THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row, Metro publisher for €121 million

Saints Row 4
Saints Row 4 (Image credit: Deep Silver)

THQ Nordic has announced the acquisition of Koch Media and its video game publishing label, Deep Silver. In a deal worth €121 million (roughly $150 million), THQ Nordic will acquire the firm in its entirety, while taking onboard a range of Deep Silver studios, including Saint Row's Volition and Homefront's Dambuster Studios.

THQ was formerly a big name in video games publishing but amidst financial troubles, sold its assets across a variety of firms, liquidating the publisher. Nordic Games acquired what remained of THQ in 2013, before striking a balance under a new name, "THQ Nordic." As detailed in a press release, Lars Wingefors, CEO THQ Nordic, welcomes the acquisition, citing "four ongoing AAA game projects."

Koch Media has a long history of profitability despite losses incurred from some less successful game releases. THQ Nordic is convinced that the development studios of Deep Silver as part of THQ Nordic will successfully deliver at least four ongoing AAA game projects including Metro Exodus as well as the next Volition Studio AAA release and the next Dambuster Studio AAA release, together with a number of other game development and publishing titles.

This latest acquisition will bring a range of new titles under the THQ wing once again, including the Saints Row and Metro franchises. Names such as Dead Island (opens in new tab), Homefront (opens in new tab), and Galaxy on Fire will also fall under this deal, securing strong library of IP going forward.

Following the deal, Koch Media will continue to operate its existing offices, with no announcement of restructuring after the acquisition. For THQ Nordic, especially in its games publishing efforts, the firm continues to rebuild the THQ former empire, joining De Blob, Darksiders, MX vs ATV, Red Faction, among other titles.

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  • Hopefully we'll get a nice Saints Row 5.... Agents of Mayhem was okay, but not nearly as fun as SR. Maybe first a remake of SR 1-3....
  • THQ Nordic are responsible for TitanQuest; maybe this will be an infusion to continue its development as well :)
  • Wondering why Microsoft didn't acquire them. They said they want to buy more studios.
  • Good Point!
  • Exactly. And with an already established brand of IP they could exploit.  Sure, maybe the games were not the big moneymakers they once were but, the teams making them were solid and the games at least have a good history (for the most part).  $148 million for such a list of games is pocket change.  Especially compared to what they may have paid to just get games, games they wouldn't own, to be timed exlusives. Like the last Tomb Raider. Plus apparently Koch have several games already in the pipeline.  Perhaps, Microsoft has other plans or lost out if they bid for the Koch or more likey there was never an attempt because Koch and THQ Nordic already have an established relationship.  Who, knows.  Hopefully Microsoft isn't all talk again. And really will be getting more proactive with a broader line of new and exclusive IP, including aquiring established publishers.
  • I hope this marks the return of THQ of old, they made amazing games especially wrestling games. Still remember No Mercy very fondly as it was very fun to play unlike Smackdown and it's silly gameplay mechanics.