Throne Together gets a regal update on Windows Phone and Windows 8

New Xbox games for Windows Phone are few and far between these days, so we have to treasure the ones we get. Today’s release of Hexic puts us up to four games for the year, the first of which was Throne Together from Rogue Rocket Games. Throne Together, a free to play puzzle game, launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8 at the beginning of the month.

Like many games, Throne Together suffered from a few bugs upon release. Rogue Rocket has been working to iron those bugs out, as the recent update to both versions of Throne Together proves. The update not only fixes some problems, it also adds new features that make gameplay more interesting. We’ve got full release notes and fresh screenshots from the update after the break.

Throne Together version 15.3.6 release notes (yes, that’s the version number)

  • Added "build to the crown" mechanic
  • Added "fill in the castle" mechanic
  • Added "ghost block" and "scaffolding" boosts
  • Added shields and parapets as castle flare
  • Clarified tutorials
  • Fixed bugs!

You’ll have to play for a while before encountering the new boosts, but the other new mechanics pop up fairly early in the game. The “build to the crown” mechanic basically adds new floating crowns to some levels. If you stack your blocks so that they touch the crowns (while still remaining connected to the castle throne), you’ll collect those crowns and score bonus points.

Throne Together often requires players to complete multiple objectives in order to beat a level. Some levels now have “fill in the castle” as one of the goals. You’ll see an outline that must be completely filled in with various pieces. Leave a gap and you’ll lose the level, so play carefully. Filling in the castle adds a new level of challenge to the game, but it’s also quite fun.

The new flare shows up whenever you complete a castle and finish the level. At that point, parapets and other decorations will appear on the castle and give it a more royal look. It's a nice touch.

The update unfortunately does not fix the Facebook sign-in issues I’ve been experiencing with the game. The problem only seems to affect a small portion of users, so at least most players can sign in properly. Rogue Rocket has been good enough investigate the issue; hopefully they solve it in time for the next update.

Throw it together already

Throne Together is a block-stacking puzzle game. Each level starts out with a partially constructed castle. The player’s job is to add various shaped pieces to the castle without causing it to fall down. Put too much weight on the lower pieces and they will develop cracks or even break, so you need to distribute the weight evenly. With lots of different goals and castle pieces and a charming art style, Throne Together is a better than average puzzle game.

  • Throne Together – Windows Phone 8 – 29 MB – Free – Store Link
  • Throne Together – Windows 8 and RT – 42 MB – Free – Store Link

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