Tinder client 6tin disappears from the Windows Phone Store once more

In the ongoing cat and mouse game between Rudy Huyn and Tinder, it appears Tinder is gaining the upper hand.

On Monday, June 30th Tinder filed a complaint against 6tin over the usage of 'Tinder' in the app description, triggering Microsoft to pull the app. Within hours, however, Huyn had removed the offending language and 6tin was right back on the Store. Now just 48 hours later, 6tin once again bears the "This app is no longer published" moniker on the Store for Windows Phone.

It is not known if Tinder is once more behind this latest removal, or if Huyn himself unpublished the app. Unpublishing an app from the Store is one of the last resorts by Microsoft, versus just hiding the app from searches (but it is not as severe as revoking, which is reserved for malicious apps). Considering the history involved, we are leaning on yet another complaint from Tinder, though it is not obvious what their legal standing is this time as there is no mention of 'Tinder' in the app description.

The original Tinder complaint from Monday was quite specific, denoting:

"This app uses our trademark in the app description to describe this app as the Tinder app, our product, but it is not affiliated with Tinder at all. He is trading on our brand recognition to acquire users."

Interestingly, another third-party Tinder client dubbed Timber is still on the Store. Timber even proclaims itself "…the best Tinder client on Windows phone!" and goes on to mention 'Tinder' two more times in the app description. Likewise, searching for 'Tinder' in the Store brings up Timber as a top result. During this tit-for-tat with 6tin, Timber has managed to escape any action by Tinder. At least from a bystander's perspective, the legal moves by Tinder appear to be selectively targeting of 6tin. Either that or they have atrocious lawyers since Timber even charges for their app.

We've reached out to Huyn to find out what has caused this latest change in app status. For now, do not delete 6tin if you have it.

Thanks, @ankurb, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Ehhh... This is sad. I think they don't like Rudy. They are acting like immature in-bred morons.
  • The Tinder founder's ex probably has a WP and he's still bitter.
  • Whatever the excuse is, this totally sucks! I think Huyn should demand Tinder for harassing him and his Studio.
  • Nope. Perhaps Tinder has an official Tinder app for Window phone in the making. Is only right. I wonder why Instagram haven't pulled the trigger? Rudy is cool. I like him. But now is the time to put his imagination and developing skills to to work. Create innovate. Be more productive. WP is no longer a third party platform.
    Thanks Rudy for your hard work. But Windows Phone is on a different phase now.
    Create something the world has never seen. Better than iOS and Android.
    Windows Phone needs a breakthrough.
    Thanks man for your hard work.
  • Well, Rudy did try to open his own Studio before Beats by Dr.Dre attacked him for a very childish and stupid reason.
  • Dre was first. Dre Beat Rudy to the punch. Again. I have nothing against Rudy. He is a excellent artist. But it is time to innovate for Windows.Phones.
    Great talent. Wasted on copyright material. Not good. Come on Rudy created your own product.
  • Bheh, tinder, 6gram, 6snap etc, already exist. Easy to copy. Be creative. You are a great programmer perhaps better than Gates and Linux. Just let your imagination take control and put into code,
  • If you have no idea of all the nonsense you're saying, you should avoid commenting. Using words like "copy" so lightly is not right. Rudy does not copy, he creates impressive apps that enhance the experiences of social networks and web platforms. He is a pioneer in the development of apps. Not only he created apps that didn't exist for Windows Phone, he also has given FREE support, feedback, updates, fixes for all his excellent apps. Moreover, he is highly responsible for all the growth in activations and new users of Windows Phone. Hadn't 6tag existed, the best instagram client ever, many of today's WP users would've bought or chose another OS. Ingrate users like you are a disgrace to our community. It's not a matter of respect, it's just common sense. If you have no appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of such an inspiring person, then you're welcome to invent, create, enlighten and amuse yourself. For what's worth, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Linux isn't a programmer, did you mean Linus Torvalds? He's a wierdo.
  • You apparently don't realize that most of what Rudy has been doing is making great third-party apps because the original companies REFUSE to create an "official" one for Windows Phone.  It's because of great devs like Rudy that we don't have to wait forever for those idiots at these various companies to come up with an app on their own.  And, yes, they are all idiots.  Having said that, I'm not a fan of Tinder nor what they stand for, so I'm not sorry that a Tinder app can't get off the ground.
