Are you someone who wishes you weren't constantly losing track of your phone, wallet or keys? This 8-pack of TrackR Pixel Bluetooth tracking devices is down to just $18 at Meh and can help you easily find your lost items. The 8-pack of these trackers was selling for $100 earlier this month at Amazon before a recent price drop to $57. Needless to say, we've never seen them go this low before and we probably won't for a long while after today. Considering one tracker would cost you $15 alone, it's worth grabbing the multi-pack deal if you only want 2 trackers. Give the others away to friends and family. Help 'em out.

Lost and found

TrackR Pixel 8-pack

It's time to bring some organization back into your life, and these discounted trackers can definitely help.

$18.00 $57.00 $39 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

If you find yourself constantly misplacing your keys, wallet, backpack or laptop, The TrackR Pixel is a great way to be able to easily locate them. If you've lost your keys in your home, you can use the free TrackR app on your phone to ring the trackers or cause their built-in LEDs to light up. The app also plots the TrackR Pixel's last known location on a map based on when it last connected to your phone or when another TrackR user passed your lost item, giving you a fighting chance of finding something that has been lost further afield. You never have to worry about the tracker batteries going flat as the app will notify you when the TrackR's battery is low and even lets you replace it for free.

If you can't find your phone but have a TrackR Pixel to hand, you can use it to ring your phone (even if it is on silent). Once you're set up, you can even use the TrackR Alexa Skill on your Echo smart speaker.

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