This Minecraft special spills secrets on the 'Caves and Cliffs Update,' including other potential names

Minecraft Secrets Of Minecraft Episode 3
Minecraft Secrets Of Minecraft Episode 3 (Image credit: Mojang Studios | YouTube)

What you need to know

  • 'The Secrets of Minecraft' is a new YouTube series from Mojang Studios that, you guessed it, shares secrets from Minecraft's past.
  • The latest episode is now available, and discusses the first half of the venerable 'Caves and Cliffs Update' for Minecraft.
  • Aside from the humorous commentary, some of the secrets revealed include how screaming goat sounds were recorded and more.
  • We also learned some of the names that were considered for the update besides the now-official 'Caves and Cliffs Update.'

Minecraft has enjoyed a long and prosperous life, but that also means there's a ton of unknown secrets from behind-the-scenes at Mojang Studios during Minecraft's continued development. With their new series, The Secrets of Minecraft, Mojang is sharing some of those secrets with viewers (with their typical humorous commentary from two dysfunctional narrators). The last episode of The Secrets of Minecraft explored various secrets from previous updates, but the newest episode narrows the focus and looks solely at Part One of the massive Caves and Cliffs Update.

As expected, we get lots more cheesy jokes from the series' two narrators, who continue their passive aggressive rivalry, but we also learn some neat facts about the Caves and Cliffs Update. The special includes concept art for the axolotl, goat, and the Warden, which looks impossibly adorable. We also learn that the recordings for the rare screaming goat mob are a combination of real goats and humans pretending to be goats, which is interesting. Finally, we get to learn some of the names that were considered for the Caves and Cliffs Update, including choices like the Caves and Peaks Update, the Miner's Update, Update Tectonic, and more.

The video is well worth a watch for any Minecraft fan, as is our list of best Minecraft toys and gifts. Minecraft is the greatest game ever made, and it reached that point only through constant iteration and a long history of dedication from Mojang Studios. With The Secrets of Minecraft, hopefully, we'll learn more about the journey that brought us here.

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