  • Did you even read the article before you made the ludicrous comment? Hint: TIMBER
  • I'd like to see some original apps too :) I couldn't care less about social apps.. Haha :)
  • Probably this guy Huyn was asking a lot of money for another low quality app. Now he's publishing the app anyway trying to make money from the Tinder service and taking advantage of the negotiation.
  • Absolutely. You hit the nail right on the head. Lol. Why make money on Tinder behave? Create your own programs and success man. We better here on Windows phones come up with exclusives apps in order to knock iOS and Droids.
    Cum on just create. And don't copy,
  • What part of "there is no official Tinder app" are you not getting. What Rudy does so well is provide an extremely well written 3rd party app for services that refuse to support WP. His apps are usually better than the official apps that eventually end up being released. Rudy is not trying to copy the Tinder service, he's trying to make it available because the assholes at Tinder refuse to do it.
  • Again. Windows Phone is no longer a third party app platform.
    What part are you not getting? We no longer need Rudy for third party apps. We need Rudy to innovate and create.
  • The part that when you search for a Tinder app, an official one comes up in the store.  That's the part I think most people aren't getting as in they can't get because no windows phone using the publicly accessible app store can "get" that.  If they have one in the works it would be wise to let potential users know about that rather than just saying we don't value you as customers and we actually would rather alienate you instead. If they have some type of monitization in the "official" app (subscription or something that is used to help offset costs) then maybe they'd be due a percentage of revenue based on the fact they didn't have to spend money to dev or maintain the WP app I would think it would be silly to suggest they be entitled to all income from the app, but it seems currently that they are just going out of their way to NOT support WP.... maybe they are in talks to be bought by Google and one of the conditions that makes them worth anything is lack of MS platform support.
  • But that's not true. If it were true there would be an official Tinder app. There's more and more official apps but still many knock offs trying to fill the app gap.
  • K0de, you are all over this thread. Pls stop posting now. Your inane ramble isn't winning you any friends (apart from the fact you are wrong about the quality of Rudy's apps, and completely miss the point of there being the need for them) Go outside and play bat an ball or something - you aren't qualified on this subject matter.
  • A+ I say we spam the hit out of their support email until they quit being assholes.
  • Totally agree with you Rudy never copy their idea he just made those app available for WP user while those official ones don't care about WP community.
  • Yep. We totally knock ios and droids... Jesus Christ.... Smh
  • If Rudy was to use his imagination. We will. iOS and Droids are just an imagination away. Smh
  • What are you, 12 years old? Do you really not understand the process here? Tinder does not have a first party app for the WP platform. Full stop. Rudy's talent is making very high quality 3rd party apps to fill that missing sector. As much as I'd wish services like Tinder (well maybe not Tinder, I think the service is lame, but the point stands) would develop 1st party shops at the same time they do their ios and android apps, that's not the case at the moment.
  • I could literally feel my IQ dropping as I kept reading k0de's comments.
  • Rudy actually specifically said he asked for no money and was willing to do it for free. He just wanted to do it and they turned down his app.
  • Right..., Lol. What's your occupation I am sure I can use your services at home. Would you do it for free? Lol
  • You just don't get it. SMH.
  • But you do.
    Rudy is finished. Lol
    Official apps rules on Windows Phone going forth. SMH.
  • So, can you point me to the official Tinder app for WP?  Oh wait...IT DOESN'T EXIST.  That's the point!
  • It is raining official apps in Windows Phone store. Just be patient. It will arrive soon.
  • Tinder was released almost 2 years ago...we normally call that a drought.  Seriously, if you don't understand the concepts here, just let it go.  Look, I love my WP device, and hope that more companies start producing apps, but until they do, developers like Rudy rock, allowing us to use really well designed apps to use the services that are not yet available.
  • Lol, yeah.  Hold your breath. 
  • K0de my friend, just read this calmly, if you don't want any "3rd party apps" on your no more 3rd party app platform, just don't download them. That's it. But we appreciate Rudy's work and we want his apps. Its not like "we don't want Rudy's apps anymore". Actually its "you dont want em". So just ignore them and don't download but let us enjoy those apps. Ok? :)
  • You have to be the dumbest person on here...
  • Yep I will let you work for me and will not give you a cent :) man why don't you get it? Rudy is actually working for tinder by making it more popular on other devices and increasing their users! And not asking for money! Woh! I will let you do this kind of job for me!
