Project Scorpio will take immersion to the next level with VR-exclusive games

While Microsoft has promised its massive Xbox One community that no one will be left behind when Project Scorpio comes to be, VR titles will be exclusive to the future console simply because current hardware is unable to support them. Xbox Marketing Chief Aaron Greenberg explained in an interview with Engadget at Gamescom that the company sees VR gaming as a different experience to traditional console games.

From the interview, as spotted by Eurogamer, Greenberg said:

"With the power and capabilities we have, we'll be able to do high-fidelity VR," Greenberg said. Now, that space, we don't think of that as console gaming, we think of that as high-fidelity VR, and so with the VR experiences those will be new things that you will get on Project Scorpio."

Interestingly, Microsoft is attempting to see if the company can bring about an end to console generations as we've come to know and love/loathe them. The plan is to bring everyone forward who happen to be part of the current generation, whether you have an Xbox One, Xbox One S or will own a shiny new Project Scorpio. This is also hoped to solve the issue of compatibility between generations.

"For us, we think the future is without console generations; we think that the ability to build a library, a community, to be able to iterate with the hardware - we're making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We're basically saying, 'This isn't a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works.' We think of this as a family of devices."

Depending on how Project Scorpio is received and how the launch goes accompanied by title launches, Microsoft may look to plan ahead with a different roadmap to what we've seen from the company thus far with consoles. But should you wish to enjoy some virtual reality experience, you'll need to fork out for Project Scorpio once the console has been launched.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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