Tinder client 6tin reappears in the Windows Phone Store

The cat and mouse game continues. 6tin, Rudy Huyn's Tinder client for Windows Phone, has returned to the Windows Phone Store. Last week it disappeared from the Store, but now appears to be back.

Tinder had originally had the app pulled after complaining about their trademark being used in the app description. The app was updated with a new description and appeared in the Store only to mysteriously vanish last week.

It's now back, so you'll want to download it if you were planning on some casual hook ups. Don't lie to us, we know you're not really using it to date.

Thanks for the tip Paulo from Brazil!

QR: 6tin

Sam Sabri
  • *sigh* this back and forth is getting old. I hate to be a dick, but I'm glad that guy at Tinder got caught on sexual harassment charges.
  • Agree, and if not I'll catch that guy by myself.
  • You'd hate to be a dick about being happy that a sexual harassing jerk got caught? Ima tell you.. I think it's okay to feel that way about a douche like that.
  • I don't know what the hell this app has to offer a married man, but I'm downloading it so I'll have it next time it gets deleted.
  • +1520
  • Booty calls. Side game. Etc is what you get with 6tin.
  • Etc sounds kinky
  • Lol
  • it will offer divorce papers
  • This has nothing to do but, anyone else who uses WP DVP 8.1 and whatsapp having some issues or weird behavior with voice messages?
  • To the forums with ye!
  • arr! siah is right!
  • Lol
  • But good on Rudy for fighting the fight for Windows Phone!
  • Honestly, Microsoft should be paying him a salary by now...
  • Seriously, Rudy is giving more effort than the people who made our OS
  • +1
  • I'm not sure if that's more awesome for Rudy or sad for MS.
  • Pretty sure they do already
  • + 720
  • Since you guys know Rudy so well why don't you ask him what the cat and mouse game is all about lol. We would like to know :)
  • Does it really matter? Tinder are twats and Rudy rules lol
  • More on the go, 6Line 6Facebook 6Tweet 6C..
  • 6Book, otherwise facebook will go crazy also
  • 6WPcentral...
  • that sound like sexbook
  • 6WPCentral
  • What? Your thinking is what I thinking?
  • WP6tral
  • 6Phone 8.1
  • LOL
  • 6grind, 6growl, 6candy
  • Why did Rudy chose the number 6?
  • This is a legitimate thing does anyone actually know?
  • It started with the Vine client called 6sec due to the 6 second videos He kept the prefix for other apps after that as a branding thing
  • Ahhh, I kinda thought it sounded like sexting. Sixtin/sexting. Thought it was a funny name for this app.
  • I always thought it was so the apps appear at the top of your app selection since the '#' comes before the letter 'A'. 
  • I think Rudy has 6 fingers on each hand. ;o)
  • And having a number at the beginning of all his apps keep them all at the top of your applist and bunched together. Smart.
  • 6phoneos
  • If only there was a way to hide age on profile or at least change it.
  • Why would you want to change your age unless you're lying about it?
  • Chris Hansen will be seeing you soon...
  • Lol that Chris Hansen stuff is so 2006. I don't even want to date women that young, just young enough to be in college.
  • So barely legal eh lol
  • Everyone has a preference, lol. As long as they are of age and consenting. Still don't know why you need to hide your age.
  • Because there's an increase in college aged girls who are unwilling to date a male my age even though I'm not that much older than them, it's evident also by the fact I haven't made a single match yet. Hiding my age would fool them into thinking I'm the age I look.
  • ...and then when they find out the truth?
  • He is probably just looking for a casual hookups anyways.
  • I couldnt understand why I kept seeing a bunch of geriatric ads in my Facebook account until I noticed my birthdate was set up as being in 1905.
  • Lol
  • you cant.  its linked to your facebook.
  • And I have it hidden on my Facebook.
  • lol high expectation much? College girls love sugar daddys. Just look important in your pix. Fb hides it but tinder doesn't hide it. Its on tinders side.
  • I won't be surprised to see the app pulled down again. Tinder dosen't seem too happy with Rudy and his app. They will try and find every possible shit to delist the app.
  • hahahahahaha thx for givin the credits! awesome blog! Salve from Brasil!
  • 6ROWLR please Rudy!
  • Give it 24 hours and it will be pulled from the store AGAIN!!
  • I just don't understand, what's so special about tinder, can anyone explain please
  • Install it and see. Some things are better explained through experience than explanation and this was free.
  • *How* can you still not get any real news from Rudy about this drama?
  • More "this is a thing that happened" with no analysis news.
  • 6bing
    6shop touch
  • Haha. This is funny. I didn't like Tinder at first. I only downloaded it to support Rudy back when 6Tinder first came out back in January. Turned out that I met my current girlfriend because of it. May even end up marrying her. Thanks Rudy!
  • Me too, but I'm married and haven't signed up ;-)
  • thats awesome
  • Downloading now to prevent future delisting. I don't even use it.
  • +925
    Lol I'm 16, downloaded it just to have it and support Rudy
  • I'm surprised that he just hasn't said hell with the whole thing and just uploaded the XAP to XDA-developers and said I'm done.
  • You need to open the app, or if they pull it, it wont work.
  • Why?
  • "Place your bets"
  • Tinder is a creepy and weird app/concept. Even if I was single, I wouldn't use it.
  • i don't care anymore. but still glad to have it on windows phone. more apps, the better.
  • So there's no mention of Tinder in the description, at all? No one new to WP will know what this is and will only have Timber (paid app) as an option.
  • I'm downloading it since it'll probably be deleted again
  • I need 6tube, or maybe 8....
  • what if he'd just refuse to take it down? it's just bullsh*t that a trademark can't be used in an app description
  • It was removed by Microsoft after a complaint. Just follow Rudy on Twitter @RudyHuyn
  • You the dev is doing it for the publicity :P
  • Is using Facebook the only way to log in, and if I click "Connect with Facebook" does it automatically link with the default account (the one on my FB app on the phone) or do I get to put in the FB account credentials of my choise? You know, just hypothetically. Not that I would ever use the service, of course...
  • I was wondering the same thing.  Curiosity got the better of me so I installed the 6Tin app, but summarily uninstalled it when I saw it was linked to a FB account.  Don't want to see a "You liked Tinder!" post on FB, hard to explain that one to the GF.