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Third party eBay app comes to Windows Phone with eBay’s blessing

While we’re generally okay with the official eBay app for Windows Phone, there’s nothing like a little competition to keep things going steady in innovation. Such is the case with the newly released Auctionapp ( for Windows Phone (7.x and 8).

The app is sanctioned by eBay having been “vetted” by their Partner Network and Developer teams, so it's legit. That’s good news as it means the folks behind this app can access eBay’s services and in theory, improve upon them (or at least offer a different experience).

Auctionapp is now available to be downloaded and it takes an interesting approach to the UI design. The app itself is quite ‘Modern’ in the sense that it creates a Start-screen-within-a-Start screen. Those Tiles for different aspects of the service can be moved around (or even deleted) by the end user, giving a more customized feel.

We’re not too fond of that look though and would prefer a more natural, Metro/Modern design following traditional Panorama layout. But perhaps you’ll like it or the extended features that this app offers over the official version, including

  • Multiple user accounts per device
  • Sophisticated listing tools
  • Advanced search options

What’s more, since this app is a version 1.0, the developers note that we can “Expect frequent updates with new features coming soon!” meaning things will probably only get better.

Auctionapp is free for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 users and can be found here in the Store. Thanks, Josh S., for the heads up

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  • Good guy eBay, supporting third party apps, unlike a certain other service(
  • Wp is getting better each day ^.^
  • Great news. I have been selling alot of car parts on eBay. I will give this a shot. Hopefully it makes selling on my WP phone a bit easier. Thanks eBay and the guys behind this app.
  • Woot!!
  • Hate to make an off topic post but I don't know where else I would say this: you should write up an article on the app "flac player" once they update to allow SD support. Despite the name, it supports all kinds of music files and is currently one SD support update away from being the best music app in the store. I'm sure there's a few people out there with flac libraries and windows phones.
  • You can tip us on stories directly through the website (upper right, magenta banner) or through our app. You can also post things in our forums ;)
  • Noted, thanks!
  • Pretty good. It would be nice if it can show bidding history. Now I have to go to ebay page to see it.
  • Actually the official eBay app needs updating badly. Messaging and feedback systems are broken and out of date since eBay changed their policies on buyer feedback
  • That's good, others should also learn from ebay and support 3rd party devs.
  • A few issues I noticed:
    Cannot relist an expired auction from the app.
    Going directly from the app to eBay, to try and relist the above auction, left me in a previous eBay account (I have a couple eBay accounts). And note, I cannot find a way to log off from eBay while in IE, due to (I think) Java issues.
    I was receiving a load of error messages, but they seem to have subsided once I re-booted my phone.
    I would like to see (or have the option to see) an account summary for each account tile on the app's first page. Right now, all I see is an account name and feedback.
    I would also like to see in the "advance search" form, the option to search "sold" and "completed" auctions, both of which I find very helpful.
    Criticisms/suggestions aside, pretty cool app and clearly they put a lot of work into it.
  • Good news  updated version includes quick relist :)
  • I almost feel guilty with all the goodness coming to the platform. But I'll get over it.
  • I keep getting error messages, and now I can't even sign out!
  • What does it do that the official app can't?  Can it auto bid in the last second?
  • So can I check item shipping details? Like items that I purchased? That's the one feature I care about.
  • Update full list:
      Feature – pin items, search results, my eBay and other panes to the start screen Feature – quick relist for ended auctions (tap and hold) Feature – delete, flag mark as read/unread messages in tap hold menu Feature – remove from watch list in item tap and hold menus Feature – share with friends by SMS or email Bug fix – incorrect shipping costs were displayed for some items Bug fix – HTML item description now displays correctly for listed items other minor bug fixes and improvements. good on you guys, show the big boys how its done.