Tesco Mobile has an Android powered Lumia 800 in stock

News just in. Tesco Mobile, the mobile virtual network operator (using O2 as its carrier) from the supermarket, has got the Lumia 800 in its arsenal of smartphones. But it's not running Windows Phone. Well... it is, but it isn't. Confused? You certainly would be if you came across the above page.

According to the documentation the Lumia 800 is a Windows Phone device, but it sports a small Android logo to the right. Which is it Tesco? We've previously covered retailers getting it wrong when it comes to labeling Windows Phones, but should this really be happening with the platform being almost two years old?

Thanks Rob for sending the photo in!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I was at a T-Mobile retail store shortly after the Lumias came in and each display had a sticker that said 'Android 4G.' palm, meet face
  • Windows phone what is that? It must be a launcher so we will just put the logo of Android since a smartphone means Android or iOS
  • If not an iPhone what could it be? Of course it has to be an android! =/
  • Its really sad that this is still actually happening. Wow!!!!
  • Maybe the sheep will buy it because they think it's popular, and later they will find out it's not Android. Obviously they will grow to like it quickly, and say "Ahh, WindowsPhone is great!" This can't be bad for WP if you look at it in a bright light! Lol.. But, seriously!
  • (read in John Cleese's voice) "And now... Idiots"
  • Facepalms
  • Wow talk of ignorance
  • Wow, talk about actually making it all the way through design, review and print. Time to fire you ad agency or QM department. Embarrassing.
  • I work for Tesco Mobile & when they first bought out the Windows Phone's (like 2 months ago) they called them Android on the website; they have now removed this...how it's managed to get printed into a sales booklet is beyond me lol.
  • It's not just Windows Phone.  There are errors all over the place when it comes to retail.  I wouldn't be surprised if the guy that did that ad didn't even know what the little green robot signified.  Whenever I see something that looks interesting in an ad or on a web store I always go to the manufacturer's website to get the actual details.
  • The fault is in the people which make this comercials, for them it is all the same! The most of them have never seen an wp7 device but make pr and comercials
  • Stupidity.. :-/
  • Do you see a neverending sea of apps? Does your Android sreen have live tile. NO!! So how the heck can you say it's an Android phone....and these people work and get payed while being ignorant. This is what you get from the dumb down "I" generation computer users. HUMANITY MUST BE SAVED FROM STUPID COMPUTERS. PLEASE SAVE US MICROSOFT!!!
  • Sad thing is - AT&T had a something like this in it's most recent promotional.  Had the Titan II on a page that was focused on using your Android device for ebook reading.
  • A flagship wp7 device an ebook reader??? :( have they ever questioned why an ebook readet has 16mp camera, or a windows button at the bottom? thats a shame
  • Why? Why?
  • Retards. From where do they get their employees? It's basic common sense. They've got Windows Phone printed in text while they have the Android logo. Plain stupid.
  • Idiots.
  • This just highlights the pure ignorance towards WP. Mobile phone retailers in the UK should be ashamed at their lack of knowledge within the industry.