  • Why would he do it for free? Do you have a link?
  • Wow is this k0de kid a troll or what? "WP is no longer a third party OS". Get real. We get some big name apps occasionally but WP is nowhere near on par with iOS and android and often the app quality is seriously poor. Rudy does a great job providing us with high quality, popular apps that aren't supported on the OS.
  • As much as I think Tinder is being childish here, I also think that they are doing the right thing.
    Rudy reversed engineered official API's & now he is making money from 6tin (There are adds & a paid version to remove adds).
    Also k0de are fucking kidding me? 'You are a great programmer maybe even better than Gates & Linux'
    Dude you are mad, coding an app is one thing, while making an OS is another.
  • If that was the case, what about Timber? Who does charge for their app...
  • They are not using private API's
  • Huyn commented personally on a previous article that he asked for no money so...
  • Assuming this is the doing of Tinder, I'm not aware of another case like this where a company goes after apps for mentioning their brand name in the description. Every time it has happened, which is pretty rare, it's because an app was using the trademark as the app's name, which is highly understandable. I can't help but see this as reading the law in exactitude in order to, pardon the term, harass* Huyn. Just my 2 cents. *This is a joke referencing the recent legal complaint against them, not to be taken seriously
  • Me neither. They're just acting like spoiled and annoying little kids.
  • You'd think they'd have more pressing matters to attend to these days...with the sexual harassment lawsuit and all.
  • One of his screenshots still shows Tinder -- just Rudy's usual sloppiness getting the better of him.
  • I agree Rafael, maybe it's because of screenshot but Rudy should just let it go, if they don't want him to make the app.
  • Lol...sloppiness...hes anything but that...and you ain't anything but a loser...
  • rianext, Rafael Rivera is one of the best dev of WP. I guess he and Rudy are rivals
  • I haven't written any apps for Windows Phone (other than the Chevron tooling back in the day) -- Rudy is very experienced in this area!
  • he is not a loser... he is a good developer and he knows alot of thing people ignore, but he has something against Rudy. well I don't know what it is, but whatever it is... you can't judge. maybe it's because Rudy stole code from someone and he has no proves to show it? or because Rudy uses APIs illegally and making apps getting money from it instead of making original apps? who knows!
    but again, you can't insult someone only because he dislikes someone you like, like Rudy. I really don't care who develops apps and if a developer is against other WP developer... I just want WP ecosystem to grow even if official apps aren't available.
  • In my book, randomly insulting anybody publicly who has meant well and has done a good job is worth taking a shot at...if he can insult Rudy out of spite or whatever the hell it is, why the hell can't I? So yeah hes a developer, he ain't going anywhere jst cause I insulted him...!
    Plus, he's taking a shot at Rudy whenever he can using profanity on twitter as well as here..and hes got no credible reason as to why...if hes got serious reasons, knowing the way this guy talks, its been long due...
    So..disagree with you...but as I typed this comment...hes turning out to seem even more of a loser...! :P
    And why are you siding with him...its alright for him to insult Rudy with a personal vendetta but I can't give it back to him?? Hah!
  • I think its even simpler than that. I mean the way riff raff is goin after Rudy it seems more like a "lover scorned" situation.
  • There's several mentions of 6tndr still in the app now so yes, sloppyness would be an adequate description. When you know your are being watched and decide to play the game better make sure you're covering your bases IMO.   It's probably a p*ssing context now between Rudy and Tinder since their 'co-operation' deal fell through for whatever reason.
  • Riff raff! You are back! Sing a song for us!
  • Let's do the time warp again!
  • Do you think there is bad blood from the partnership that never really materialized & they are "punishing" Rudy?
  • Ding ding ding, winner...   They are butthurt with Rudy for some reason through all this.
  • I thought Rudy and Tinder had reached an agreement whereby he was developing an official Tinder App for WinPhone.
  • Nope. They contacted him about making an app but it seemed more like a ruse to keep Rudy in talks for as long as possible and keep his app out of the store.
  • It may have something to do with the way conversations went between Rudy and them. We don't know details about that... Perhaps something went terribly wrong and now Tinder is bent on going after Rudy.
  • I don't know about the official apps. But I think tinder doesn't like the change your location feature Rudy produced. Just my guess.
