Denmark to invest and support grassroots development of esport talent

Denmark isn't messing about when it comes to esports as government officials sign plans for a new strategy to improve grassroots development and opportunities for esports across the nation. Similarly to what other countries are attempting to do, Esports Insider reports Denmark aims to integrate the industry with sports more broadly.

Not only are officials looking to improve the rate of development from the ground up, but put forward plans for healthier working environments for players and organizations. The Ministry of Culture will host an esports panel on how to push forward with these goals in mind, considering the following:

  • The building of a sustainable, top-to-bottom structure for Danish esports.
  • The strengthening of national talent development.
  • Establishing a common vision for esport integrity, such as tackling toxicity, cheating, and skin gambling.
  • The development of communities and associations and how they can impact the lives of players.
  • How to attract more women into esports.
  • How to create good commercial development opportunities for growth, entrepreneurship, and employment for esports in Denmark.
  • Other focus areas (revision of laws, rules, etc.) that can support the development of esports.

It's always good to see more countries eye the potential of esports and work to improve grassroots development.


Call of Duty BO4

Activision Blizzard has penciled in five new franchises for a city-based Call of Duty esports league (CODL?). Similarly to how its Overwatch League (OWL) operates, Atlanta, Dallas, NewYork, Paris, and Toronto will host franchise organizations to compete in the new professional league. As covered by TechCruch, each of the aforementioned cities will partner with OWL teams to take advantage of the existing framework.

Announced teams include Atlanta Esports Ventures, Envy Gaming from Dallas, Sterling VC in New York, c0ntact Gaming representing Paris, and finally OverActive Media in Toronto. With the success of OWL, Blizzard Activision is looking to work on replicating that with Call of Duty, which will be a tough pill to swallow with the shuttering of the Heroes of the Storm esports scene.

Upcoming events

  • League of Legends MSI Invitational - May 10, watch on Twitch.
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