or app updates. :-(
  • Nice! I'll be getting my copy.
  • This game is awesome,I think it will be only on WP8, WP7 user always get shitty games.
  • Aside from Chaos Rings, the game I wanted more - and I have quite a collection. Wish I still had my Lumia 800.
  • If you knew the hardware and software inadequacies of WP7, you wouldn't want any popular game to support it. Just take a look at any game more complicated than Angry Birds that supports WP7 at the baseline, you'll immediately notice awful graphics. And on that note, even Rovio releases WP7 and WP8 versions separately.
  • Chaos Rings looks nice. I don't think graphics would matter for this game anyways.
  • The higher resolution WP8 screen and better processor would be useful for squeezing more objects on screen and improving the UI, but otherwise it would work fine on WP7.
  • Chaos Rings looks pretty bad.
  • One of my favorites on Xbox. If this comes with achievements, it will be a must buy.
  • +920 love that guy!
  • Hells yea. Only reason I know about this game
  • Will there be Multiplayer?
  • Good question. I can't beat some of those questions without friends
  • Yeah what's up with minecraft me and my son would love that on wp8
  • Notch doesn't like Microsoft, even though they developed for the Xbox360, they refuse to develope for windows 8 or windows phone 8
  • Well I guess there goes my hope of an Xbox One version with larger worlds and improved draw distance. :(
  • Seeing that the 360 version has been extremely successful, they might bring it to Xbox One.
  • To be fair it's not like the PE is good... I prefer the desktop version by a mile!
  • SurvivalCraft is a great alternative thats similar in style to Minecraft. It does quite well on Android and iOS where it competes with the actual legitimate Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is a testament to it's quality.
  • Fun game on PC and the Xbox but would love on my phone
  • I was actually reading this article yesterday and was trying to figure out where 505 confirmed that it was coming to WP.  I didn't bother to tip with no concrete evidence.
  • Its great. I have it for box PC and XBox
  • I sent this tip in yesterday :( glad someone got through to the team though.
  • You probably just got ninja'd. One of the writers accepted the tip from the queue and took a day to write the article.
  • I meant to write it yesterday, but got a little busy with my brothers high school graduation and then events after. So MrCraggle did tip it first, but we still appreciate your effort and contributions. So thanks to mrcraggles AND snarkysnickerdoodle :)
  • Yay my tip got through :D I just wanted to tip you guys on this as I was excited to see that it's actually included at all. Usually we see "for iOS and Android" and are left wondering whether or not we'd ever see a WP version.
  • I actually bought this for XBL and  haven't even played it yet.. :P
  • double post
  • I absolutely love this game and that it is coming to WP. I have it on the PS3 and I'm very addicted. The interface on PS3 doesn't seem like it will translate well to a phone form factor though... There is a lot of inventory management required and there will be have to be some thought put in to how that will be handled. 
  • awesome! Just awesome
  • I guess that's good. From the video it looks ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE !! How this could be popular I'll never know. Looks like a 2 yr. Old made it. I wish the game the best of luck and I'm thrilled that we're getting a new dev on our platform and I love him or her and wish him or her nothing but the best. Welcome my friend we are waiting with open arms.
  • On what basis do you say a two year old made it? Graphics wise? So a two year old made A Link to The Past as well?
    This game is awesome and I'm totally excited for it. I have like 60hrs + in steam on this but I haven't played much this year. The charm is not so much in the presentation (although I don't have a problem with that) but more in the exploring, building, crafting and action. There's waaaay more action than minecraft and the combat is more fun because of the weapons and the sidescroller type gameplay. I hope they add in the crafting recipes to the game because the scope for crafting is huge and if you don't use the wiki you would never know what to do with the resources/items that you find. 
    I always wanted this on my tablet but on my 920? HELL YEAH. It will be interesting to see how the interface/control is done though. I'll be watching for news on this.

    My floating mythril castle. Quite a bit bigger now though with hanging vines too :D
  • I have played Terraria for 2 years. I thought the same thing as you when I first saw it and could not understand what was so great about it. The answer? Once you learn what to do, there is so much to this game it is insane. There are tons of items and building mats, huge worlds to explore, many different biomes and multiplayer is extremely fun. Even after you have killed all the bosses several times and collected all the items, you can build amazing structures and artwork. It may not be for everyone, but to not give it a chance is a mistake. The version from what I understand coming to the mobile community will be 1.1. Redigit(the creator) is working on 1.2 which is going to be a HUGE update for the PC version. Hopefully this will come to the mobile version eventually. But that is usually up to the company making the game for the different platforms.(i.e. console versions were made by 505 Games and they already discussed it with Redigit and plan to bring the new content to consoles) I was somewhat excited at the idea of a mobile version but like many here, was expecting it to just come to IOS and Android. I am thrilled we are getting it too! Point being though, you just have to have more of an open mind. The 2d simplistic graphics are part of its charm and it wouldn't have the same feel or be as fun if it wasn't this way.
  • Jlynn, you're the one who comes across as very young from your comment. Pixel art is a wonderful thing, and in fact it once brought 99.9% of all games to life. I'd take a charming 2D pixel art aesthetic over 3D soldiers and space marines any day of the week. We already have so many games like those, so a well-done retro look like Terraria's really makes a game stand out from the crowd.
  • I love tobuscus, funny choice of video to demonstrate the game though ;)
  • I am addicted to Minecraft, and I've heard Terraria is awesome too. Definitely interested in this!
  • As Barry Steakfries would say: Holy Balls! I'm totally getting this on my HTC 8S, and perhaps even my iPod Touch (4), if it has multiplayer, seeing as I have more friends on there...
  • If it's Xbox enabled, I'll most likely get it; otherwise, probably not.
  • OMG!!!
  • *Throws money at phone screen* I don't purchase that many apps or play that many games but I will certainly get this.
  • Sweet! I love this game on the PC.
  • any news about fun run or that subway surfer guy 
  • Why can't they just make Minecraft PE already??!??!?!!!!??
  • One thing I really hate when checking those YouTube videos is when the uploader disable the comment or feedback section. YouTube came about because it is a 2 way street. If from the start you are telling "I don't want to hear from you -the customer-" that to me is an immediate turn off and in return I really don't give a fuck about what you are offering. The 2nd option is that you are trolling and therefore expect a lot of hate which yours clearly isn't. I know a lot of people will hate (or not) for being trolls but that doesn't mean you should back down and cruel under the table it should make you stronger, more appreciative of your viewers.
    Odd how these people run their channel.
  • A lot of them disable comments because of trolling, not because they don't want feedback.
  • Cool, buy to show graditude
  • I highly recommend this game, I play it on my PC with friends. I hope they add cross platform multiplayer into it as well.
  • YEEEEESSS!!! Thanks, you've make my morning!!! :D
  • Great news!
  • Awesome on my Xbox. Will love to get it on WP. Day one buy. Better than minecraft on Xbox more depth.
  • I'm more excited that big name mobile games are actually being developed for WP around the same time as the other platforms for once. This is a huge step.
  • I'm very interested to see how they'll get this game to work well on a touchscreen. Hopefully it won't be too fiddly..
    And guys, come on, no one's mentioned Sips' live streaming?
  • Its 2014 may 30 and still no terraria seriously its gay i love that game windows phone better step up soon...
  • any news on this!?!?!?
  • So I was at PAX last weekend (Aug 31), and talked to the head of the mobile division from 505 Games. They have submitted Terraria to Microsoft for approval. It's fully up to date with the other mobile platforms, and he expected it should be in the WP store within a couple of weeks. So any time after Sept 15th, 2014 I guess? Crossed fingers!