Nokia Lumia 1020 Photo Sample

Let’s get Rebecca Black up in here and get the weekend started, it is Friday after all. What better way to kick off the weekend then by going to the Windows Phone Central Forums where there’s somewhat of an impromptu AMA (Ask me anything) and Nokia Lumia 1020 vs. 920 thread going on.

It just so happens that when of your fellow Windows Phone Central Member unternull has a Lumia 1020 and is answering questions about the device right now. He (or she) is also doing comparison shots from the cameras on both the Lumia 920 and 1020. Below is what a sample of the fun that is taking place right now in there.

Below we took a pair of two photos for a side by side look and zoomed in on the Mario action figure so you can do some quick close up comparisons. On the left is the Lumia 920 Mario and the right has the Lumia 1020 Mario. The Lumia 1020 does appear to produce some more grain compared to the Lumia 920. But that’s understandable seeing as how the pixels are much smaller compared to the Lumia 920. 

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Lumia 1020

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