Tin Heart, a unique game of survival for Windows 10 PC

Tin Heart is a simple time waster of a game for Windows 10 PC where you control the fate of a small metal heart. You face an endless wave of dangers and need to maneuver your heart out of harm's way.

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, the game offers an assortment of dangers ranging from spinning crossbars, rotating smiley faces, metallic raindrops and more. The free game of survival is ad supported, and while I don't see many sitting down with Tin Heart for marathon gaming sessions, it comes across as a fun game to help you pass short bits of time with.

Tin Heart

There isn't much to the layout and design of Tin Heart, taking a very minimalist approach to gameplay. The primary menu for the Windows 10 game offers up a quote from the Wizard of Oz and the option to tap the screen to start the game.

The game screen has your tin heart positioned near the center of the display and the score and life (or health) count run across the bottom of the screen. You only have a few seconds before the wave of unique objects begins to fill the screen. Moving your tin heart out of harms ways is done by touch, by moving your finger around a touchpad or by moving your mouse around the pad.

I preferred using the trackpad on the Surface 3 or my laptop over moving the tin heart by touch. While a viable control option, I found my hand would get in the way too often when moving the heart around by touch.

Tin Heart

Objects strike in waves and you lose a life should your heart get hit by an object. Tin Heart starts you out with six lives and at the conclusion of each wave, a red heart drifts across the screen. When collected by the tin heart, this red heart restores a life to your health count.

While this Windows 10 game is inspired by the Wizard of Oz, many of the objects that pass across the screen feel as though they are out of Alice in Wonderland. There are smiley faces that shoot arrows at your heart, huge smiley faces that expand and shrink, steel raindrops, bouncy balls that cross the screen in wavelike fashion and more. The game generator has the ability to create up to 200 different waves of dangers.

Tin Heart

Scoring is based on how long you can keep your heart ticking; the longer you survive, the more challenging the waves become. Tin Heart becomes very trying when styles of dangers are mixed in the same wave, creating a nice challenge of your skills at timing and reaction.

Tin Heart may not be the most complex Windows 10 game but that shouldn't mean the game is a pushover. From the uniquely styled graphics, challenging gameplay and easy controls, Tin Heart is a decent game to pick up when you have a few minutes to kill. I don't think it could stand up to marathon gaming sessions, but if you need help passing five or ten minutes, Tin Heart should do nicely.

Tin Heart is a free, ad-supported game that is available for Windows 10 PC.

Download Tin Heart from the Windows Store

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