The Wemo Wi-Fi dimmer light switch is down to $38.20 on Amazon.This switch has been selling for around $50 since early April, and before that it was going for $80. Right now it's dropping really low in price and has been fluctuating a bit because it was going for a little bit lower (by like 40 cents) earlier today.

Use your voice

Wemo Wi-Fi dimmer switch

Great low price. Fantastic device. Easy to use. What more could you want?

$38.20 $50 $12 off

You can control this switch from the wall, the Wemo app, and your Alexa or Google Assistant device. You don't need anything special other than Wi-Fi. With this dimmer, you can schedule your lights to do what you want. Adjust them with the sunset or sunrise. Turn off your lights with your phone when you're at work and realize you forgot to — or from bed when you're like me and being extra lazy. Set your lights to turn on slowly and help you wake up. These things are awesome, and once you get one you'll wish you'd had it sooner.

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