Third party SIM unlock for AT&T Focus S now available

For those you bought a Samsung Focus S, you'll of course know it's SIM locked to the AT&T network. For those who travel abroad and don't want to rely on AT&T's roaming plans or maybe for those who want to just permanently use it overseas, you can now pay for a SIM unlock.

The service comes by way of 'Samsung IMEI Unlock' which takes payment via Paypal and SWReg and sends the code "nearly instantly". While prices for Samsung devices start at $20, the Focus S will hit your wallet for $29.75.

That's not exactly cheap but for the freedom of not being tied to AT&T, we suppose it's not a bad option. Of course you can always try and haggle with AT&T to do this for free, but last we check they like to have a six-month wait policy before conceding the code. So, options are nice to have.

Source:; Thanks, @djdurance, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I hadn't realized how beautiful this phone is, until this picture.
  • Does this mean I can buy the phone and use it on Tmobile USA ?
  • Yes.
  • Yes, georgeyklee is correct that you could use an unlocked Focus S on T-Mobile USA's network. However, the phone does not support the 1700 MHz frequency needed for T-Mobile 3G/4G, so you'd be stuck at slower EDGE speeds.
  • How did you get that XBL icon like that.
  • Can I use this unlocked Samsung Focus S in India?(We have a lot of GSM carriers)If yes, will it be under warranty?I mean - is this unlocking officially approved by Samsung?The original Focus was never launched here, and i fear it will be the same for new Focus S.Would not it be a big loss to AT&T, as people will buy phones only for 200+30=$230 and use overseas?Or they may come back bricking the phone permanently?I'm so much fond of this one...
  • plzz answer this one..i have exactly the same question..i am very fond of it and i want to use it in india..
  • I was an AT&T customer for 3 days and they gave me an unlock code on the phone without problems. So, I suggest you call AT&T first and try to get it from them. And I didn't even have my phone in the system for some reason, he just asked for IMEI and gave me an unlock.
  • when will sprint have a new wp 7.5? anyone know any leaks on this or are they going to have none before end of this year?
  • my phone should be here tomorow !! can't wait
  • I had successfully unlocked my Samsung Focus a while back by ATT, but when I call them for unlocking my Focus S, they input the IMEI number but get back the message saying that it is uneligible. Any idea why?