Timer - Mango App Spotlight

Here's a handy utility for your Windows Phone. Timer is a Mango App over at the Marketplace that allows you to create and set countdown timers that will run in the background on your phone.

The interface is straight forward with two preset, customizable timers already present. You can modify each timer by tapping on the display and edit the time duration and/or description. To add more timers, tap the "+" button at the bottom and create away. Once your ready to use a particular timer, just tap the toggle switch and go about your business. The alarm will ring, regardless of your phone's volume settings, and give you the option of snoozing or dismissing the alarm.

Timer is a simple app that can be used in a bunch of ways. Need an exercise timer? In the kitchen, would multiple timers help keep track of everything on the stove? Trying to limit the kids video game time? Need to time yourself during practice exams?

Timer is a free application and you can find it over here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. Keep in mind, this is a Mango app and you'll need Mango on your phone to use it.

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  • insert complaint about why mango apps are spotlighted before the release.
  • Because the apps are out there, people are running Mango and it gives others an idea of what's headed their way.
  • well I know that but others were spazzing over the fact they were being reported on already.
  • Eh... figured I throw out the answer for good cause.
  • Hey everyone, Love your site and thanks for all the info but I would have to agree to a point with the OP. Even thou some do have mango they are the vast minority. Most of us will see it filter down from the carriers in a month or two (hope) and a more current and usable app review would be more helpful.Please do not take this the wrong way, you reviews have helped me a lot but this app will be a distant memory by the time sprint updates my phone. Most people getting mango first will be people that are buying new phones and few of them are frequenting this site atm...by that I mean I was a big Android central viewer until I gave up my Evo for WP7 and now it is very rare that I check in with phil and the others.Keep up the great work and thanks again, you guys rock! =)
  • Couple of things: - It's been estimated via some polling that up to 30% of users (and a lot of devs) are on Mango.- Mango phones are available in Japan and Russia and within a few weeks, Europe- We do this because it's a good demonstration of what Mango can do i.e. it's a tease for those who haven't bought into Windows Phone yet- You can always get out main coverage of all mango apps here: http://www.wpcentral.com/tags/Mango%20apps- For every 1 Mango app we cover, we're posting about 3 for NoDo--I'm okay with that ratio ;-)- Really, the "interesting" apps coming are Mango enabled. We generally cover apps not based on Mango or Nodo but rather are they cool/interesting/unique/useful. If it happens to be Mango, so be it ;-)