Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows Insider program has been pretty successful thus far, but according to a new report only a small percentage of those signed up are currently using the Windows 10 preview for phones. According to Neowin, these figures come with another significant bump in the total number of Insiders.

"According to an internal source who has had a good track record in the past, there are roughly 60,000 devices currently testing Windows 10 for phones. That figure includes Microsoft employees too, which means that the testing base, as of right now for the OS, is quite small."

That's 60,000 out of a now reported 2.8 million total signed up to the Windows Insider program. It's not overly surprising, given the initial list of supported devices. With the Lumia 830 being the 'highest end' phone to be included on the current build, the platform enthusiasts carrying 'flagship' class devices from the past and present are left out right now.

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We'd expect to see that number increase pretty sharply once the number of supported phones opens up. And with Windows 10 on the agenda for this weeks upcoming Mobile World Congress, who knows what we might soon see.

Source: Neowin