  • I'm beginning to believe the alleged "someone high up at Tinder has an irrational Microsoft hatred" theory more and more. Maybe Google is about to buy them too who knows.
  • Rudy seems not to be the only one being harassed by the fine bunch at Tinder.   http://online.wsj.com/articles/former-executive-sues-tinder-for-sexual-h...    
  • See what you did there....nice one :)
  • Daniel, you can legally use a trademark in a factual description. If you couldn't then Coke and Pespsi couldn't use each others products in commercials.
  • So they allow their API to be used publicly and developers can make 3rd party apps but they don't let them to use the "tinder" word in the app description?! How the hell then developers should mention that the app is using tinder api/services?
  • They can't. Hence the bunch at Tinder at being turds.....to put it lightly.
  • Tinder is pulling a google on us. Sad move. Why not just work together with Rudy to make a proper official app? I don't get it.
  • They want Google to buy them.
  • Best answer yet
  • I doubt Google would have any interest in a sex oriented site (disguising themselves  as a social meeting service, yeah right)  Comparing Tinder as a true social gathering site would  be like saying  Grindr was desiged to find friends to have tea and crumpets (no those are not euphemisms.)   
  • I believe Google have absolutely no limits anymore. Don't be evil, we'll be it for you...
  • Yea
  • Rudy is one of the best developers out there. Tinder is just jealous that his version is better than the official one. Tinder is proof of how screwed up this generation is!
  • This is a interesting game of hide and seek we are watching :p But shame on Tinder(original) if they are the ones who actually made 6tin become unpublished again.Not that I need the app but if you can't make an app,at least let another developer make a third party,not to mention it's not just another dev,it's Rudy Huyn,developer extraordinaire,the best third-party apps developer :D
  • These guys obviously are willing to go way out of their way to keep 100 million potential users off of THEIR service (not Rudy's) simply because they use Windows Phone.    
  • I don't care 4 tinder but duck you tinder CEOs for being such @ssholes.
  • fight the man!
  • Rename it "3rd party WP interface for swipy hookup service"
  • lol
  • Yes! Perfect name! Lol
  • LOL, you win the internet for today xD
  • 3swipe?
  • 6swipe?
  • Ridiculous! F%&k Tinder...
  • Well, at this point, I don't mind the app gap so much if it means we can be done with Tinder.
  • Tinder CEO is a google fan boy :) that why he can't leave the app on the WP store.
  • Damn, so soon with the cyan update and the final wp8.1 I'll lose 6tin right? Since it has to reinstall after the update.. But it can't be pulled from the store.. Am I right? Or is it reinstalled from the storage?
  • No its like an update. Your apps stay there
  • afaik, it re-installs all your apps after update. even the minor 8.1 dev preview updates we've seen have done this. all the apps re-download, so if it's not in the store, then it likely won't be able to re-install it.
  • It's only re-JITting the apps for performance reasons. Android does a similar thing. I can confirm that I've kept MetroTalk throughout all the updates I've done on my phone.
  • umm. no. The apps dont redownload. what are you talking about? I updated to 8.1 dev and it, as well as the subsequent 3 updates, did not require my apps to be redownloaded. What a strange thing to say.
  • Great:)
  • Not surprised considering the CEOs and CoFounders at Tinder are being sued for sexual harrassment of another female and former co-founder.  If you read the submitted lawsuit, there are screen caps of the texts they sent her, and they sound like stupid jocks.  I weep for this new generation...
  • I thought about that when I read an article a few days ago. If those guys behave like that with a woman who is also a co-founder, then I'm not really surprised with the way they're going against Rudy.
    Way to go, Timber! :/
  • Lets get right back to emailing them and twittering them and everything. If anyone can find out their mothers home phone number post it here so we call them also.
  • What the hell is wrong with these Tinder guys? They must be some church of apple loonies. I will stick to Craigslist for my cheating needs.
  • Daniel, also, why Disqus isn't in the store anymore????
  • technical issues; I have the new beta, it'll be back
  • Ohh. I was already frustrated. Had to do a reset. 
    Any changes in the Beta? 
  • Optimized the load of views, you may notice a speed up in all loading times. Changed the quick account navigation to appear when click on forum logo. Minor bugfixes.
  • I just received an email from them telling that issue was resolved, but they didn't mention about publishing in the store again. I'm also very frustrated! Used it a lot until update that made it stop working...
