Test your Gridiron knowledge with NFL Trivia

With the Super Bowl just days away, many will begin touting their vast knowledge of the NFL. NFL Trivia is a Windows Phone app that will test that knowledge and may give you a leg up on the competition.

The trivia game is laid out about as simply as you can get with two modes of play, Simple and Trivia. Simple Mode presents you with ten questions and awards you points for each correct answer. Trivia Mode also offers you points for each correct answer but has an endless string of questions.

NFL Trivia may not have many bells and whistles but it isn't a bad test of your NFL knowledge.

NFL Trivia's main pages have options to enter the two game modes, a high scores page that lists your scoring history and addiction level (based on the number of questions answered) and an About Screen.

Questions are multiple choice and cover topics based on more than 2100 players, 284 coaches, 32 teams, 13 awards and 44 championships. This will not only test your knowledge of current NFL events but also your knowledge of NFL history.

For example, when asked who is the coach of the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith, Mike Ditka, and George Halas are potential answers.

NFL Trivia is a nice way to pass the time and test yours and your friends knowledge of NFL Football. NFL Trivia is a free, ad supported game for your Windows Phone that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Lol ^^^
  • Go Ravens !! Superbowl 2013
  • I haven't decided who I'm for in the Super Baugh. I really want Ed Reed to get a ring, but Ray Lewis has done some rather horrible things.
  • Skol Vikings! The game game is pretty good but the questions are not up to date, ie-Jimmy Johnson has not coached the cowboys in years and Lovie Smith is no longer the coach of the Bears.
  • Start the countdown in 3...2...1.  This is the amount of time it will take before the NFL lawyers come down heavy on the developer for unlincenced use of the term "NFL".  It happened a month ago with a cool WP app titled "NFL News" now "Football News".
    Here's another point of proof for some fella who legally copyirighted the term "Harbaugh Bowl" over a year ago and had it strong-armed from him. http://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/p/39457040/NFL-bullies-guy-into-givin...
  • If you want more challenging questions, try http://www.pigskinacademy.com.
    The questions are listed by 3 degrees of difficulty, Rookie, Veteran and Hall of Famer.
    Very educational!