Third party Windows Phone app for the Xiaomi MiBand in the works

Xiaomi is a pretty interesting manufacturer, in that it makes phones, software, accessories but also a ton of other items including headphones, wearables and even an air purifier. It's the wearables in focus here, though, with news surfacing of a third-party developer working on a Windows Phone companion app for the Xiaomi MiBand. The MiBand is a pretty basic fitness tracker, not close to the Microsoft Band in terms of features, but with one massive positive: its price. Officially it only supports Android and more recently, iOS, which isn't all that surprising, especially given Xiaomi's focus as an Android phone maker.

The app is in private beta right now, and so far looks like it supports the step tracking and silent alarm functions of the MiBand. It also looks like it's limited to Spanish language at the moment. The silent alarm in particular is really good, as I found out when I reviewed the MiBand over on Android Central a while ago. While we wouldn't expect a company like Xiaomi to support Windows Phone, it's another example of how strong the third-party developer community is.

We'll be following this one closely. Whether it's official support or not, with the Xiaomi MiBand now officially going to the U.S. and Europe as well as its already established sales channels in Asia, there's going to be more people round the world starting to hear about it. If you're interested in finding out more about the MiBand, check out the review over on Android Central at the link below.

via Microsoft Insider

Thanks Jose for the tip!

Richard Devine
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  • Hmm price??
  • Go look. Depends where you live and how you have to buy it. I had to import one from China and it cost more than I'm sure it would have done if I'd just bought it in China.
  • Around USD19 to USD20 at ... Maybe. It's been a long time since I browse them at dx. The interesting part is that this fitness band can detect sleep pattern automatically. And quite accurate at that.
  • Its on ebay from 18-20 dollars
  • Sounds interesting for that price!
  • $20 in Singapore. About usd15.
  • They are shaping up to be a really interesting company.
  • Hmm. Always the last platform :(
  • That too 3rd party
  • Well Xiaomi makes Android devices. And the iPhone is big in China. There's absolutely no reason as a company they'd want to support Windows Phone. Sad but true.
  • @Richard Devine "There's absolutely no reason as a company they'd want to support Windows Phone." Sad but false. Indeed, only about 50 mln windows phones in use. No market at all.
  • As a Chinese company there is Zero reason to support Windows Phone.. it just isn't popular in China. 
  • I feel like that itchy person in the pharmacy line. Everyone looks at ya funny and avoids you.
  • Xiomi's MI and redmi series are the deal breakers in low end..
  • Yes
  • When in india
  • Tomorrow
  • Already in India and on Flipkart
  • No it's not.. Read somewhere that it's expected to land in India by Mar/Apr with a price range of around ₹750.
  • LOL! Dude it's Xiaomi not a local company, they can't sell for that low! Maybe near ₹1250
  • Their MIUI OS is pretty awesome. If a talented dev is motivated to port a ROM to a few more devices, I might have it on my nexus 7. I've tried porting it, its a pain in the ass
  • In my opinion MIUI as I have a redmi 1s is total junk instead I prefer stock Android on my nexus 7
  • Forget it, a pirate company, and think that's innovation. Do you know that their new sports camera can use existed GPRO accessories?
  • I just bought one for my friend as a gift, I haven't given it to him yet...i think I'll better keep it for myself lol
  • I'm glad a third party app developer is working on this, but I will never support an OEMs that doesn't care about me and device I choose as my daily driver.... And don't give me the crap about low market share because all market share starts low and grows.
  • Low market share is not crap, it is the reality. In 4.5 years of WP how much has it grown? Go start your own business and see if your market share grows automatically and without any effort. You must either be a child or a commie...
  • I do have my own business and my clientele has grown. Microsoft hindered it's own growth by rewriting wp7, leaving fans disappointed, poor marketing, not doing whatever it takes to get developers onboard, and by not giving wp users their own apps at least at the same time with Apple and Android, they discouraged many loyalists causing them to jump ship .
  • Hey, no argument there. WP has struggled due to Microsoft's strategy. I'm just saying don't get pissed at Xiamoi for making a sound business decision to go where the money is.
  • About 50 mln WP in use right now. Not as many as iOS or Android but not that ignorable either..
  • Who cares about your support, Xiaomi is an Android phone maufacturer, it doesn't make sense for them to write a Windows phone app for a fitness band which they officially sell for freaking $13, be grateful that some windows phone fan is spending his personal time and making an app for all users. 
  • Oh yeah, and I did thank the developer who is spending his or her valuable time making an app for those of you who will support the band maker who don't make the app themselves. Go take a reading comprehension class why don't you!
  • good news .i have placed an order from tinydeal<dot>com and been waiting for its deleivery for weeks..hope it gets delivered same time app comes to store ..
  • X
  • wow... That's cool !! :D
  • I'm waiting for this!!
  • And the question is there is anybody (OEM) can producing that similiar fitness tracker who support WP with $20 only? I'll support it, if not yet (now) I'll support that developer for a while time
  • As usual some third party app which will probably suck. Story of windows phone app ecosystem.
  • Sorry. I don't support OEMs who don't support Windows Phone.
  • Yesss. Been using MiBand with a HTC m7. Would be great to be able to pair it with my Lumia.
  • Pebble app would be nice too
  • What I think when I heard Xiaomi is Xiaomi piston 2 earphones, a nice sounding earphones for 20$. Maybe this Miband will be a fine stopgap until Microsoft release the Surface and Band worldwide.., I still never see any Surface in my country... C'mon Microsoft. Why don't you make use of the abundant Nokia store that still exist here???
  • Do you know how to get an invitation?
  • same question in my end as well. how can be participate in the beta testing phase?
  • I tried to sign up on this, but never did received any email confirming my acceptance... In the end, I tried to just Bing "Miband tracker Windows Phone" and found it at top, open it, and voila.