  • The worst part about this is that Rudy truly does this for the users.
  • I saw that coming¬_¬u
  • Daniel. ,,,, video updated now
  • Whats tinder? LOL... Was it really important? All wp user must drop their tinder account...
  • The beat solution for these apps is to upload the installation file into OneDrive then share it and install it manually
  • Doesn't work if the app has been unpublished... people tried the exact same thing when Whatsapp was pulled and it refused to install.
  • It would work with the unsigned version on dev unlocked devices. Which is easy to get :P
  • I better remove the word Untappd from my app... oops.
  • They are jealous because Rudy app is better than their on Android and IOS
  • Personally, why wouldn't Tinder want another OS on board to peddle their product? They didn't have to spend any money to develop an app. The app is well designed to reflect favorably on their product. Then they have a whole new set of eager customers to use their product and spread the word to others to use. Wow!! Tinder seems to be unbelievably petty!! But then again maybe they're in a bad mood with a sexual harassment suit hanging over their heads.... Hmm....
  • That's it, next time the app is published, I'm installing it before they pull it one more time.
  • Hope this doesn't become the trend and Microsoft removes the WP Central app because it uses the words Windows Phone in the title.
  • Microsoft has nothing to do with this childish move, except because it is Microsoft (enough for concurrence to be afraid)
  • I would love to hear from these guys what the issue is. I hesitate to jump on the conspiracy train without hearing their side of the story
  • maybe it has to do with Rudy's #dontforgetyourownapp twitter against some brands
  • #rudyistrolledagainbytinderteam like I said last time, I am sure these guys plan everyday a new thing to bother Rudy... they don't care about WP but they don't want to make the official app. it's stupid when you think about Rudy not asking for money and they would have many users from WP. but maybe they just dislike Microsoft becuase it's the cool thing to do. I have it on my phone so it will stay there if Rudy decides not to publish it again.
  • News was published a few months ago about ways that Tinder is thinking about making money off their service as right now they have no income from the app. They have ruled out a subscription service and don't like the idea of ads so are thinking about a freemium model where people can pay for added features. I would suggest that this is the way they are leaning and some of Rudy's features such as review latest swipes are offered for free when they want to charge for it in the future.
  • I think this has something to do with the in app purchase to remove adverts maybe.
  • That's sad news for Rudy being jerked around by Tinder.
  • "dry" snitching on Timber huh
  • Not sure how else to prove my point without naming them.
  • Tinder is digging their own grave. I'm less and less encouraged to use it because they are so petty. They don't want to support WP and don't want others to support it. But it does seem more directed at Rudy than other developers.
  • I can't seem to find it anymore (maybe he has since removed the comment?) but I remember Rudy Huyn some days ago quoting parts of the IP infringement complaint notices Tinder has sent to Microsoft and him. AFAIK Tinder complained about two things - using their trademark "Tinder" in the store description and infringing their copyright by having an all too similar app icon/logo. Rudy has remedied the first point but not the latter. This is not the first time in history where talks about cooperations/business deals went sour and (usually the smaller insurgent company) tries to go it alone while the (usually bigger incumbent) company retaliates by assiduously policing their intellectual property. The fact is that just as easy as it is for Rudy to republish the essentially same app under a different name, with a different description and (likely soon) a different logo it is for Tinder to issue takedown notices. Why? Because both instances are largely automated and governed by a set of rules/code of conduct which is easy enough to play in your favor. Tinder will likely have the upper hand as long as too many distinctive Tinder features are used. Expect a gray zone at some point where infringement is not clear-cut anymore. That's where it gets interesting - will Rudy win because his app (even if it's not much like Tinder anymore by then) proves still popular or will it be forgotten because it does not have enough Tinder features to be a Tinder client anymore. Only time will tell. (Despite this being written under the appcauldron username these are my personal musings about the situation.)
  • "Why do we side with the guy who downloaded thousands of songs on the internet illegally and gets sued by the big record companies?"
    Two reasons. One, those same companies fought digital music for waaay to long, ignoring where the market was going. They're anti-free market, plain and simple. It was about control and extortion. The second was the "damages" they were seeking were enough to destroy someone's life, which was out of proportion to the "crime" committed. They did this purely for headlines and to scare the shit out of people, which didn't work. That's not how the justice system is supposed to work. Seriously, fuck the record companies right to hell.
  • I concur... That's exactly how the legal system works. Why don't I go out and *say* kill someone I don't like? Oh yeah, I'll be put in jail for life. Or steal something? Oh yeah, I'll get 10 or so years in prison. No offense intended, Mr. Rubino. I am a big fan of your content on here :)
  • "Why don't I go out and say kill someone I don't like? Oh yeah, I'll be put in jail for life."
    This always bothers me a bit. I really hope the only reason you're not out murdering people is because you might go to jail. There really isn't much evidence that deterrence works (see: "Drug war") and a lot of murders are not premeditated but heat of the moment, where someone is not thinking logically. Regardless, this is a straw man as I did not argue against punishment, but against violating our eight amendment to the Constitution. Putting someone in jail for murder is one thing, wanting to draw and quarter them in public as torture is another. There's a reason why you can't do the latter. If you steal from a 7-Eleven, they're not going to sue for $9,250 per infringing item. That's what the RIAA did and they were blocked by the courts. You can't just go around suing people with little to no evidence for exorbitant amounts and be considered just. That's not opinion, but something our courts even agreed with which is why they stopped.
  • I didn't want to make a case for (or against) big record companies - removed because I was going off on a tangent. I was just thinking about IP martyrs of the past. ;)
  • np and points noted, I just really hate the record companies, lol
  • These companies (snap chat, tinder, instgram) should all just have hired Rudy to make the Windows Phone versions of their app. He's clearly better at it then they are and then everyone's happy
  • Hope rudy can make his own version of twitter client app.
  • No. Just no. History has shown that is another story that will end poorly. How many top-notch Twitter apps were left to wither away without further attention or pulled from the store when the Twitter token limit was hit? I will never pay for another social media app again, after blowing too much on excellent Twitter apps that are no more.
  • These is just ridiculous and anyway who uses tinder is not like Facebook that u can get some too lol
  • Again, much like many of the apps that a lot of people clamour for I don't use tinder and I'm not very familiar with them nor their app. But I'll say as much as you may not like it, you just need to leave them alone, stop begging for an app, and stop giving them attention from the WP community. That may not get you all what you want, but at this point do they (or any other developer) deserve the attention and begging that they get from WP users?
  • +925 They deserve Klingon discommendation.
  • Yeah... what he said.
  • These companies get all bent out of shape over "intellectual property" and "trademarks" and ignore the fact that independent apps can increase their exposure and customer base, potentially giving them more profit. My wife likes craft stores, so I built and published apps for three of her favorites. Beforehand, I contacted their customer service and they all told me there were no plans for any WP app ever. Within a month, one had complained to Microsoft and built an app. Another month and the second's lawyers were threatening me with a lawsuit, and they threw a webapp together real quick. I don't know why but the third has left me alone so far. I doubt they even know what a Windows Phone is. I would love to hear a company's answer when asked in front of a jury exactly how they were harmed by an app that shows their website exactly like Internet Explorer does; how they were harmed by something that made shopping more convenient for their customers.
  • I share my experience with Instagraph (old, nowadays quite dismissed, but was the first unofficial Instagram uploader app).
    I m still receiving infringements emails from Instagram, after more than one year from publishing (latest last week), for the name, the logo, the font, etc etc etc. Obviously the network is their and I did all that they requested me (not so much, to be honest, just small details), maybe that was the reason they never asked me to even temporary hide the app...
    Anyway Rudy you have all my support, fight the power ;) !!
  • I was quite a fan of Instagraph, I bought it and I remembered it was the baddest @$$ thing ever combined with WPGram. I even contacted the devs of both WPGram and MetroGram to add functionality mirroring what would be released a few months later, in instagraph (my idea was to link a ton of Android VMs to servers and run a script that would upload the picture, basically) I wanted to roll out my own solution, haha. Ahhh, WP7.5 days :) I had a WP even before Mango. I had my first Windows Phone (HD7S on AT&T) within 2 days of release at age 13, haha how have I grown since then :) Now I am in HS and play sports, something I wouldn't be caught dead doing until I had a friend pass away :'(
  • Maybe Rudy could sue for malicious something or other, given that the other apps do not appear to be getting the same treatment. Of course, that means Rudy paying money for legal. Instead, perhaps he could turn the app into a parody. Certainly French law allows for works of a satirical nature... Right? In any case, if I were Rudy, I think I would call it a day, and shelve the app for good.
  • meh, not worth my time anymore.
    let them be. i did email tinder when they pulled it out days ago. that would suffice, i guess. ain't going to step down another level fo their shit.
    i don't use tinder anyway. i support it only because i love WP
  • Yes you are right! Yes Yes too bad each artist can't become their own sole publishing company and dump those greedy FAT cats!
    Was supposed to be a comment to Daniels comments on the record companies?
  • Republish it. May the best app win. :D
  • Tinder devs are like the 3rd time going to your girls house expecting to get some but instead discovering what blue balls are.  Let them alone. All they are looking for is a reason to take somebody to court.
  • Hey, thanks for mentioning Timber! I'm sure it won't go unnoticed much longer.
  • Something to think about. Microsoft wants official apps in the store. Microsoft is working with Rudy on a few apps as they announced at Build. Rudy builds unofficial apps that violate copyrights etc. Kinda makes it hard for Microsoft to negotiate for official apps if they are at the same time working with the top knockoff artist. Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye? This may be bigger than Rudy. I am looking forward to the four big official apps Rudy is working on. Just my theory.
  • Email support. http://www.tinder.com/support
  • Whatever. To be honest... Rudy should just dump Tinder, it's an useless app for lonely people... Screw Tinder, and get to work on an original app or something! Rudy rocks! :)
  • There's more people on Hot or Not anyways! Lol.
  • He is trading on our brand to acquire users... Ha ha lame response! He isn't selling it, why would he care?
  • Agreed. All he is doing is driving users to their service at THEIR BENEFIT. They are total tools. I just don't get where they are comging. Morons
  • Rudy, I hope that you're reading this. Your app is better than the official app but it also has features that aren't available in the official app. One of the those features (the ability to swipe again a person you don't like) is against Tinder's principles (You Only Swipe Once, search Twitter for #YOSO). Hate it or not, but you really need to remove at least that feature from your app before Tinder lets you to keep 6tin in the Store. At the end of the day, a worse 6tin is better than no 6tin at all in Store.
  • If they were smart, they'd buy Rudy's app and make it the "official Windows Phone Tinder client."  That's what LinkedIN did with InPlus Networking. Sadly, many app shops aren't that smart.  They'll miss out on tremendous value over an ego contest.
  • How about contact Tinder and ask what they gain from not having more users to their service (whatever that may be, I honestly don't know)? Because all this seems like bad business and bad PR.
  • Really good, informative article http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-02/tinders-forgotten-woman-...
  • Just use Timber.... Who the hell cares about this guys app
  • Timber isn't very good
  • To all of you judging Rudy...if you can just program apps it's easy isn't it???Rudy supports WP when first party idiots don't give a damn...stop playing smartasses and learn some c# to find out how easy is to make apps that are better than officials.
  • The app is playing hide and seek!
  • He should drop this and give some love to Fuse (bake in feedly support).
  • Tinder is a silly social network, and them bullying an indie dev for doing what themselves are too incompetent to do strikes me as childish.
  • Tired of get Tinder clones like 6tin being pulled out? Try Winder Right NOW! We are on Open Beta Right Now, and we cannot be closed by Tinder because we are a whole new thing! Winder, the Tinder for the rest of us http://bit.ly/winderBeta
  • Seriously a lot of people on here who are takings shots at Rudy, are not WP fans.  Rudy has done a great job of filling the gap that most big names had not.  It's easy for you guys to sit on your perch and talk about what he should do, but hardly none of you are making apps for the platform.  Rudy, keep doing what you are doing.  The apps you create usually end up better than the official app.  You are helping keep the OS in the game when the official companies sit on their thumbs about making one.  If those of your taking shots at him don't see that, maybe you should check your eyes.  
  • BTW. In Polish 'Rudy Huyn' (Rudy Chuj) means 'ginger dick/cock' xd There is always atleast one  funny comment about his name and surname in polish sites about WP8 ;p
    'if he would live in Poland, he would hate his parents' ect. :D This is stupid that ppl can't develop their own apps for this platform basing on currently developed (or not)  companies apps.      
  • Just got my new 930 and in the absense of 6tin I downloaded Timber. Was very surprised that it appears nearly identical to 6tin, so I'm well pleased :)